deck on top of roof hugger


deck on top of roof hugger

New modern "Active House" built in traditional Toronto subdivision . Nov 22, 2016 . Designed by Superkul and built by Great Gulf, both the design and technology are a big change from the normal fare

The best Christmas decorations to deck your halls - Business Insider Nov 23, 2017 . While the joys of the holiday season are many, one of the top delights is a home transformed by lights, trees, ornaments, and all the other seasonal decorations. Your home .. Why you'll love it: If you're tired of Barbie-doll angels, you and your kids will love the Christmas Snowman Tree Hugger. Most tree..

Beat the heat in the big city : TreeHugger Jul 20, 2016 . Top of the rock Many cities still have a few buildings with open observation decks; the one on the top of Rockefeller Center is perhaps the best I have ever been on, in its art deco glory. It was closed . In Buffalo, the one on the top of City Hall is free; in Toronto, there is still a little bit of roof at the Park Plaza

Digging Into Urban Outfitters' Perfectly Good Trash : TreeHugger Jan 12, 2010 . The other night around 9.30 pm, I was walking up 14th st. and 6th Ave. when I passed a bunch of boxes next to the trash outside Urban Outfitters. The boxes were all marked "Broken" or "Broken Glass." With my suspicion that their definition of "broken" was different from mine -- and with the H&M; saga fresh..

What will be the food trends of 2017? : TreeHugger Jan 2, 2017 . TreeHugger delves into the ever-popular trend of predicting the role food will play in our lives over the next year

Couple to Wed Thanks to 400,000 Recycled Cans : TreeHugger Jun 30, 2010 . After Pete Geyer and Andrea Parrish became engaged, they decided to say "I can" before saying "I do," and in more ways than one. The couple worked to make their wedding not just a celebration of the love they have for each other, but to show a bit of love to the planet as well--by funding the ceremony..

TreeHugger has an iPhone App! Woot!! : TreeHugger Mar 8, 2010 . You know how it feels to be separated from TreeHugger for too long. Your palms start to sweat, your legs get twitchy, you can't shake the feeling that there's something really important going down somewhere in the world and you don't know what it is..

Plastic Bag Ban Starts in New Year in Italy : TreeHugger Dec 26, 2010 . But in a culture notorious for considering stop signs as merely advisory, it remains to be seen how effective implementing social change from the top down can be. Critics note that the ban has no teeth: there are no provisions for fines at the national level, with sanctions being left to the locals. Turin, for..

Homegrown Tomato Juice Recipe by Gayla Trail : TreeHugger Aug 10, 2012 . Got tomatoes? Noted garden author Gayla Trail shares her recipe for homegrown tomato juice exclusively with TreeHugger

Patent US20140130425 - Retrofit roof system for corrugated and low . May 15, 2014 . A roofing system is installed over the top of existing corrugated metal roofs or over the top of low profile ribbed metal roofs as a retrofit roofing system. The system uses a clip specifically designed for corrugated and other forms of low-profile ribbed metal roof panels. The clip spans a single raised corrugation..

Patent US4047346 - Chicken wire roof and method of insulation . Sep 13, 1977 . An insulated roof structure is formed on an industrial building by mounting a support framework on the purlins in the partially completed roof structure and moving the framework along the length of the purlins. A reel of wire mesh and a reel of sheet material are carried by the framework over each of the..

What's Happening In Metal Roofing At METALCON - Coatings World Sep 26, 2017 . METALCON, the largest international event in the metal construction industry, announces program highlights for its metal roofing industry attendees. One of METALCON&rsq

Patent US6240682 - Roof bracket - Google Patents Jun 5, 2001 . The slot sizes and positions enable fastening to steel bar joists for most distances between the flanges of their top angle chord members. . The roof substrate includes a corrugated metal roof deck MD, a subdeck SD of lightweight gypsum, roofing insulation board IB, and an upper layer UL of tar or gravel

The Dumbest Green Buildings in TreeHugger : TreeHugger Feb 17, 2009 . It is the new home of Mukesh Ambani, owner of India's largest private company, designed by the usually respectable Perkins+Will. . Collin wrote: With notable features like heat-reflecting roof and windows, low-flow faucets and waterless urinals, self-dimming lights, and storm water filtration, Boston Logan..

Cities Need More Jane Jacobs, Less Marc Jacobs : TreeHugger Oct 19, 2009 . I actually like some of the store's window displays and think he and his team are really talented designers. And two, don't be so literal! It's a play on words to reflect the Village being taken over by franchises and chains of all kinds--not just the six Marc Jacobs stores. Oh, that would be my third point, there is..

So You Bought a Cave: 7 Ways to Open Your Home to Light - Houzz Apr 8, 2013 . When I was a girl I was a tree hugger, and that's no metaphor. My childhood home was in a . To quote Lindsey M. Roberts from her ideabook specifically on the subject, TDDs re reflective cylinders or pipes installed between the roof and ceiling, with a clear plastic dome. The bottoms of the tubes are..

Family's home is two tiny houses connected with a central sun room . Sep 15, 2017 . There's also the possibility of just using two tiny houses together, as tiny house builder Viva Collectiv has done with The Ohana. It's basically two tiny homes connected in the middle by an open sun room and deck (and was apparently featured on Tiny House Nation). According to commenters over at Tiny..

Patent US8024906 - Standing-seam roof assembly bracket - Google . Sep 27, 2011 . A bracket for use in retro-fitting metal clad buildings to facilitate attachment of new roof or wall panels of any desired profile, directly over existing ribbed or fluted panels of various configurations. Commonly known in the trades as a sub purlin or sub girt. Generally a one piece Z shaped metal bracket with a..

Top 10 Green Towns to Visit, Tree Hugger Or Not - The FlipKey Blog Apr 13, 2016 . Top 10 Green Towns to Visit, Tree Hugger Or Not. For Travelers . Additionally, the city is known for its installation of green rooftop gardens, which can act as insulators and reduce a building's energy needs. . Search for vacation rentals in Chicago with access to roof decks to enjoy a little downtown oasis

Satellite Photos Reveal How Mountaintop Removal Is Scarring . Apr 9, 2010 . But make no mistake, regardless of where you stand, images can say more than a thousand debates and as these recent time-lapse satellite photos released by NASA show (more after the jump), mountain-top removal is a practice that visibly scars the landscape, voraciously eating up forests, streams and..

10 tomatoes to grow in your container garden : TreeHugger Apr 11, 2012 . The plants are quite compact, so take well to container culture. And as an added bonus, the plants are also quite ornamental -- the feathery, silvery gray-green foliage is unique, and the round red fruits make for a beautiful contrast with the foliage. This is a determinate variety, so you'll get a harvest over a..

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