outdoor flooring over grass roof


outdoor flooring over grass roof

Makiko Tsukada's Grass Cave House features rooftop lawns - Dezeen May 18, 2014 . Japanese architect Makiko Tsukada has completed a house in Yokohama with a cave-like interior that opens out to one of two rooftop lawns. . The lawn on top of the garage provides a terrace and garden, which opens into the top-floor living room of the two-storey residence. This allows a direct a line of..

Studio Marco Vermeulen adds grass blanket on island museum Dec 4, 2015 . Studio Marco Vermeulen adds grass blanket over rooftop pyramids of Dutch island museum . A small look-out point carries on from the pathway to cantilever over the edge of the roof. . A small stream extends from the museum garden through one of the glass walls and across the floor of the extension

Building a Wood Deck on Your Home | Today's Homeowner Of course the grass and all the shrubs, the water feature all kind of center around a concrete slab that's been here for a number of years. .. Now, some of those details include a roof covering over this part of the deck, then we have handrails all the way around the deck, and another aspect of deck building that can be some..

How to Control Wire Grass in Your Lawn | Today's Homeowner It grows right under garden edging. It grows right over landscape paper, mulch, gravel, sidewalks, and forgotten rakes. It even twines up into shrubs, where it reaches out to wave and laugh at you as you walk by. The roots are so deep that when you try to pull it, they break. And just when you think you've got wire grass under.

8 grand green roofs (and walls) | Building Design + Construction Sep 24, 2013 . A dramatic interior green wall at Drexel University and a massive, 4.4-acre vegetated roof at the Kauffman Performing Arts Center in Kansas City are . This significantly impacts energy performance in the heating and cooling seasons for fresh air over and above ASHRAE 62.1 requirements since the air is..

Hiroshi Sambuichi creates sculptural roofs over Naoshima . - Dezeen Mar 2, 2017 . Huge sculptural roofs made from cypress wood provide shelter for this community centre and hall, built by architect Hiroshi Sambuichi on a Japanese island. . The angle of the roof also matches the incline of the grass slope. . A lake was created too, with an outdoor stage projecting out over its surface

Arterra LLP: Adding a Roof Garden to Your Home | Green . Oct 21, 2011 . Retains and slows water runoff during and after rain storms, releasing it slowly, over a prolonged period of time. This reduces risk of flash flooding in urban areas during heavy rains. Increases opportunity for plant life, habitat & wildlife. Another green roof from Arterra LLP. A well-designed intensive living..

Sprawling green roof keeps New York's Mashomuck House cool in . May 23, 2016 . The green-roofed Mashomuck waterfront house overlooking Sag Harbor Bay in New York integrates interior and outdoor living. . The architectdesigned the second floor roof deck with a green roof featuring native plant species that can withstand dry, sunny weather. The green roof also helps maintain..

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