high hardness wpc manufacturers usa


high hardness wpc manufacturers usa

WO2009072097A1 - Google Jun 11, 2009 . A composition as claimed in any of claims 1 to 3 wherein 1he melting point of the blend of free fatty acids is less than the highest melting point of any one of .. Whey proteins can be further processed to remove residual lactose and lipid and then spray dried to form whey protein concentrate (WPC) or whey..

Patent EP2456322A2 - Amorphous protein extrudates - Google . May 30, A wood surface co-extrusion technology, wherein: in extruded WPC synchronous coextruded surface layer of hard PVC resin layer upcoming WPC and . in the wood materials, application of the technology after the surface strength and hardness of the wood products has been markedly strengthened

Patent WO2009136181A1 - Method of purification of glycerine . Nov 12, 2009 . An apparatus for substantially purifying glycerine, the apparatus comprising accelerated ultra-high G- force separation means located at the same level at least one ... The parameters may be selected from one or more of the following: temperature, pressure, pH, hardness, softness and concentration

Patent WO2003060174A1 - High chromium-nitrogen bearing . Jul 24, 2003 . U.S.A. have invented certain new and useful improvements in. fflGH CHROMIUM-NITROGEN BEARING CASTABLE ALLOY. of which the following is a specification. HIGH CHROMIUM-NITROGEN BEARING CASTABLE ALLOY. This application was originally deposited on August 6, 2001, in the United..

Patent WO2011080267A2 - Polypetides having detergency . - Google Jul 7, 2011 . However, at high concentrations of enzyme, the stain removing effect is not further increased by adding more of the enzyme, a plateau or a maximal .. Suitable media are available from commercial suppliers or may be prepared according to published compositions (e.g., in catalogues of the American..

Patent US8734873 - Food bar with reduced hardness - Google . May 27, 2014 . US 8734873 B2. Abstract. Methods are provided herein for producing a food bar with increased shelf life, by adding a softener, such as soluble fiber, ... Alternatively, the food bar can contain 30-40% protein, 0.1-15% softener and a carbohydrate-containing ingredient such as corn syrup, high fructose corn..

WO2015094342A1 - Google Jun 25, 2015 . However, to the inventors' knowledge, it has not been suggested to use D-allulose as a binder in the manufacture of protein food products such as high-protein dough bars. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION. The present invention pertains to a solid food product comprising a D-allulose syrup and a native..

Patent US5354573 - Fat soluble polymers and their use in foods . Oct 11, 1994 . A number of investigations revealed a correlation between high consumption of fats and increased rates of atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease and obesity. As a result, several organizations, including the American Heart Association, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Department of Health, have..

Patent WO2001037683A2 - Crosslinked protein and polysaccharide . May 31, 2001 . 3,323,922), dispersions of hydrophobic materials in aqueous solutions of water-soluble high polymers (U.S. Pat. . As raw material for the manufacture of edible coatings and films, whey proteins present an attractive and more economical alternative to the above proteins (notably, the cost of whey is half that..

Patent US7118774 - Cereal bars and methods of their manufacture . Oct 10, 2006 . Cereal bars and methods of their manufacture. US 7118774 B2. Abstract. A cereal bar and its method of production is provided, in which the cereal bar comprises a ... The fat content is generally less than about 2 percent for these products, other than WPC 34 or higher, which is about 3 to about 5 percent

Patent US20140109507 - Engineered Waterproof Flooring and Wall . Apr 24, 2014 . Original Assignee, Us Floors, Inc. .. (ii) at least about 20% of plastic selected from the group consisting of high-density polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. 22. . plank materials can comprise bamboo dust, wood dust or cork dust that is substantially a byproduct of other flooring manufacturing processes

Patent US20120189752 - Dairy product and process - Google Patents Jul 26, 2012 . Milkfat contains high levels of saturated fat. Therefore, butter, AMF, BO, clarified butter, beurre noir, beurre-noisette and ghee contribute significant amounts of saturated fat to the diet as well as being high in fat. The American Heart Association recommends choosing dishes prepared without ghee (see..

Patent US9073295 - Wood-plastic composites utilizing ionomer . Jul 7, 2015 . Wood-plastic composites utilizing ionomer capstocks and methods of manufacture. US 9073295 B2. Abstract. An extruded composite adapted for use as a building material includes a ... The ionomer/polymer capstock also reduces damage to the WPC 10 from water at extremely high and low temperatures

Patent WO2015053620A1 - Betahistine composition - Google Patents Apr 16, 2015 . The invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising betahistine or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, preferably in a high drug load, . Although direct compression is a commercially attractive manufacturing process for immediate release formulations, adequate integrity/hardness is..

Patent US20120114795 - Dairy product and process - Google Patents May 10, 2012 . The modified WPC is useful in the manufacture of food and drinks where a high protein content is desired without undesirable changes in texture. . US 2006/0204643 [Merrill et al] disclose a heat denaturation process for whey protein concentrates where: the initial slurry containing native whey protein is..

Porch flooring ideas materials, styles and decor of outdoor areas Jan 30, 2017 . Make sure to understand the maintenance requirements of the material that you would like and keep in mind that higher initial investment may be worthwhile if you invest in .. Many manufacturers offer a warranty period of about 10-20 years which means your composite porch flooring will last for decades

Patent WO2013156567A1 - Process for the preparation of cheese . Oct 24, 2013 . In particular, in respect of cheese manufacture it refers to 'The effect of C02 treatment of raw milk intended for manufacturing cheese has been investigated. . exhibited no change in volatile compound production, a reduction in clotting time, a higher cheese yield, and an increase in cheese hardness

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