composite block pavers


composite block pavers

Patent US5702199 - Plastic asphalt paving material and method of . Dec 30, 1997 . An asphaltic concrete or paving material includes from 5 to 20 percent or more of granular recycled plastic, which supplements or replaces the rock aggregate component of the mixture. The material produces a structurally superior paving material and longer lived roadbed. The paving material includes any..

Patent US8438805 - Pedestal for ballast block decking - Google . May 14, 2013 . The pedestal for supporting blocks, pavers, tiles, or panels a spaced distance above an underlying surface, includes a support, a sound-deadening pad, . Each block 12 can be made of concrete, marble, granite, wood, rubber, plastic, composite materials, or like weight-bearing substance and is typically..

Patent US7819607 - Paving block and molding process therefor . Oct 26, 2010 . A paving block that closely resembles a used mined cobblestone. The blocks are manufactured by a bi-layer concept that is subjected to processes that cause the layers to structurally integrate. The process and composition permit the mass production of blocks having independent top topographies that..

Patent US7244076 - Method for installing paving blocks - Google . Jul 17, 2007 . A method of installing paving blocks comprises preparing an area to be paved to a desired grade. A preformed, load-bearing sheet of material, e.g., extruded polystyrene, is placed on the prepared area. Paving blocks are then laid in a desired pattern on the sheet of material

Vast Pavers: Eco-Friendly Composite Pavers Made From Recycled . Looking for a worthy eco-friendly home improvement project? How about a patio built with recycled composite pavers that are ridiculously easy to install?Patio or Deck - Which is Best? - Successful Garden Design It's much easier to create interesting patterns and different textures with paving than it is with decking. If you like clean lines and minimal detail, then decking is great for this. Minimal detail can of course be achieved with one size of paving but because the individual paving slabs are much shorter than deck boards, paving..

Patent US20090113815 - Tapered Hexagon Building Block . May 7, 2009 . The outside and inside arc length of such a project would be measured in fractions of one degree of arc that would fit together to form the requisite one degree of arc composite block. Additionally, the building block is not limited in size, but may be large enough to provide interior interactive space

Patent US4098865 - Methods of making paving block - Google Patents Jul 4, 1978 . A method and mold are provided for making interlocking paving block and the like in which an aqueous concrete slurry is placed in a mold and subjected to instantaneous pressure of at least 1000 pounds per square inch over its entire surface to expel a large portion of water from the slurry, removing the..

Using recycled waste tyres in concrete paving blocks (PDF . There is general agreement that waste tyres should be better managed in order to preserve valuable resources and prevent environmental damage as a result of improper disposal. This paper describes the use of crumb rubber in concrete paving blocks. Existing block material is characterised as a composite with high..

Laying a Paver Border on the Kuppersmith Project Driveway . When laying the accent and border pavers for the drive, a 2 4 block was attached to a maul to act as a hand tamp that was narrow enough to fit in the space between the concrete slabs. To make sure the pavers would be flush with the top of the concrete slab, a scrap of 2 4 lumber was notched to the thickness of the pavers,..

Patent US4802836 - Compaction device for concrete block molding . Feb 7, 1989 . It follows that, the less dense blocks do not have the expected or required physical properties capable of meeting the stiff specifications of CAN3-A231,2 or A.S.T.M.C936-82 for concrete paving stones, or other concrete blocks for which utmost density, and hence particularities of physical properties, is a..

Patent US1629487 - Process of making paving blocks and slabs . Numerous types of rubber paving blocks or slabs are already known as well as the methods for manufacturing and laying the same. Paving blocks or slabs have already .. block & process for manufacturing. US5367007 *, May 3, 1993, Nov 22, 1994, Enviropaver Inc. Multi-layer composite block & process for manufacturing

Paver Driveway and Concrete Patio Project, Part 1 | Today's . Watch this video to find out how to lay a paver driveway and stain a concrete patio to improve your yard. . Danny Lipford: Apparently, the home's narrow driveway encouraged the former owners to use the lawn as a parking lot. Billy and Brenda need the .. Andy Morton: I got it one block at a time and it didn't cost me a dime

Patent WO2011031168A1 - Tough water-permeable paver - Google . Mar 17, 2011 . This invention relates to relatively coarse-grained, tough, permeable pavement block components made of a composite material. DEFINITIONS. "Pavement" and "sidewalk" and "roadway" are similar terms; used interchangeably herein. "Paver" as used herein refers to a generally flattened rectangular mass..

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