exterior wood cladding materials


exterior wood cladding materials

Carvalho Ara煤jo builds wood and concrete Ger锚s House in Portugal Jan 13, 2016 . The large living room extends through to a terrace where a hot tub shelters under the overhang of the timber-clad upper storey. Below the terrace, a gravel trail leads down to an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by wooden decking. Casa Ger锚s in Portugal by Carvalho Ara煤jo. The building's timber and..

Adding Colors and Textures with Materials | SketchUp Knowledge . Tip: SketchUp includes several collections of materials: carpet, tile, groundcover, glass, wood, and more. However, if the specific material you ... Edit Texture Image in External Editor button: When you click this button, SketchUp opens the texture image file in your default image editor. Note: Your image editor is defined in..

12 Metal-Clad Contemporary Homes - Design Milk Nov 13, 2013 . The horizontal striations echo the underside of the wood-lined roof. exterior-cladding-m+a-architecture-studio. Houston-based firm M+A Architecture Studio uses bold colors and alternative materials in designing this affordable home for a young couple with three children. Located on family farmland, the..

Material Inspiration: 10 Projects Inspired by Wood | ArchDaily Dec 11, 2013 . To celebrate the launch of ArchDaily Materials, our new product catalog, we've rounded up 10 awesome projects from ar..

Triangular void joins a timber extension to a Melbourne home Mar 28, 2015 . Fenwick Street House by Julie Firkin. The use of natural materials begins with the wooden cladding for exterior, where unpainted Australian silvertop ash applied in vertical strips distinguishes the new structure from the old building. Fenwick Street House by Julie Firkin. "The cladding is sympathetic with the..

A Better Wood | Building Design + Construction May 11, 2016 . Despite other stronger, more durable and more formable materials developed over the years, wood has remained a visible part of buildings for its decorative value, and the ease with which it could be made into cladding. The oft-mentioned 'warmth' of wood is, therefore, both visual and psychological,..

11 Popular Materials for Fireplace Surrounds - Houzz Nov 12, 2012 . An entire fireplace wall clad in steel has a commanding presence. . Aim for this sturdy so

5 Ways To Select The Right External Cladding For Your Home Dec 20, 2017 . If you haven't already got cladding then you need to look at getting it fitted. However, the first thing you will need to consider is what external cladding material is right for you and your property. You can choose from an array of different cladding types. These include vinyl cladding, wood and even a range of..

Seaside House / Ultra Architects | ArchDaily Dec 3, 2013 . Another important material we used in this design is wood. Exterior cladding of elevations is made of screw-in vertical boards (in analogy to the formwork for monolithic structure). In effect we achieved a characteristic reversal warm wood on the outside and rough concrete with imprints of a formwork inside..

Denizen Works adds burnt wood cladding to house in London Jul 26, 2016 . Charred larch slats cover the exterior of this Modernist house in north London, intended by Denizen Works to reference the nearby Highgate Cemetery. . The team chose to re-clad the building in blackened wood as a reference to Highgate Cemetery, which it backs onto. Bakery Place by Jo Cowen

Steam-bent timber covers Tom and Danielle Raffield's Cornwall house Oct 17, 2016 . Curving wood-covered walls define rooms within a lounge, study and open-plan kitchen-diner at ground level and two bedrooms above. Steambent house by Tom Raffield. Steam-bent oak and ash cladding surrounds a generous balcony on the upper floor, while the building is linked to the existing toilet..

Woodcube / architekturagentur | ArchDaily Aug 29, 2013 . It was possible to manufacture the entire exterior wall system without adding glue into the materials.The Woodcube achieves a the energy standard of a passive house.For the first time it was achieved to build a category 4 building (Germany) in wood without adding an additional fire protection layer of a..

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