front flooring of houses


front flooring of houses

The Hidden Beauty in a 1920s Mediterranean . - This Old House While the house had escaped various remodeling crazes unscathed, the wiring was scary, the baths lacked hot water, and the front door no longer had a knob. Filthy carpets covered the heart-pine flooring upstairs, and the oak floorboards downstairs couldn't be saved. Miscellaneous car parts and lawn equipment ormer..

V1 House / TNT architects | ArchDaily Aug 31, 2017 . The small gardens combined with the light well to get the light from the top, connecting the floor vertically, reducing the limitations of the floor

House in Front of a Stream / 05 AM Arquitectura | ArchDaily May 5, 2015 . The whole house is in developed in the ground floor level, and is defined by two volumes that are adapted to the irregular shape of the plot, one of them is parallel to neighbour limit, and the other one is perpendicular to the street, being a little turned respect the other one, defining between them a protected..

Gorgeous Single Floor House With Concrete Finishes by Modo . Jun 10, 2013 . The Shah House, despite it's igid look (the main material used in defining it is concrete) complements the topography of the land. Spreading on 5,850 square feet, the residence features one single floor and a couple of cut outs that allow the sun to shine unobstructed. Surrounded by trees and a lush..

Second Floor Laundry Rooms: Pros, Cons, & Tips for Preventing . Apr 17, 2013 . A washing machine that overflows or washer hose that bursts can cause much more damage to the house when the washer is on the second floor. Fortunately, if you follow a few simple tips (see below) it will significantly minimize the likelihood that this will be an issue. If you have a front loading washing..

The Front Door of your House is Important | Life of an Architect Jan 25, 2016 . The plan above shows the floor plan of the front door of a house I currently have under construction. The architectural style would be described as transitional (something between modern and traditional) and we have a really clean palette of materials. I have shown the path of the door swing in blue so that..

Beach House Progress: Walls Up, Walls Down, & New Floor Plans . Feb 15, 2017 . Beach House Progress: Walls Up, Walls Down, & New Floor Plans | Young House Love. . the bright side, removing the walls also led to a couple of cool discoveries like this brick chimney stack that was lurking behind a faux-mantle in the living room, which went all the way up through the front bedroom

Are landlords required to install new flooring for disabled tenants . Jan 7, 2017 . Question: I am a property manager at a low-income apartment complex. Last year, a tenant in a wheelchair told me that she needs the carpeting in the unit changed because her wheelchair gets caught in the fibers, making it difficult for her to move forward. We understand that we have responsibilities to..

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