vinyl decking manufacturers definition


vinyl decking manufacturers definition

Patent EP2118188A1 - Polymer composite - Google Patents Nov 18, 2009 . Some noteworthy examples include the sometimes fatal outcome from food poisoning due to the presence of particular strains of Eschericia coli in . In response to these concerns, manufacturers have begun incorporating antimicrobial agents into materials used to produce objects for commercial,..

Post mount Support block 16 may be readily manufactured by extrusion processes known and understood in the art, with support block 16 being manufactured out of a readily extrudable material such as aluminum, PVC, vinyl, or other such appropriate material. Other methods may be used to manufacture support block 16 without..

US8846776 - Google Sep 30, 2014 . Isocyanates derived from natural oil, such as castor oil pre-polymers and soybean oil pre-polymers, are also examples of renewable content. ... shingles; siding material; trim boards; carpet backing; synthetic lumber; building panels; scaffolding; cast molded products; decking materials; fencing materials;..

Patent US7977557 - Musical instrument plectrum clip - Google Patents Jul 12, 2011 . A method of manufacturing a Musical Instrument Plectrum Clip from a single piece Polymer, comprising: .. Kalrez, Chemraz, Perlast; Polyether Block Amides (PEBA); Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM), (Hypalon); Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA); Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), for example Elastron, etc

Patent US6189285 - Pultruded FRP structural assembly for water . Feb 20, 2001 . The tower of claim 1, said legs being spaced apart to define therebetween a central portion of said web section. 5. . In recent years, standard FRP structural pultrusions (e.g., tubular beams and channels) have become available from a number of suppliers and have been used in the construction of large..

Patent WO2009120624A2 - Reduced weight multilayer polymeric . Oct 1, 2009 . [0002] Synthetic polymeric materials are widely used in the manufacturing of a variety of end-use articles ranging from medical devices to food containers. .. [0022] Examples of styrenic copolymers suitable for use in forming one or more layers of the RWMA include without limitation styrene butadiene..

Patent WO2006093916A2 - Emulsions useful for coatings and . Sep 8, 2006 . The primer of claim 20, wherein the coating resin is selected from the group consisting of alkyds, oil-modified alkyds, styrenated and vinyl-modified alkyds, .. Examples of other coatings include paints (e.g., house paints), primers, architectural coatings, industrial coatings, maintenance coatings, general..

WO2011041696A1 - Google Apr 7, 2011 . [31] Figure 20 shows the Particle Size Distribution plots for Profax Ultra SG853 unmodified and modified with varying amounts of Examples B2 and D2. ... Additional suitable comonomers are selected from diolefins, cyclic olefins, and cyclic diolefins, halogenated vinyl compounds, and vinylidene aromatic..

Patent US4478018 - Thermal break exterior insulated wall framing . Oct 23, 1984 . b. two horizontal channel elements, defining the top and bottom of the wall, each channel element having a substantially "U" shaped cross-section with a .. The manufacturing system preferred is the method used to produce the light steel structural shape known to those skilled in the art as a "hat section."

What is the difference between Masonite, T-111, and LP SmartSide . Apr 30, 2015 . By definition (albeit user-generated definition) masonite is a type of hardboard made of steam-cooked and pressure-molded wood fibers in a process . Its widespread use has dwindled as other siding materials, including steel, aluminum, composite, and vinyl siding have taken over the siding market

Patent US6234098 - Extended width side rail for pontoon boat . May 22, 2001 . The pontoon boat of claim 17, wherein said trim member is an extruded vinyl insert and creates a rub bumper. 19. .. by varying the width of the extruded aluminum rail structure which is disposed at the edge of the decks, maintaining the ability to use standard four foot by eight foot sized plyboard sheets

Patent EP2296879A1 - Polymeric blends and methods of using . Mar 23, 2011 . [0002] Synthetic polymeric materials, particularly polypropylene resins, are widely used in the manufacturing of a variety of end-use articles ranging from .. [0025] Examples of polypropylene homopolymers suitable for use in this disclosure include without limitation 3371, 3271, 3270, and 3276, which are..

Patent WO2013071212A1 - Multifunctional superhydrophobic . May 16, 2013 . A hydrophobic surface is generally defined and is defined herein as that which has a contact angle greater than 90 with a drop of water. ... For example, mixing FDE and PVC (polyvinylchloride) cement results in a delicate superhydrophobic surface (e.g., not durable, easily br

Patent WO2004092283A2 - Antimicrobial pigments - Google Patents In the case of fillers as basis materials for the antimicrobial pigments for example the skin feeling remain unaltered during the manufacturing process. . Preferred examples for materials with a refractive index n > 1.8 are titanium oxide, iron oxide, iron titanate, iron, chromium, silver and/or nickel, preferably titanium oxide,..

US8513329 - Google Aug 20, 2013 . In a preferred embodiment, the polymer is selected from the group consisting of: polydivinyl benzene, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, terethalate, polyesters .. Natural polymers are by definition those which are biosynthesized by various routes in the biosphere

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