low cost hollow pvc decking


low cost hollow pvc decking

Patent US2779303 - Ship hull bottom plating having integral bent . To facilitate the sub-assembly phase of construction by making reinforcement members integral parts of the structure, thereby saving time and costs during . at the shipyard to weld a similar member to the plating plus the time required originally at the mill to herein, are cheaper to manufacture, can be produced faster, are..

DIY Outdoor Storage Box / Bench - Sand and Sisal Aug 13, 2013 . Learn how to make an outdoor storage box / bench for your patio or deck with this step by step tutorial. . I shopped around trying to find an affordable and stylish storage box and was aghast at the prices! Ridiculous! It was time to make my own. . Finish the edge of the lid with PVC quarter round molding

Patent US3640040 - Cast-in-place structural truss slab and . - Google Feb 8, 1972 . A suitably supported plywood decking receives these pan-type forms in inverted relationship, and reinforcing rods, electrical conduit and plumbing provisions . The manufactured ceiling pan which is the heart of the system is preferably made from structural foam plastic which has properties of greater wall..

Patent US6189285 - Pultruded FRP structural assembly for water . Feb 20, 2001 . Improved water cooling towers are provided which include pultruded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) structural components and assemblies. To this end . In addition, the reduced web and flange thicknesses described previously lowers the cost of the channels by reducing material requirements

Patent WO2008066751A1 - Wood-plastic composites using recycled . Jun 5, 2008 . The recycled carpet waste may be used to decrease the amount of both base polymer and wood filler to achieve an equivalent product at lower cost. . or plastic composites (PCs), the new materials have been accepted into the building products markets in applications such as outdoor decking and railing,..

Patent EP2294156A1 - Methods for prevention and reduction of . Mar 16, 2011 . In the cooling tower, the water is sprayed onto wet decking (internal fill material designed to increase the surface area of the water), thus maximizing evaporation. Air is blown .. Furthermore, besides high cost and low efficiency, chemical anti- sealants generally pose safety and environmental concerns

Patent US8153910 - Junction and outlet boxes for in floor wiring . Apr 10, 2012 . However, increasing the floor slab depth to accommodate the system could increase cost and increase the height of floors above grade level. U.S. Pat. No. 3,264,791 . The hollow spaces created by the corrugated sheet metal decking are used as distribution cells for wire and cable. The decking also..

Patent US8429871 - Affordable, sustainable buildings comprised of . Apr 30, 2013 . An affordable, sustainable building, comprising substantially entirely mass-produced, prefabricated constituent parts manufactured off-site, the prefabricated constituent parts comprising a . 18B is another close-up side view showing a portion of an embodiment of a deck of the present invention; and. FIG

Patent US8720133 - Autoclaved aerated concrete structure . - Google May 13, 2014 . An unanticipated use may be for sound proofing by removing existing asphalt shingles, etc., and screwing AAC panels directly over wood decking into rafters. . The R screw has the advantage of allowing a one step process while flange bar has a lower manufacturing cost and can be cut at any length at a..

Patent US20130026762 - Horizontal-axis hydrokinetic water turbine . Jan 31, 2013 . The hydrokinetic water turbine system according to claim 11 , further comprising a low speed, high output, underwater electric generator directly driven by the rotor. 15. The hydrokinetic water turbine system according to claim 11 , wherein the blades are hollow and filled with a foam material to reduce..

How to get rid of roof rats & mice in your walls - get rid of rodents Roof rats nest in the skirts of old fronds, as well as in piles of debris and hollow trees. Take down all vines/shrubs . Keep pool water level at least 6 inches below the decking surface. If a rat falls in while getting a . These mechanical traps are spring loaded and are constructed of wood or plastic. They can be purchased at..

Patent US6081955 - Modular polymer matrix composite support . The at least one beam and load bearing deck are preferably formed of a polymer matrix composite material. Each of the . These components, including lightweight modular structural sections manufactured under controlled conditions, also allow for low cost assembly of the various applications described herein. Another..

Patent US9114860 - Kayak - Google Patents Aug 25, 2015 . The body includes a hull, an open cockpit, a ramp that is located aft of the open cockpit and slopes downwardly toward the stern, where a lower end of the ramp is . Any embodiment of the kayak that is constructed at least partly of blow-molded plastic may have an interior that is partly, or completely, hollow

Patent WO2005044536A2 - Apparatus and method for low-density . May 19, 2005 . An agent such as a blowing agent comprised of a chemical blowing agent or a physical blowing agent, for example a gas, is added to wood, plastic material. . Additional advantages are the low cost method of introducing the blowing agent, the decreased cost of materials needed for production, and the..

Patent US5669449 - Directional sprinklers - Google Patents Sep 23, 1997 . Water directing structures are disclosed in the form of deflectors having one or two separate water direc

Patent EP1086988A1 - Powder blends of chlorinated vinyl resin . Mar 28, 2001 . More specifically, compositions and processes for preparing extrudable free-flowing powder blends containing PVC and wood flour (WF) are also provided for . Mineral fillers are often used in PVC to lower cost and are distinguished from the cellulosic materials which are considered as a non-mineral filler

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