composite floors metal decking over


composite floors metal decking over

Patent WO2005021874A2 - Slab off grade building foundation . Mar 10, 2005 . After the foundation and cutoff wall have been constructed, the anchors inserted, and the soilcrete has hardened, in the preferred exemplary embodiment steel composite floor decking will be placed over the area where the concrete floor is to be constructed. The decking is slightly elevated over the..

Patent US6250036 - Sound control system for steel roof decks . Jun 26, 2001 . The resultant assembly is a strong, durable substrate for roofing applications. Composite roof deck assemblies are disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 4,601,151; U.S. Pat. No. 4,736,561; U.S. Pat. No. 4,707,961; U.S. Pat. No. 4,783,942 and U.S. Pat. No.: 5,584,153. Corrugated steel sections are positioned over..

Building a Family Friendly Wood Deck | Today's Homeowner Watch this video to find out how to build a pressure treated wood deck on your home which includes a built-in sandbox and child-friendly step railings. . Several of these are loose over here. . The brick steps come down pretty easily, but those concrete slabs are more stubborn because they're reinforced with wire. So we..

Patent US3812636 - Sheet metal decking unit and composite floor . Composite Characteristics Sheet metal decking units intended for use in composite floor construction achieve a positive mechanical combination with the .. to the composite floor 46 also generate shear stresses (not illustrated) which tend to move (slide) the concrete 45 longitudinally of and over the decking unit 44. In FIG..

Patent US8056291 - Concrete and light gauge cold formed steel . Nov 15, 2011 . Concrete is poured into the channel to form a reinforced header or beam, and concrete is a

Patent US4453364 - Corrugated steel decking section - Google . Jun 12, 1984 . In such composite floor buildings, both the concrete and steel contribute to the ultimate load carrying capability of the building floor. In order to combine the steel . In the second phase of the lifetime of the steel decking, wet concrete is poured over the entire surface of each floor. The wet concrete makes no..

Patent US4726159 - Composite metal/concrete floor and method . The present invention relates to an improved electrified composite metal/concrete floor. Such floors are well known and comprise a corrugated metal decking over which concrete is poured. Such floors are often electrified in that electrical power and telephone and other communication services are distributed in the cells..

Patent US7143555 - Hybrid precast concrete and metal deck floor . Dec 5, 2006 . a metal deck panel positioned over the at least one void area and attached to least two of the longitudinal and transverse ribs to provide lateral support between the at least two of the longitudinal and transverse ribs; and. wherein the least two of the longitudinal and transverse ribs to which the metal deck..

Patent US4653237 - Composite steel and concrete truss floor . Mar 31, 1987 . (e) said closure members being disposed under said ridge portions of said decking so that concrete beneath said ridge portions is disposed over substantially the entire width of said bottom flange. 2. In a composite steel truss and concrete floor construction having spaced-apart secondary steel open web..

Patent US5259157 - Acoustical deck panel assembly - Google Patents Nov 9, 1993 . Conventional acoustical roof decking consists of a metal panel which forms a balanced section over the ceiling supports. By balanced . In a further embodiment of my invention, the panels may include insulation cover plates which allow the roof panels to be utilized for a composite floor deck. Concrete may..

Patent US7562500 - Composite steel joist/composite beam floor . Jul 21, 2009 . Unlike composite open-web-steel joists supporting simple-span metal decks, the new shear-connection-ready joist incorporates a flat-topped chord to allow . (d) concrete topping placed over the metal decking and extending into the space between the first and second flanges of the base track, with the..

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