spiral stair exterior composite treads


spiral stair exterior composite treads

Patent US3686806 - Spiral staircase with access way - Google Patents Aug 29, 1972 . In order that the entrance to and exit from the spiral staircase be disposed in convenient locations, at least one of the extremities of the staircase constitutes a series of steps that extend rectilinearly in progression from the spiral, outside of the circular area thereof as viewed in plan and constitutes an access..

Patent US20120279441 - System for continuous feeding of filler . Nov 8, 2012 . The auger can have the general shape of a screw with threads, as shown in FIG. 1 , or can be shaped in a spiral configuration similar to a spring. When disposed within the tool throat, there may be clearance between the auger and the inside surface of the tool throat to allow for the passage of feed material..

Patent US20100107523 - Bent pole composite stairs - Google Patents May 6, 2010 . There is preferably a first bend defined on the stringer between the first straight stair section and the spiral stair section, and a second bend defined on the stringer between the spiral stair section and the second straight stair section. There are also a plurality of first straight stair treads cantilevered from the..

Patent US8141664 - Hybrid drill bit with high bearing pin angles . Mar 27, 2012 . In some instances, a hard facing material is applied to the exterior of the cutting elements and/or other portions of the roller cone drill bit, to reduce the .. to a drill string of tubular material (not shown) with threads according to standards promulgated for example by the American Petroleum Institute (API)

Patent US6006671 - Hybrid shock tube/LEDC system for initiating . Dec 28, 1999 . There are other patents addressing the same issue of placing the detonating cord outside the primer in a protective casing, tubes, or carriers and providing .. 21 is a perspective view of an assembly of the invention in which a length of LEDC is wound around the spiral thinned-wall region of the shock tube..

Patent US20110271613 - Stair tower module - Google Patents Nov 10, 2011 . A modular, prefabricated stair tower comprising a plurality of stairs, landings, handrails and hangers pre-assembled into a module configured such . Each stair tread being oriented relative to the stringer and to every other tread to comprise steps;. d. .. 26 to show more detail of the spiral stair configuration

Patent WO2000050098A1 - Layer materials treated with surfactant . Aug 31, 2000 . Conventional surface treatments involve steps such as dipping the substrate in a treatment bath, coating or spraying the substrate with the treatment composition, .. The term "nonwoven fabric or web" means a web having a structure of individual fibers or threads which are interlaid, but not in a regular or..

Patent US6348056 - Medical retrieval device with releasable . Feb 19, 2002 . A method for retrieving biological materials in a body, comprising the steps of: inserting a .. 8a is a plan view of an embodiment of a retrieval assembly or basket according to the invention having a distal basket portion with spiral legs with the sheath retracted from the distal portion of the basket. FIG

Patent US7828703 - Portable exercise device - Google Patents Nov 9, 2010 . In yet another preferred embodiment, the handle comprises a hollow or solid core shaft (of metal, plastic, composite, graphite or other suitable material), and is preferably covered on its exterior surface with a hand grip material. Preferably, the hand grip material is of the tacky rubber variety, but leather or..

Patent US9168133 - Prosthetic heart valve and method - Google . Oct 27, 2015 . The prosthetic heart valve of claim 1 , further comprising an annular cuff mounted on the outside of the support frame, the cuff extending from the inflow end of ... puncture) at the natural aortic valve position at the entrance to the left ventricle of a myocardium of a patient, the method comprising the steps of:

Patent US8320659 - Method for customs inspection of baggage and . Nov 27, 2012 . The local operator at the airport terminal usually steps through two-dimensional (2-D) slices (e.g., planes) of the 3-D matrix to detect and identify potential threats ... Surface Rendering (SR) 303 is a visualization that is utilized to unpack a bag to show the exterior surface of objects within the packed bag

Patent US7845688 - Multiple material piping component - Google . Dec 7, 2010 . The piping component is comprised in part of a metal housing that is positionable with a metal pipe. The metal housing forms an opening in which a piping component body is inserted. The body of the piping component can be fastened to the metal housing using an epoxy adhesive, a set screw connection,..

Patent US7592766 - Gearless wheel motor drive system - Google . Sep 22, 2009 . Core 41 is preferably radially laminated, that is, formed from many layers of spiral wound iron strip 83. .. Soft magnetic composite type steel such as Somaloy 500 0.6% LB1 steel sold by Hoganas AB of Sweden, is a non-limiting example of the class of materials useful for wedges 63, but other materials..

Patent US5852402 - Intrusion detection system - Google Patents Dec 22, 1998 . The apparatus according to claim 12, wherein the elongated member has a polygonal outer configuration, and has threads along an inner wall to . Spiral shaped steel rods are sometimes placed vertically between the taut wires as to prevent the wires from bowing or sinking down, these elements are..

Patent US20060124292 - Internal shock absorber plunger - Google . Jun 15, 2006 . D. Brush plunger mandrel 70 incorporates a spiral-wound, flexible nylon brush 71 surface to create a seal and allow the plunger to travel despite the . If retrieval is required, a spring loaded ball within a retriever and protruding outside its surface would thus fall within the API internal fishing neck at the top..

Patent US6251452 - Apparatus and methods for making multiple . A method for preparing a food product having at least two colors exhibiting improved detail resolution; comprising the steps of: A. providing a .. The composite strand of compressed filaments is then cut into wafers and which are subsequently heat puffed. .. Upper portion 84 in the most preferred form includes threads 82

Patent US7523783 - Internal shock absorber plunger - Google Patents Apr 28, 2009 . D. Plunger mandrel 70 incorporates a spiral-wound, flexible nylon brush 71 surface to create a seal and allow the plunger to travel despite the presence of . a spring loaded ball within a retriever and protruding outside its surface would thus fall within the API internal fishing neck at the top of the plunger,..

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