fire resistant outside floor


fire resistant outside floor

Patent WO2007024871A2 - Fire retardant fabric and its use in . Mar 1, 2007 . A fire barrier fabric further comprising a multilayer fabric having at least two layers, including an outside layer and a fire barrier layer; wherein the fire barrier layer provides flame-retardant and/or flame-resistant properties to the entire fabric without requiring fabric coatings or treatments to provide any..

Patent WO2014166998A1 - Fire resistant geopolymer foam - Google . Oct 16, 2014 . Use of a foamed geopolymer as a fire-resistant sealant material, a method of sealing an aperture or cavity for housing services in a building . External Links: Patentscope, Espacenet . The use according to any one of claims 1 to 3, wherein the aperture is an opening in the wall or floor of a building. 5

Patent US3196494 - Fire resistant door - Google Patents In essence, the door or panel of the present invention comprises in combination a core, suitable stiles and rails, fire resistant cross bands comprising asbestos, fire .. a peripheral frame. surrounding said calcium silicate subhydrate on allsidesto form a cbntinuous outside area, saidv peripheral frame tardant treated lumber

Patent US4449341 - Fire containment arrangement for curtain wall . May 22, 1984 . In a multi-level building having an elevated floor slab structure and an exterior curtain wall that includes spandrel glazing panels mounted opposite and spaced from the pheriphery of the floor slab structure; a fire containment arrangement comprising: a fire resistant insulation sheet between a spandrel..

Patent US5625996 - Fire resistant wood box beam - Google Patents May 6, 1997 . Fire resistance is obtained by preventing the rapid progression of fire from the exterior to the interior. Fire resistant covers for the web . For example in a residential basement, where the ceiling is the main floor for the structure above, the supporting joists could be wood I-joists. To give the system additional..

Patent US7921603 - Systems for a fire-resistant door jamb - Google . Apr 12, 2011 . a fire-resistant jamb assembly including a hinge leg, a strike leg and a header, the header having a first end and a second end, the hinge leg being connected to the first end of the header, and the strike leg being connected to the second end of the header, the fire-resistant jamb assembly being..

Patent US8091144 - Flameproof, heat resistant, one-piece escape . Jan 10,

Fire- and Smoke-Resistant Interior Materials for Commercial . The two principal objectives of this book were (1) to identify promising materials technologies, design issues (both overall and for individual components), and fire performance parameters (both full scale and for individual components) that, if properly optimized, would lead to improved fire and smoke resistance of materials..

Patent US20020148178 - Fire resistant rated fenestration, including . Oct 17, 2002 . Fire in a multiple story building can be devastating. Fenestration and in particular curtain walls do not resist or contain fire. Rather, the fenestration is usually destroyed by fire, and flames can spread from one floor to an adjacent upper floor from the outside of the building through the destroyed exterior skin..

Patent US6303234 - Process of using sodium silicate to create fire . Oct 16, 2001 . Samples treated by this technique were found to be completely moisture resistance. The combined application of sodium silicate and silicon oxide was found to provide a fire retardant product that is moisture resistant and decomposition resistant and, therefore, effective for internal and external uses

Patent US5167098 - Fire resistant modular building - Google Patents Dec 1, 1992 . A fire resistant modular building adapted to house flammable and/or toxic materials is prefabricated of a box-like structure with exterior walls and a roof and partitions . A building as defined in claim 25 further including a floor spaced above said sump adapted for supporting material stored in said building

Building Construction - Luxury Apartments: Is . - Fire Engineering Mar 31, 2015 . Some building designers have put the standpipe connections on individual floors in a hose cabinet, which is intended to shorten the hoselays on each floor. Note, however, that such locations often are noncode compliant unless located next to a fire-rated barrier in the corridor such as a horizontal exit

Floors Functional Requirements in Building Construction Floors have to withstand heat release in situation that there are large air temperature differences on both opposite sides of the floor. For instance where an open port car is formed under buildings and the floors over the port is subjected to outside weather, so it has to..

Patent US6964379 - Exterior fire suppression system and method . Nov 15, 2005 . When activated, the sprinkler saturates a portion of the structure's exterior, providing the structure with protection from external fire threats. The sprinkler is . The bottom portion includes a sloped floor having a drain at the bottom thereof and at least one side having a hole adapted for receiving a water pipe

Fire-Rated Curtain Wall System Provides Stylish Fire Protection from . Jun 27, 2016 . Once installed, the toggle retention system becomes completely hidden, allowing for a smooth, frame-free exterior surface. This was a critical design benefit for LMN Architects, as only select portions of the 929 Office Tower ground-floor exterior were required to provide fire protection by code. The monolithic..

Patent US8739495 - Fire and water resistant expansion joint system . Jun 3, 2014 . A fire resistant and water resistant expansion joint system comprises a compressed lamination of fire retardant infused open celled foam, one coat of an . In the case of an exterior joint in an exterior wall, roof, or floor exposed to external environmental conditions, the joint system should also, to some..

Patent US20120227990 - Tractable, fire-resistant, thermo-insulated . Sep 13, 2012 . The top portion of the tent unit is a tractable, fire-resistant, thermo-insulated blanket. The floor section is made of a tractable material meant to withstand abrasion from below, or outside, such as rocks and shrub; it is resistant to heavy traffic from above, inside, and can resist secondary wear and tear such as..

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