plywood wall panels in korea


plywood wall panels in korea

Patent US3103708 - Elevator cab panels - Google Patents The replaceable panel member may be of any material such as wood, metal, a woven metal screen, a panel of leather or combinations of leather, metal with various types of ornamentation and even may include all of the normal construction materials such as plaster, plywood and even wall paper, possibly scenic in design,..

Patent US4082882 - Fiberglass reinforced plywood structural . Apr 4, 1978 . A structural sandwich for use as a truck, trailer, van or intermodal container wall and method of making the same. The sandwich . Certain disadvantages are encountered in the lay-up and manufacture of 20 or 40 foot sidewalls from conventional fiberglass reinforced plywood panels. Thus, there is the need..

Patent US3246871 - Rivetless concrete wall form panel with . Aprll 19, 1966 BQWDEN 3,246,871. RIVETLESS CONCRETE WALL FORM PANEL WITH PLYWOOD FACING AND METAL STUDDING Filed April 6, 1964 2 Sheets-Sheet l April 19, 1966 G. F. BOWDEN 3,246,871. RIVETLESS CONCRETE WALL FORM PANEL WITH PLYWOOD Filed April 6, 1964 FACING AND METAL..

Patent US3357673 - Concrete wall form with a particular panel . (Cl. 249-194) The present invention relates generally to concrete wall forms and has particular reference to a concrete wall form employing panels which are known in the concrete construction industry as Steel-Ply panels and are manu. factured and sold by Symons Mfg. Company of Des Plaines, 111., U.S.A. Steel-Ply..

Patent US20040089856 - Concrete form puller - Google Patents May 13, 2004 . Steel-Ply panels and fillers are made of special High Density Overlay (HDO) plywood or birch plywood mounted on rugged steel frames. They can be used up to 200 . forms in 2 increments. This steel filler reduces the need to build up under forms when step footings or changing wall elevations occur

Patent US5603192 - Operable wall panel mounting apparatus . Feb 18, 1997 . First and second operable wall panel faces are positioned with respect to one another

Patent US5765330 - Pre-insulated prefab wall panel - Google Patents Jun 16, 1998 . A pre-insulated prefab wall panel comprising of a rectangular wall frame having top and bottom rail members and a plurality of spaced apart stud members aligned between . Prefab wall panels, prefab roof trusses and plywood sheathing are often used to erect a house in a very short time with few workers

Patent US20080245007 - Gypsum wood fiber structural insulated . Oct 9, 2008 . The exterior surface of the second insulation panel is fastened to the gypsum wood fiber board by mechanical fasteners. . The fire-retardant wall includes a first layer comprising an inner core, typically made of an insulated panel used in construction of buildings, and at least one second layer on each side..

Patent US20130260099 - Wall cladding system - Google Patents Oct 3, 2013 . The present invention relates to wall cladding in general and in particular to a method and system for applying stucco to a building that is pest resistant. .. The insulating material may be formed of any suitable material, such as, by way of non-limiting example, expanded polystyrene, wall board, plywood or..

Patent US2463834 - Plywood grain bin or the like - Google Patents A specific object is the provision of a side wall construction involving the use of plywood panels which are shipped from the factory in flat condition, and which are readily bent into curved shape and interlocked to one another at the edges in the field to form the cylindric sides of the bin, and a further and most important object..

Patent US3846525 - Method for manufacturing foam sandwich panels As will be readily understood by those skilled in the art, construction panels include, but are not limited to, such commercially available materials as sheets of plywood, wall board, aluminum, composition board, and similar substitutive expediences. In view of the broad acceptance of foam sandwich panels in the building arts..

Patent US4782642 - Method and apparatus for panel edge coupling . Nov 8, 1988 . Methods and apparatus for joining or repairing wall or ceiling panels such as sheet rock, gypsum boards, plywood, or other generally planar wall panels. Means are provided for permanently joining the edges of wallboard panels, ceiling panels, or the like at any desired position along the length of the wall..

Patent US5697189 - Lightweight insulated concrete wall - Google . Dec 16, 1997 . A lightweight structural concrete wall panel for house construction, includes a sandwich construction of two thin fiber reinforced concrete faces . Frequently contractors use other cheaper less durable siding materials such as 8' 4' sheets of plywood with vertical grooves and with interlocking vertical joints

Patent US4092810 - Domical structure - Google Patents Jun 6, 1978 . Two such elements may be readily cut from a single sheet of plywood of standard dimensions with a minimum of waste. The elements or panels overlap at the edges where they are secured together to form great circle arcs, the overlapping edges composing in themselves an integral reinforcing supporting..

Wood-panelled Seoul restaurant interior references owner's love of . Aug 17, 2017 . . and benches with grey brick walls and a mottled grey floor, while splashes of colour are introduced in the form of traditional screens and engravings. Korean firm By Seog Be Seog decorate Seoul restaurant interior with oak. The wood theme is continued in ridge-patterned panelling, and sliding doors with..

Patent US3654044 - Decorative overlay paper covered plywood and . It is another object of the present invention to provide an improved process for manufacturing a decorative overlay sheet covered plywood. It is a further object of the present invention to provide high quality plywood panels adapted for use as interior and exterior wall panels, furniture andthe like. It is still further object of the..

Patent US3083388 - Machine for cleaning and reconditioning . (Cl; 15-93) The present invention relates to a machine for cleaning and reconditioning concrete wall form panels after-they have been in service and preparatory . Steel-Ply panels of this type under consideration are manufactured in sizes which vary both asto length and width, the latter dimensionbeing a factor of particular..

Patent US6631589 - Elevator wall panel mounting structures and . Oct 14, 2003 . The present invention relates to readily removable and easily installable wall panel mounting structures and method of installation for the interior of . Added weight to the elevator cab due to the extra weight of the plywood. 2. Decreased interior elevator cab size due to the added thickness of the plywood

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