outdoor vinyl floor covering products korea


outdoor vinyl floor covering products korea

Patent EP2246403A1 - Waterborne adhesive formulations - Google . Nov 3, 2010 . Many products are assembled using adhesives. For example, various flooring products made from vinyl and carpet and the like are permanently adhered to a surface or other substrate through the use of an adhesive. Commonly used flooring adhesives include those sold under the trademarks Taylor..

Patent WO1996023857A1 - Method for cleaning outdoor surface . Aug 8, 1996 . A concentrated cleaning composition useful for cleaning outdoor vinyl surfaces by diluting and spraying the cleaning composition onto a vinyl surface to be .. The '495 patent discloses a cleaner for tiles, porcelain, floors, drains and laundry which incorporates 0.1 to 3% of a tertiary alcohol, a 0.5 to 7% of a..

[Project 1] an/other avant-garde china-japan-korea Google Arts . Sep 3, 2016 . Curated by five Korean, Chinese, and Japanese curators under the theme of 'an/other avant-garde china-japan-korea', Project 1 shed light on Korean, Chine. . This project completed outside of the Great Wall lasted 15minutes, leaving an explosive line measuring over 10 thousand meters. It is also the..

Patent EP1432758A1 - Plasticised polyvinyl chloride - Google Patents Jun 30, 2004 . Viscosity control is important in the conversion of these plastisols into useful products. For example in the preparation of vinyl floor coverings, the plastisol is spread on a surface moving at around 15 to 25 meters per minute in several layers so that the floor covering is literally built up. Typically these layers..

How to Stop a Dog Shedding - K9 Magazine Wall-to-wall carpeting holds down the hair more than hard-wood or vinyl floors, so adding a carpet to a room may help keep dog hair from wafting through your . Johnson's shampoos, grooming aids, and coat and skin preparations are among the most popular products sold by pet stores and are all of high quality to be kind..

Best Non-Toxic Play Mats for Baby [Updated 2018] | Mommy to Max Feb 8, 2016 . I found a LDPE foam play mat made in South Korea the Folding Play Mat by Cream Haus that I find to be unquestionably non-toxic. .. Overuse of the word oxic on this whole page I barfed a little in my mouth and put a sheet on the floor on top of my dog hair covered area rug and played with my baby..

Vinyl Flooring Could Comes With a Health Price. Toxic Phthalates. Apr 29, 2015 . Phthalates are added to vinyl flooring to reduce the rigidity of PVC and make it pliable. The Ecology Center recently tested sixty-five vinyl flooring products from several major home improvement centers. Fifty-eight percent of the flooring tested contained phthalates. This additive is a well-known reproductive..

Patent WO2010006101A2 - Sustainable poly(vinyl chloride . - Google Jan 14, 2010 . Most unexpectedly, EMS is a "drop-in" replacement for BBP for vinyl-based flooring products, meaning very few alterations, if any, are needed to the .. substrate is a suitable material, depending on other flooring performance considerations such as location of the flooring inside or outside of a structure

Patent US5412914 - Raised access flooring system - Google Patents May 9, 1995 . A raised access flooring system as recited in claim 10, wherein the flooring member is comprised of successive layers of aluminum and vinyl. .. which in turn accommodates the usage of vinyl, carpet, tile, or other floor covering materials to be utilized wherein the top surface of the floor covering is flush with..

It's Time to Rethink Vinyl Flooring - REMI Network Oct 2, 2017 . Thanks to cutting-edge materials, contemporary designs, and advanced production techniques, the vinyl flooring of yesteryear has been replaced with a . We take pride that our manufacturer is in South Korea, which is one place that has banned phthalates, a known carcinogen in many plastics, and has..

Vinyl flooring linked to potentially harmful substances at schools and . Oct 23, 2013 . Large areas of vinyl flooring in daycares and schools appear to expose children to a group of compounds called phthalates, which have been linked to . an X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer, they tested the flooring materials in 50 public and private daycares and kindergartens in Seoul, South Korea,..

US6737155 - Google May 18, 2004 . For example, when OSB is used as flooring, the rough surface interferes with the attachment of a floor covering thereto. Further, individual strands are known to op up. This makes the installation of surface covering materials, such as vinyl, hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles more difficult. One way to..

Patent US9156233 - Engineered waterproof flooring and wall . Oct 13, 2015 . Waterproof engineered floor and wall planks have a wear layer and an underlayer about an extruded dust and plastic composite core. . Rubber and vinyl floors can be relatively inexpensive, however, because these flooring materials are not rigid, imperfections from the subfloor transfers through the..

Product roundup: 12 flooring tech products | Building Design + . Nov 10, 2017 . David Barista, Editorial Director. Indoors, outdoors, and everything inbetween, these 12 flooring tech products offer solutions for a variety of projects. . Luxury vinyl roll combines the benefits of luxury vinyl tile and cushion vinyl roll into a new category of flooring. It is soft underfoot, water resistant, easy to..

Patent WO2011014342A1 - Flooring underlayments - Google Patents Feb 3, 2011 . [0001] The invention relates generally to flooring underlayments, and more specifically, to epoxy based flooring underlayments. [0002] In general, underlayments may be applied underneath a flooring material, such as ceramic tile, terrazzo, vinyl, or polymeric decking materials to contour the flooring surface..

Patent US6124044 - Polymeric peel-off coating compositions and . Sep 26, 2000

'Sacred geometry' of old tiles brought to life on vinyl | ISRAEL21c 'Sacred geometry' of old tiles brought to life on vinyl. Israel's Beija Flor lets you beautify your home with timeless patterns printed on easy-to-clean, easy-on-the-wallet mats, tableware and stickers. By Abigail Klein Leichman January 19, 2016, 8:20 am. Vinyl mats are an affordable way to bring an ancient tile look into the..

Patent US3332828 - Monofilament ribbon pile product - Google . Another object of this invention is to provide a weatherresistant turf constructed from synthetic materials which is suitable for permanent outdoor uses. .. Another backing material suitable for tufting is a nylon scrim reinforced polyurethane foam carpet backing which is marketed under the trademark, Chemback, by the..

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