anti slip floor treatment manufacturers


anti slip floor treatment manufacturers

Patent WO Anti-slip vinyl flooring and method for manufacturing same .. [0003] The non-slip surface treatment layer generally vinyl flooring material by imparting embossing or dispersing the inorganic particles are formed, and, in this case, for the coefficient of friction of traditional flooring materials or surface..

How to Paint an Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating (Quikrete Example . Jan 13, 2017 . We applied an epoxy garage floor coating to cover the ugly oil stains and give the shop a nice, polished look. I'm amazed at ... For heavy traffic situations like commercial or industrial uses they recommend either double-stick tape or a pressure sensitive adhesive [both options from the manufacturer]. I don't..

ADA: Cost-Effective Bathroom Flooring that is Slip-Resistant and Is . Jun 9, 2013 . When I contacted the manufacturer regarding a slip-resistant bathroom floor they recommended a slip resistant sheet vinyl from ALTRO over the SmartCells cushioning system and have it go wall to wall and provide a finished floor appearance with a subfloor ramp at the door. This would cost in the range of..

Floor covering, floor element and method for manufacturing floor . Preferably, the method is used for manufacturing floor panels of the type of which said coupling parts formed by means of the machining treatment allow that two of such floor elements can be interconnected at the respective sides by pushing one of these floor elements, by means of a downward movement, home into the..

Patent US4693507 - Truck cargo bed liner with anti-slip surface . Sep 15, 1987 . a. a liner bottom wall adapted to fit on the truck cargo bed floor;. b. two liner wheel . The cargo bed surfaces of pickup trucks are generally finished with paint by the manufacturer. . It is an object of the present invention to provide a plastic truck cargo liner having an integral, durable anti-slip interior surface

Patent US5786077 - Anti-slip composition for paper - Google Patents Jul 28, 1998 . An aqueous anti-slip coating composition for paper includes 10-50% by weight insoluble silicate particles of 180-300 millimicron average particle size, and . The basic or ultimate particles in such products are formed to an exact size during the initial chemical manufacturing process by, for example,..

Safe Bathroom Tiles || Another Look at Bathroom Flooring Apr 8, 2014 . Fortunately, most tile companies have developed anti-slip ceramic tiles. Such tiles generally have a honed marble or stone matt finish, which is less slippery in comparison to glazed tiles. Porcelain also undergoes etching treatment to mimic the rough look and texture of natural stone such as travertine

Patent US5431960 - Anti-slip floor coating composition - Google . Jul 11, 1995 . A water-based acrylic-type floor coating composition is applied to a floor surface for providing slip resistance. The transparent floor coating when applied includes a base layer with particles distributed and anchored uniformly throughout the base layer. The particles have a relatively large size and range in..

Patent US20120196087 - Engineered stone and methods of . Aug 2, 2012 . In some embodiments, a method of manufacturing an engineered stone comprises: applying a sealant mixture, which comprises a sealant material and a . phosphorescent agent(s), anti-slip agent(s) in case of an engineered stone adapted to be used as a floor or other application needing an increased..

Patent US5618860 - Epoxy polysiloxane coating and flooring . Apr 8, 1997 . A growing emphasis on compliance with government environmental and health hazard regulations has prompted coating and flooring material manufacturers and end users to evaluate new coating technologies. The Clean Air Act sets limits on both the type and amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC)..

Product roundup: 12 flooring tech products | Building Design + . Nov 10, 2017 . Carpet tile line is created through patent-pending manufacturing technology that exposes the primary backing as part of the product design, providing variation in fiber-pile heights . Glazed porcelain floor tile emulates the look of contemporary stone and features an anti-slip surface for outdoor applications

Patent US6041533 - Advertising step systems - Google Patents Mar 28, 2000 . The advertising system of claim 5 wherein said protective layer is a coating of a polymer selected from the group consisting of fluoropolymers, acrylate . Floor graphic

Patent WO2014014833A1 - Polyethylene compounds having non . Jan 23, 2014 . The improved slip properties are evidenced by essentially no migration of the slip additive 12 weeks after manufacturing and a dynamic coefficient of friction . for applications that require consistent slip properties over the useful life of the article, such as for release films and permanent anti-slip coatings

Safe Grip Ultimate anti-slip stair nosing by Global Safe Technologies . Safe Grip Ultimate is an anti-slip surface treatment suitable for: Domestic and recreational areas Schools, parks and public areas Hospitality Buildin. . Safe Technologies Australia. Global Safe Technologies provides sustainable, tailored anti-slip and non-slip floor finishes and tactile ground surface indicators. Learn more..

New surface treatment stops scale buildup | MIT News Jan 21, 2014 . MIT researchers develop a slippery coating that could prevent the scaling that fouls oil wells and power plants

Patent US20110129612 - Moving walkways or escalators having . Jun 2, 2011 . Escalator with a step band with several steps (4), or moving walk with a pallet band with pallets (4), wherein the steps (4) or pallets (4) are made of metal as brass, copper, NIROSTA, steel, magnesium, aluminum, and provided with an antislip coating. The antislip coating comprises a carbide hard substance..

How To Paint Concrete UPDATED!! (Plus My Secret Cleaning Tip . Jun 24, 2013 . Home Depot convinced us to use non skid floor finish additive, which unknowingly to us gave the floor an unfinished floor texture. I wanted to ... I also used a wet look sealer (different brand) but was told by the manufacturer after that I should not have used the wet look sealer over latex paint on concrete

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