epic composite decking


epic composite decking

Patent US8245480 - Flush joist seat - Google Patents Aug 21, 2012 . A plurality of stand-off fasteners 130 may be drilled through the corrugated decking 138 into the joist 122 to form a composite joist support system. An example of a stand-off fastener 130 is illustrated in FIGS. 3A and 3B . Each stand-off fastener 130 may connect the corrugated decking 138 to the joist 122,..

A wood strip SUP (Standup paddle board) - Pirate Pete Notman's . I will probably start with a paulownia center strip on the deck and look at a thin redwood strip, thin paulownia and then double redwood GT stripe. ..

Patent US3640040 - Cast-in-place structural truss slab and . - Google Feb 8, 1972 . A structural two-way truss slab of egg-crate form is provided with manufactured pans that have openings in the sidewalls thereof with interconnecting members between the openings. The arrangement is such that the pan can remain in place and thus provide a finished ceiling effect. The system further..

My neighbor is a complete deck | PassiveAggressiveNotes.com Sep 6, 2012 . It looks like some sort of composite wood on the decking (wood w/plastic would be my guess), so that wouldn't necessarily discolor. The railings look like ... (about my 2 sets of twins dressed like KISS it was epic) and went on to say, lean up your yard and keep your retard off the street! (Our then-6-year..

11 Ways to Improve Your Backyard Landscape This Summer in a . Feb 19, 2015 . Summer is only a few months away and along with it our late night outdoor entertaining come. It is truly fascinating to sit near a fire and reminisce good times with our friends and loved ones. Late night dinners should not be overlooked either nor should barbecues or outdoor films. We have picked up no..

Patent US20040107660 - Composite floor system - Google Patents Jun 10, 2004 . The present invention concerns a framing system for a composite concrete floor, the framing system comprising horizontally extending primary framing members supporting secondary framing members across the primary framing members. Each of the secondary framing members has two opposite ends..

Flip Queens - YouTube Dec 11, 2012 . /#!/FlipQueens?notif_t=page_new_likes Four women who flip homes. Shop till we drop, we work for shoes! Sales galore means more profit ..

Patent US4453349 - Floor and roof deck - Google Patents Jun 12, 1984 . Another disadvantage of presently used composite cellular floor decks having sprayed-on fireproofing material with a conventional one piece cover plate, is that such fireproofing material loses bond to the .. US8572900, Jan 22, 2010, Nov 5, 2013, Epic Metals Corporation, Decking having a removable rib

Patent US4554771 - Field-assembled cellular decking unit - Google . Nov 26, 1985 . A cellular decking unit, for field-assembly or factory-assembly, useful in the construction of a wire distributing floor structure. The cellular decking unit is assembled from upper and lower metal sheets arranged so as to provide laterally open channels. The channels are adapted to receive and to be closed by..

Patent US7143555 - Hybrid precast concrete and metal deck floor . Dec 5, 2006 . In one implementation of the present invention, corrugated metal deck panels are attached to concrete structural beams to form a precast panel

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