antioxidant wood plastic composite decking supplier


antioxidant wood plastic composite decking supplier

US20120187019 - Google Jul 26, 2012 . In an embodiment, the RWPA includes a composite extruded sheet having a foamed inner layer surrounded or sandwiched between two solid layers. .. refrigerators), food packaging, office supplies, plastic lumber, replacement lumber, patio decking, structural supports, laminate flooring compositions,..

US8846776 - Google Sep 30, 2014 . Examples of shaped articles made using composite materials described herein include roofing material such as roof tile shingles; siding material; trim boards; carpet backing; synthetic lumber; building panels; scaffolding; cast molded products; decking materials; fencing materials; marine lumber; doors;..

Patent US8227541 - Additive mixtures - Google Patents Jul 24, 2012 . (D) at least one phenolic antioxidant selected from the group consisting of esters of 尾-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)propionic acid, .. coating), silos, wood substitute, plastic lumber, wood composites, walls, surfaces, furniture, decorative foil, floor coverings (interior and exterior applications), flooring,..

Patent US7829053 - Non-cementitious compositions comprising . Nov 9, 2010 . The non-cementitious composition of claim 1 , wherein the non-cementitious composition is formed into a carbonate/PVC lumber material, wherein .. or more additives, which include a vulcanizing agent, a vulcanization accelerator, a process oil, an anti-aging agent, an antioxidant and an anti-ozonant

Patent WO2004092283A2 - Antimicrobial pigments - Google Patents Oct 28, 2004 . This is undesirable for the manufacturer of applications or formulations because he is restricted to the colours that can be achieved with pigments ... aprons, artificial leather, artificial plants, artificial wood, and plastic lumber, astroturf, automobile parts, automotive and truck upholstery, awnings, bags,..

Patent US8513321 - Dual cure coating compositions, methods of . Aug 20, 2013 . Also disclosed are related multi-component composite coatings, coated substrates, and methods for coating a substrate. . wood/resin composites, such as phen

Patent WO2010023054A1 - Method for using silanes and silane . Mar 4, 2010 . Currently, wood-plastic composites are commercially also used in industries which do not require extensive strength performance such as in residential applications (i.e. decking, fencing, windows, doors) and in interior automotive applications. However, manufacturers are looking to improve the properties..

Patent EP2503898A2 - Gum bases, chewing gums based thereupon . Oct 3, 2012 . The chewing gum base of claim 15 wherein the microparticles comprise polymer composite microparticles, hollow shell microparticles, core-shell . of in a proper receptacle, improper disposal of chewing gum cuds can result in adhesion of cuds to environmental surfaces such as sidewalks, walls, flooring,..

Patent WO2005030855A2 - Additive mixtures - Google Patents Apr 7, 2005 . A composition according to claim 1 containing the components (A), (B) and (D) and optionally (C), wherein component (D) is at least one antioxidant .. wood substitute, plastic lumber, wood composites, walls, surfaces, furniture, decorative foil, floor coverings (interior and exterior applications), flooring,..

Patent CA2854396A1 - Biocomposite and/or biomaterial with . May 23, 2013 . According to the invention, it is proposed that sunflower seed shells/husks are used instead of wood, bamboo or other wood-like fibre products as the . It is known that the biomaterials described hitherto can be used as decking or for the production of boards, and it is equally known that WPC can be used..

Patent WO2013113931A1 - Polymer, process and composition . Aug 8, 2013 . . composites including plastic wood and cement wood composite materials, clear and pigmented primers and top coats for wood furniture and flooring, road marking paints, coatings to protect and preserve structural metal against corrosion, such as bridges, water towers and tank farms, coatings for flooring..

Feeling Lost? Start Here if You're New to Prepping - Graywolf Survival Jun 2, 2015 . As time goes on, and you gather supplies and hopefully develop some skill sets, you will find that your ind set will grow and develop as well. Nothing builds .. In addition to buying a few extra non-perishable food items, I would also buy a gallon of water in a plastic container each time I go. Maybe two

Patent US7655718 - Polyurethane coating cure enhancement using . Feb 2, 2010 . Due to their relatively long tack-free times, multiple-component polyurethane coatings can be difficult to apply to flooring. ... rubber sheeting, synthetic sports floors, concrete, stone, marble, grout or Terrazzo, or to multipiece flooring substrates such as vinyl composite tiles, wood floorboards or ceramic tiles),..

Patent US8015757 - Combined sill seal and termite shield (SSTS . Sep 13, 2011 . For the termite shield function, the SSTS devices use a metallic web ither foil or an impenetrable screen r a nonmetallic web ither plastic sheet or impenetrable scrim. The termite shield or . 6,578,332 describes a foundation seal between the wooden floor deck and the home foundation. The seal is..

Patent EP1940608A1 - Pvc/wood composite - Google Patents Jul 9, 2008 . Natural and wood fiber plastic compsites (WPCs) for decking and railing represent a very large market which is seeing significant growth. . Although coupling agents increase the flexural strength of the WPC products, most manufacturers in WPC industry do not use coupling agents, compatibilizers,..

Wood-Plastic Composites - Anatole A. Klyosov - Google Books Oct 12, 2007 . It's also an excellent resource for suppliers and WPC manufacturers, and an accessible guide for developers, homebuilders, and landscape architects . the gap between laboratory-based research and testing and the properties WPC materials exhibit when they're used in decks, railing systems, fences,..

Patent EP1828287A1 - Wood fiber plastic composites - Google . Sep 5, 2007 . Many wood fiber-plastic composite producers still use recycled materials, but many also use off-grade and virgin thermoplastics in place of or in addition to recycled material. One use for WPCs is as exterior decking material. Depending on the formulation, unwanted water absorption can occur in some..

Patent US20050153068 - Polyurethane coating cure enhancement . Jul 14, 2005 . A method according to claim 46 wherein the floor comprises wood, vinyl or vinyl composite. 56. A method according to claim 46 further . Due to their relatively long tack-free times, multiple-component polyurethane coatings can be difficult to apply to flooring. Following application of the polyurethane..

Mario Draghi announces 鈧?.1 trillion quantitative easing programme . Jan 22, 2015 . Under the asset purchasing scheme the ECB will not hold more than 33pc of any issuer's debt and will not buy more than 25pc of any issue. Greece will not be eligible for the new bond purchases until July, under existing rules and would have to continue with its austerity programme to qualify. Germany..

Patent WO2010071879A2 - Wood-plastic composites utilizing . Jun 24, 2010 . [0005] Ironically, many consumers expect WPCs to appear similar to wood, but also expect WPCs to perform as a robust plastic compound. To increase performance, manufacturers often incorporate UV stabilizers, antioxidants, biocides, color, fire retardants, or other additives into the WPC formulation

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