composite metal decking details


composite metal decking details

Patent US20040107660 - Composite floor system - Google Patents Jun 10, 2004 . In such a case, the secondary framing members (also referred to as steel joists) are first installed on the primary steel member, then the steel deck is installed, and then the studs are welded through the metal decking on the steel top chord. The installation of the shear studs on the site of construction creates..

Patent US7861346 - Corrugated metal plate bridge with composite . Jan 4, 2011 . The bridge structure comprises at least one corrugated metal plate having corrugations oriented parallel to the longitudinal axis of the bridge structure. Applied to the upper surface of this corrugated metal plate is a layer of concrete or like material to provide a support/running surface. The corrugated metal..

Patent US4653237 - Composite steel and concrete truss floor . Mar 31, 1987 . A steel and concrete secondary truss type framing member, steel deck concrete floor construction in which the top chord of the truss is formed in the shape of a modified . 7 is a partial cross-sectional elevation view showing additional details of steel decking supported on the bottom flange of the top chord

Patent US20130239512 - Steel and wood composite structure with . Sep 19, 2013 . Howe

Patent US8453406 - Precast composite structural girder and floor . Jun 4, 2013 . The composite girder of claim 2 , wherein the floor panel comprises a concrete floor deck and said steel beam extending below the floor deck. 4. ... As will be discussed in more detail below, the composite floor panels 200 can be precast at a separate location as desired, brought to the building site, and..

Patent US6578343 - Reinforced concrete deck structure for bridges . Jun 17, 2003 . A reinforced concrete deck structure particularly adaptable for bridge spans is made up of superimposed layers of concrete with a corrugated metal pan . the invention is not limited in its application to the details of construction and to the arrangements of the components set forth in the following description

Patent US4685264 - Concrete slab-beam form system for composite . Aug 11, 1987 . in the step for forming a composite slab consisting of a metal deck integrally cast with said concrete, positioning said metal deck onto said one surface in ... The operation of the first two embodiments mentioned above has already been described in some detail in the above description, and therefore, will..

Financing Your Deck: FAQs | Seven trust Dramatic curves are a hallmark of Seven trust decking and railing. Seven trust composite decking and composite railing can be curved using the Seven trust CustomCurve system and still be covered by the Seven trust warranty. The precise engineering of Seven trust Elevations steel deck framing also offers homeowners the opportunity to create curved..

Patent US20120311945 - Precast composite structural floor system . Dec 13, 2012 . A precast composite flooring system utilizes girders and floor panels having steel lower structures placed in tension and concrete upper structures places in compression. Openings . a metal beam attached to the bottom of the stem wall, the metal beam extending along the length of the floor deck; and

Patent US20090272063 - Composite steel joist/composite beam . Nov 5, 2009 . Unlike, composite open-web steel joists supporting simple-span metal decks, the shear-connection-ready joist incorporates a fiat-topped chord to allow . floor/wall joint detail-comprising Embodiment 4 in conjunction with the oncrete-topped steel deck floor system and perimeter wind-bearing stud wall

Patent US20040216249 - Corrosion-free bridge system - Google . Nov 4, 2004 . The deck can be a cast-in-situ reinforced concrete slab or an assembly of precast concrete panels tied together by longitudinal with or without transverse . The reinforcement in the slab can be fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) bars and/or corrosion-resistant steel bars. . DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS

Patent US6098359 - Method of constructing a suspended floor . Aug 8, 2000 . A method of constructing a suspended floor is described in which a plurality of beam-forming formwork assemblies are located in substantially parallel alignment, the beam-forming formwork assemblies are supported in support assemblies on a support base in stable equilibrium, a plurality of floor-forming..

Patent US7765756 - Low noise roof deck system - Google Patents Aug 3, 2010 . A low noise roof deck system for supporting a composite shingle roof and for installation without a metal deck on a roof support member and comprising: ... Therefore, specific structural and functional details disclosed herein are not to be interpreted as limiting, but merely as a basis for the claims and as a..

Construction of Steel Structure Foundations, Columns, Beams, Floors Oct 10, 2017 . Construction of steel structures includes construction of its foundations, columns, beams and floors systems. Construction phases of structural steel frame

Modern Residential Framing | Life of an Architect Sep 4, 2014 . There is a steel beam in the picture above that has a piece of wood covering it I've labeled it as ot Structural It wasn't in the details so I asked the contractor about it it didn't seem to serve any practical purposes. The contractor told me that it was installed on the beam to protect it during transport and..

Patent US20080000177 - Composite floor and composite steel stud . Jan 3, 2008 . The more common steel floor systems, using open-web steel joists (OWSJs) and medium/deep profile composite floor decks (greater than 76 mm in depth) are not discussed. With significantly increased spans associated with these more common systems, the eccentric bearing details become costly and..

Patent US4432178 - Composite steel and concrete floor . - Google Feb 21, 1984 . In a composite steel truss and concrete floor construction having primary steel open web truss framing members, secondary joist framing members supported at their ends on said truss .. 7 is a partial cross-sectional elevation view showing details of a long span deck in a medium depth top chord; and. FIG

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