structural foam and plastic composite


structural foam and plastic composite

Patent US6153293 - Extruded wood polymer composite and method . Nov 28, 2000 . An extruded composite structural artificial lumber product is manufactured from wood fiber and polyethylene, including recycled polyethylene, by reducing .

Patent US5834082 - Reinforced foam cores and method and . Nov 10, 1998 . Plastic foam core sandwich panels often involve serious compromises in their design and cost due to inherent structural limitations of the rigid foam . The present invention is directed to an improved reinforced composite foam core panel and to methods and apparatus for producing the same, and as one..

Patent US20050277494 - Lacrosse stick having a composite shaft . Dec 15, 2005 . The invention comprises, in one form thereof, a shaft for a lacrosse stick, including a structural foam core, at least one fabric sleeve surrounding the . Further, a temporary release peel ply material and a temporary plastic mesh may be applied over the fabric sleeves when the epoxy is applied to the shaft

Researchers map rough road to reducing vehicle weight Dec 27, 2016 . Composites specialist Continental Structural Plastics molds a variety of structural parts and exterior parts, including body panels on the 2016 Chevrolet Corvette. Photo credit: GM. Send us a Letter. Have an opinion about this story? Click here to submit a Letter to the Editor, and we may publish it in print

Patent US8465832 - Composite laminated article and manufacture . Jun 18, 2013 . Foam cores are used extensively in the manufacture of fibre reinforced plastic parts to increase the rigidity of the finished article by separating two fibre-reinforced layers, acting as structural skins, with a low-density core material, acting as a structural core. The fibre-reinforced layers are bonded to the..

Patent WO2002088233A1 - Low-density cellular wood plastic . Nov 7, 2002 . The wood plastic composite produced by this process may be in the form of homogeneous foam or a form in which a dense skin is formed around a . such as deck boards are either of relatively high density (0.8 -0.9 g/cm2) or have a dense unfoamed, structural layer co-extruded on the outside of the foam

Composites for Automotive, Truck and Mass Transit: Materials . . FOR AUTOMOTIVE AND TRANSPORTATION APPLICATIONS 5.1 Discontinuous Forms 5.2 Glass Mat Thermoplastic Composites (GMT) 5.3 Long Fiber Thermoplastics (LFT) 5.4 Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) 5.5 Compression Molding 5.6 Programmable Powdered Preform Process (P4) 5.7 Structural Foam Molding..

Patent US3435470 - Foam-filled boat hull - Google Patents 658,937 Int. Cl. B63b 3/06, 5/24; B32b 5/20 U.S. Cl. 9-6 2 Claims ABSTRACT F THE DISCLOSURE A boat hull comprises an outer shell of structural material, a web of reversely contoured reinforcing material seated inside the outer shell to provide a plurality of closed and open cavities, and a quantity of foamed plastic filling..

Patent EP1551910A2 - Composite foam made from polymer . Jul 13, 2005 . Technical Information, 2002; Marsh J. Fire-Safe Composites for Mass Transit Vehicles. Reinforced Plastics, 4尾(9):26-30, 2002) . Currently, most high-performance structural foams are fabricated by expanding (blowing) liquid polymers to form rigid, low-density foams. Some of the leading thermoplastic foams..

A New Type of Porous Graphite Foams and Their Integrated . Feb 18, 2014 . A New Type of Porous Graphite Foams and Their Integrated Composites with Oxide/Polymer Core/Shell Nanowires for Supercapacitors: Structural Design, Fabrication, and .. SnO2@PANI Core hell Nanorod Arrays on 3D Graphite Foam: A High-Performance Integrated Electrode for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Patent US6630249 - Composite steel structural plastic sandwich . Oct 7, 2003 . A composite structural laminate plate suitable for building maritime vessels or for building civil structures such as double hull oil tankers, bulk carriers, barges . The laminate has two facing metal layers that are structurally bonded to a polyurethane elastomer core which may have steel or rigid foam void..

Patent US5626339 - Structural foam basketball backboard with . May 6, 1997 . The present invention relates to a basketball backboard and, more particularly, to a basketball backboard formed of a structural foam plastic material and having a graphics sheet molded into the face of the backboard. Basketball backboards are currently made of a variety of materials and are commonly..

Foamcore blow-molded structural components for transportation . Apr 8, 2016 . Emphasis on weight reduction throughout the transportation industry has spurred efforts to remove as much mass as possible from vehicles to improve performance. Since the 1960s, plastics have largely replaced steel in structural elements of vehicles such as body panels, grills, and bumpers

Patent US20130000826 - Lightweight, multi-layered structural . Jan 3, 2013 . Lightweight, multi-layered structural composites using recycled landfill-bound scrap ... Waste rigid polyurethane foam laminated to plastic film obtained from an automotive headliner manufacturing process is shredded into a fluff and an isocyanate adhesive composition (14.3% by weight) is added to said..

Patent US20120103714 - Battery pack housing assembly for electric . May 3, 2012 . For this purpose, the present invention provides battery pack housing assembly for an electric vehicle using a plastic composite material, the battery pack . plate and a lower plate, each composed of a fiber reinforced plastic composite material, to absorb impact energy, thus increasing structural stiffness

Patent US5773121 - Syntactic foam core incorporating honeycomb . Jun 30, 1998 . A syntactic structural foam product in flat sheet form or curved three-dimensional form adaptable to such uses as a light weight structural core for composite laminates, is made of a mixture of hollow ceramic microspheres and dry resin powder, of either thermosetting or a high-temperature thermoplastic resin..

Patent US8540921 - Method of forming a reinforced foam-filled . Sep 24, 2013 . The composite material, the foam in the form of the stringer, and the plurality of structural members are cured to form the composite stringer. . without limitation, Last-A-Foam containing polyisocyanurate, which is available from General Plastics; Aircell containing aromatic polyester, which is available from..

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