high roof deck for mobile home


high roof deck for mobile home

Mobile Home Additions Guide: Footers, Roofing, and Attachment . Mobile Home Additions require an understanding of foundations, roofing, siding and attachment methods. We cover it all here

The Whim: A Single Wide Exterior Remodel - Mobile Home Living Two Gorgeous Canadian Mobile Homes. single wide exterior remodel - deck roofing,. single wide exterior remodel - decking, roofing,. The roof peak was built high to keep the snow from building up and the pergola-like roof is open to allow the wind to pass through. Single Wide Manufactured Home Exterior Remodel..

Two Story Mobile Homes - Mobile Home Living Back in the good ole' days mobile homes were more prone to design innovation and experimentation. With hundreds of mobile home manufacturers competing for sales the first company to come up with bigger and better was more likely to succeed and become a nationally known brand. A popular design concept was two..

How to Install a Retractable Awning on Your Home | Today's . Retractable awnings on a patio or deck allow you to control the amount

1954 Spartan Meets Modern Day Living - Mobile Home Living They used a gasket connection system as not to scar the mobile homes exterior. It's safely butted up against the screened deck and has a metal roof over it. This helps to keep the home cool and allows the mobile home to shine, literally. spartan retrofit 6 spartan retrofit 7 spartan retrofit 8 spartan retrofit 9. The 1954 Spartan's..

Homesteading: A Manufactured Home Transformation I'm not sure what make or model of home this is but it looks remarkably like a double wide with it's dormer style roofing. I concluded that the roofing was modified by the owner but I could be way off. . To install manufactured homes over basements or high slab foundations the home is jacked up and rolled little by little

How to Build a Porch - Front Porch Ideas and More Our directory of how-to topics for porches covers just about every aspect, from the foundation to the roof and more. . A new or remodeled front porch not only adds value to your home but also lots of curb appeal as well. .. Not all porches need ledger flashing; however, most should and flashing on decks is a must. It can be..

How to Make Your Manufactured Home Look More Like a Site-Built . Sep 15, 2017 . Manufactured homes are affordable and can have all the same great qualities of a site-built home. But let's be honest, it's pretty easy to distinguish a standard factory-built home from a site-built home not that this is bad thing. However, if you'd like to make your manufactured home look more like a site-built..

The Texas Trailer Transformation - Mobile and Manufactured Home . 'Endless potential' is the phrase that best describes single wide mobile homes. You can . The original front deck stayed but received a new roof held up with the cedar posts and 2 6's. The original front . A high ceiling structure with lots of windows and decking on 3 sides makes this a perfect place to get some work done!10 Smart Manufactured Home Remodeling Projects Jan 17, 2015 . Adding a deck or covered porch to your manufactured home increases living space and that is a valuable commodity for smaller homes. Interest.com states . Using brick or stone veneer can reap high rewards in aesthetics and resale value but simple vinyl skirting can be just as effective. Read our mobile..

Building On A Budget: The Incredible $8,000 Tiny House . Sep 11, 2015 . awesome build and price thanks for the tips. where are you hooking up your house? mobile home area? we live in san diego and find it difficult to find places. ... I also have been looking into unvented roof designs, which really amounts to adding insulation panels above the primary roof deck to eliminate..

Mobile Home Makeover: Outdoor Rehab Progress = less crazy . Sep 22, 2017 . We have made so much progress on the mobile home - but nothing is "After-picture" done. We are . DIY adventure. Here we fix a crazy deck, add new windows, gutters and other less than sexy things. . Nasty Surprise #2: The stupid install of the roof and gutters meant water ran into the walls. This is just..

Awesome RV Deck Design Ideas + How to Build a Deck Apr 20, 2017 . He allowed us to feature his gorgeous Florida manufactured home last year. Richard's . He wanted a custom RV deck design that had a modern design with high usability. He found a .. Jessica, the talented creator of the popular blog Four Generations One Roof, has a beautiful RV setup and deck design

Modern Green PreFab Homes - Mobile and Manufactured Home . Great examples of the modern green pre-fab homes of the day. Function . Standard pitched roof along with optional roof top deck, solar pv system, rain water catchment, and separate studio were all great options to get to choose from. . Of course, their homes are not cheap, some starting in the high $300,000 dollar range

A Screen Porch Kit is a Great Way to Make a Porch Enclosure The right panels can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. insulated roof panels by screenhousesunlimited.com insulated roof panels over patio area by screenhousesunlimited.com. You can also select among a wide variety of fabric patio and deck covers as well; perfect for mobile or manufactured homes too

Affordable Porch Design Ideas | Porch Designs for Mobile Homes Ready Decks show us how they can create an inviting front porch that almost anyone can afford - whether you have a mobile home, manufactured home or conventional . Although you can attach the structure to the home so there's no independent movements between the two and to allow a proper flashing for your roof..

Podcast 9 Porch Ideas for Mobile Homes - Front Porch Ideas and More Bradley Johns of Ready Decks shares his expertise for building porches on mobil,manufactured and traditional homes. Learn the nuances of . Bradley built his business based on providing high quality porches and decks for the average working person. His expertise in . Gabled roof on front porch. white front porch with..

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