install deck on flat roof parapet


install deck on flat roof parapet

Patent US20020178671 - Edge closure with cant for roof systems . Dec 5, 2002 . an intermediate portion including a flat plate extending vertically between said anchoring flange and said upper flange; . An edge closure for installation to a roof structure of a building, wherein the roof structure includes a slab, a parapet or vertical wall extending upwardly and generally perpendicular to..

Patent US9422725 - Vent assisted single ply roof system - Google . Aug 23, 2016 . A ballast free method for improving single ply roof performance in wind conditions on a roof having a substantially flat deck with turbulent wind vortex . at least one turbine roof vent installed in the field-of roof area only, said turbine roof vent capable of equalizing pressure beneath the single-ply membrane

Arterra LLP: Adding a Roof Garden to Your Home | Green . Oct 21, 2011 . Landscape architects Arterra LLP on the right way to design and build a roof garden. . weight is supported, how water flows down and out, and of course plants grow upwards so they'll look different growing on a wall than on a flat surface. .. The roof deck must be sloped to drain underneath the soil layer

Smart Flat Roofs: The Craft of Parapet Detailing | BUILD Blog Dec 9, 2010 . [Photo by BUILD LLC] . Instead the air is vented through the roof to the parapet walls he parapet then incorporates a continuous strip vent beneath the cap flashing. . The Davidson Residence (above) uses a built-up lat roof deck at the center portion of the house (the portion with the guardrails). Simply..

Three Structures, Four Roof Types | BUILD Blog Jan 31, 2017 . [Images by BUILD LLC]. There are a . These three structures include four different roof assemblies, and while all of them are designed to appear as flat roofs, none of them are truly flat. . The garage volume is kept simple but elegant, using rainscreen panels which extend up to become the roof parapet

Patent US8407958 - Wind and water resistant back wrap roof edge . Apr 2, 2013 . Roof insulation panel layer 22 is installed or fastened to the roof deck panels 16 by fasteners 18. In FIG. 4 wall 12 is a parapet wall 72 that extends in elevation above where the roof deck meets the parapet wall 72. A new membrane referred to as a re-roof field membrane 74 is applied over the original roof's..

Patent US20050086873 - Slopped roof flashing system and method . Apr 28, 2005 . A flanged counter flashing unit, flashing system and method is described for weather proofing the juncture of a brick wall overlying a vertical parapet wall . has been installed said low side of said J-Channel flashing and vertical leaf section of said L-shaped roof flashing are securely fitted inside said slit. 2

MATERIALS USED FOR DAMP PROOFING - Construction Updates Jun 6, 2012 . b) Lay bitumen felt in a single layer over the hot bonding material laid in (a), the end and side laps for the felt being not less than100 and 75 mm . If the flat roof has the parapet and there are crack in it or its plaster is very porous or defective, rain water may find and easy access to the wall below and make..

Patent US2360031 - Roof flashing - Google Patents Mso the counterflashing assembly may be installed with a minimum of tools and without any special tools being required. . Figure 1 is a cross-sectional elevation of the joint between a roof deck and the parapet of a wall, shown with flexible roofing material upturned against the parapet as a flashing; the reglet being shown..

Patent US6006482 - Air sealed roof assembly having secondary air . Dec 28, 1999 . For example, a roof deck will expand and contract mostly in the horizontal direction while a building wall and parapet will expand and contract mostly vertically. This discordant movement creates substantial stress on the air sealing compositions and structures (such as nailers) in the precise locations most..

The Conundrum of Gables | BUILD Blog Feb 14, 2011 . Use a flat roof or shed roof his provides formal head-height inside and allows the new floor area to use the full footprint of the existing home. In the example below, the new second floor supports 3 full bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 5. Go modern emodeling a home to this degree takes on a different..

The BH2 Programme / Philippe Gazeau | ArchDaily May 25, 2012 . As former military wasteland occupied by large workshops, the current land is flat overall and th

Modern Residential Framing | Life of an Architect Sep 4, 2014 . The contractor told me that it was installed on the beam to protect it during transport and the just decided to leave it on. . I asked the contractor about why there were so many framers working on this one area and it's because they were there to install the decking on the floor . We now have the roof framed

Patent US20090056262 - System and method for waterproofing . Mar 5, 2009 . Disclosed is a system for waterproofing interior surfaces of parapet walls disposed on a roof, wherein the parapet walls include an interior surface counter flashing and a surface cap. The system includes at least one waterproofing membrane configured to allow moisture to escape from a space between the..

Common Issues in Rowhouse Flat Roofs | Capital Community News Jul 19, 2017 . There are several different types of flat roof systems, but across the board, a handful of issues make up the most common problems found on flat roofs. Often the shared ownership of demising parapet walls between neighbors creates a challenge in the coordination required to properly build a new roof..

Patent US6237293 - Alternative blocking for roof systems - Google . May 29, 2001 . A blocking assembly adapted for the installation of roofing components, materials, insulation materials and equipment on the roof structure of a building said assembly comprising: . an intermediate portion including a flat plate extending vertically between said anchoring flange and said upper flange;

Patent US3731439 - Water dam flashing for roof wall - Google Patents A reglet is constructed to be supported on the inner face of a parapet, firewall or the like which extends above the roof deck of a building. The reglet is an extrusion or a formed strip having supporting means by which it is sealed to the face of the parapet or wall. The reglet is positioned a predetermined distance from the roof..

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