remove plasticizer migration from wood table


remove plasticizer migration from wood table

WO2015048343A1 - Google Apr 2, 2015 . The composition may optionally include an aromatic reinforcing resin having a softening point equal to or higher than 115 C, and a plasticizer. . low viscosity, superior adhesion, increased creep resistance, and no oil migration in hot melt bottle labeling adhesives, without compromising other properties

Patent WO2013113931A1 - Polymer, process and composition . Aug 8, 2013 . An advantage of lower boiling point solvents is that they can be more easily removed in order to make a low VOC aqueous composition. .. wood and wood composites including plastic wood and cement wood composite materials, clear and pigmented primers and top coats for wood furniture and flooring,..

Patent US8507596 - Bio-based plasticizer - Google Patents Aug 13, 2013 . Epoxidized vegetable oils, such as epoxidized soybean oil (ESBO), are used as secondary plasticizers for PVC. ESBO can only be added to the PVC formulations in small amounts as its high molecular weight leads to incompatibility with PVC and unacceptably high migration of the plasticizer out of the..

Patent WO2012146023A1 - Moisture curable compositions and low . Nov 1, 2012 . The polyurethane A may be mixed with trimethylsily terminated polysiloxane serving as plasticizer and for setting the rheology of the composition. . The migration of polysiloxane to the coating surface forms a defined surface structure which is important for forming a surface with low surface energy that is..

Patent US20130145966 - Water-soluble organosiliconate powder . Jun 13, 2013 . The powders may be prepared on an industrial scale by hydrolysis of a silane with a basic salt solution, adding an inert organic solvent, and removing . With these known products, a problem which occurs is that the high hydrophobicity of the powders and premature migration of the hydrophobizing agent..

Patent US3351495 - Battery separator - Google Patents When a plasticizer is used which is not removed from the composition during the extraction step but forms part of the battery separator, it imparts flexibility, high .. The minute pore size of the separators of the instant invention is in distinct contrast (see Table II) to that of TABLE I.MEROURY INTRUSION OF BATTERY..

Patent US3494878 - Stain resistant water-based coating . - Google Without the ion exchange resins of anionic character in the coating composition, the discoloration caused by the staining components of the wood is evident in .. However, ancillary plasticizer can be included in the composition in a minor proportion up to 10% by weight of the polymer binder, preferably no more than 5%

Patent US6991851 - Dry-peelable temporary protective coatings . Jan 31, 2006 . No. 5,494,702 describes solvent-free aqueous based compositions for protecting surfaces from paint in painting operations. The compositions comprise polyvinyl alcohol, a plasticizer, and a surfactant in water. After the painting operation, the protective composition is removed by washing with a pressurized..

Patent US20140141233 - Surface Infusion of Flexible Cellular . May 22, 2014 . This compositions may be used in mattresses, mattress topper pads, pillows, bedding products, furniture upholstery, pet beds, medical cushioning . one highly thermally-conductive material, and at least one performance-enhancing additive selected from the group consisting of plasticizers, solid fillers,..

Patent WO2014113425A1 - Ec primer coating for paper and . Jul 24, 2014 . Compositions suitable for low odor and low migration indirect contact food, tobacco, or pharmaceutical product packaging are also disclosed. . too viscous to formulate into gravure applied coatings Dilution of acrylate functionality with water, solvent, or plasticizer to achieve an acceptable viscosity can lead..

Patent EP1268217A2 - Control of volatile carbonyl compound in . Jan 2, 2003 . Numerous attempts have been made to improve methods for removing or trapping carbonyl compounds. . 4,892,719, utilizes a coating of a polymeric hydrazine or polymeric amine (polyethylenimine, polyallylamine, polyvinylamine) with a plasticizer on a fiberglass or paper air filter to trap sulfur oxides,..

Patent EP1674522A1 - Enhanced lubrication in polyolefin closure . Jun 28, 2006 . Lubricants have, for some time, been incorporated into all closure structures to ensure removal with a torque that is acceptable for most users. . We have also found that the polar nature of the cyclodextrin functionalized polymer and polar lubricant migrate to the surface of the closure or cap. [0012]

Patent US8969464 - Synthetic construction aggregate and method . Mar 3, 2015 . Synthetic aggregates and methods of producing the same are disclosed herein. The aggregates advantageously utilize styrene polymer particles coated with additional materials such as fly ash, silica fume, and/or iquid glass in order to provide an improved means for manufacturing lightweight concrete..

Patent EP0529855B1 - Gum base containing tocopherol - Google . The preferred amount may also vary depending on the specific composition of the chewing gum in which the gum base is used, because some of the antioxidant can migrate into the other chewing gum components. The following Table 1 describes both the preferred composition of the tocopherol mixture useful in the..

Patent WO2013165637A1 - Curable encapsulants and use thereof . Nov 7, 2013 . Upon removal of one of the liners, the exposed encapsulant film is attached to either the cover or the substrate of the device. ... dimerized rosin, and polymerized rosin; (2) glycerol and pentaerythritol esters of natural or modified rosins, such, for example as the glycerol ester of pale, wood rosin, the glycerol..

US8003725 - Google Aug 23, 2011 . Indeed, such compounds are often detrimental to semicrystalline polypropylene, in that they migrate to the surface causing parts to become oily (except at . In particular, Tables 8, 11, and 21a to 22f des

Patent EP2496643A2 - Methods for improving physical properties of . Sep 12, 2012 . Generally, plasticizers increase the flexibility and workability, brought about by a decrease in the glass-transition temperature, Tg, of the polymer. ... it was submerged into a cold water bath. Once the polymer had cooled, the excess water was removed and the strand was cut to form pellets. Table 1

Patent EP2160442A1 - Primer for composite building materials . Mar 10, 2010 . [0025] Referring back to TABLE 1, the table shows that 70% of a conventional primer (C- 3) had peeled off with removal of tape (wet adhesion . a mesh or continuous fibers, inorganic bonded wood and fiber composite materials, geopolymer bonded wood and fiber boards, concrete roofing tile material, and..

Patent US20150037579 - Hot melt adhesive composition for . Feb 5, 2015 . The solid plasticizers are said to improve hot tack, and the adhesives should be applicable for applications such as disposable non-woven hygiene articles, paper converting, flexible packaging, wood working, carton and case sealing and labeling. The hot melt adhesives of US 2012/0259050 A1 typically..

Patent EP2762515A1 - Reactive alkyd surfactant and stable . Aug 6, 2014 . Coating applications of polyesters include industrial wood coatings, can and coil coatings, industrial enamels, domestic appliance coatings, and stoving . The need for a surfactant for the emulsification of alkyd resins that forms stable alkyd emulsions, and that does not migrate, leach out of, or bloom to the..

Patent US6060539 - Room-temperature stable, one-component . May 9, 2000 . In particular, epoxy compounds demonstrate the ability to strongly adhere to a variety of materials, including metal, glass, plastic, wood, and fiber, and ... desirable, since the increased chain entanglement between plasticizer and the epoxy/curative structure serves to decrease migration of the plasticizer

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