lightweight structural plank material pvc


lightweight structural plank material pvc

Patent US20100132296 - Siding containing composite building . Jun 3, 2010 . Composite materials also have the ability to provide a wood-like appearance and texture. Composite materials are materials that have reinforcing material, typically fibers, embedded in a matrix material, typically a polymeric material. Polymeric materials known in the art include high or low-density olefin..

How to Remove a Soffit - Kitchen Renovation Update - Pretty Handy . Nov 30, 2012 . And since I had to hold this over my head and make repeated cuts, I wanted to make sure I bought the lightest one I could find. However, I had . a window seat..

Patent US6324796 - Modular decking planks - Google Patents Dec 4, 2001 . Extruded polyvinyl building and construction materials are increasing in popularity due to their light weight, which greatly simplifies shipping, handling and . one-piece plastic construction element which may be readily assembled together with a number of like elements to form a decking or other structure

sails 4 south - Design 4 Sea Apr 30, 2017 . 3 Overview; 4 Hull frame; 5 Experiments - hull material; 6 Hull; 7 Girders; 8 Internal structure; 9 Dagger keel; 10 Keel slot; 11 Keel in place; 12 Engine; 13 Engine compartment . Capable of sailing lightweight and under heavy load. .. steel core, 3.3 t. steel planks + PVC foam+ glass epoxy (2mm to 10mm)

Patent WO2013106302A1 - Composite boards and a method of . Jul 18, 2013 . Coir fibers are strong, lightweight, and abundant. In the past, coir fibers have been used as reinforcement in polymeric composite materials. However, raw coir is normally hydrophilic, rendering them incompatible with polyolefins and PVC. Specifically, raw coir as used in the prior art include coir fibers and..

Patent US8210126 - Swiftlets farming for production of edible bird's . Jul 3, 2012 . A method of breeding swiftlets (61) for their edible nests (62) of claim 4 further comprising providing an A-shaped pyramidal structure having a .. Rigid yet light weight materials comprising canvas, plastics, PVC, plywood, fiber boards, polymers, etc. may be used to construct horizontal extension 212

Patent US5333421 - Housing unit - Google Patents Aug 2, 1994 . A quonset type hut house unit includes a skeletal structure of a pair of "L" frame lengthwise base members with a multiplicity of vertical tubular members with an open top and bottom with a . 4,091,584 to Brown describes a building structure utilizing PVC tubing covered with a fabric or corrugated sheet

Cross-Laminated Timber Structures - Building Construction and . Jan 1, 2016 . CLT has significant mass compared to wood trusses, I-joists, and other lightweight construction materials and, therefore, has some inherent fire resistance, whereas lightweight materials have little. Most commonly, CLT has been used in commercial and residential buildings of five to eight stories

Patent US6253655 - Lightweight armor with a durable spall cover . Jul 3, 2001 . The lightweight armor of claim 3, wherein a rubber-based contact adhesive is used to attach said hard plastic outer layer to said nylon fabric cover. 5. The lightweight armor of claim 1, wherein said flexible inner layer has a honeycomb structure. 6. A lightweight armor laminate comprising: (a) a fabric cover;

Patent US7861346 - Corrugated metal plate bridge with composite . Jan 4, 2011 . Applied to the upper surface of this corrugated metal plate is a layer of concrete or like material to provide a support/running surface. . Wadsworth, which provides a pair of arched structural members, between which are a plurality of bracing members and a suitable load bearing surface (i.e. wood planks)

Patent WO2006073723A2 - Non-combustible reinforced . - Google Jul 13, 2006 . This invention relates generally to a flooring system comprising metal framing and lightweight structural cementitious panels, termed here as SCP panels, in residential and commercial construction. More particularly, the invention relates to a non-combustible flooring system, having panels mechanically or..

Patent US8720144 - Luxury vinyl tile flooring system - Google Patents May 13, 2014 . 2A and 2B , LVT flooring materials 200 and 212 may include a type of flexible vinyl floor tile and/or plank that may have a wear layer/finish 202, a dccor . or any support structure, such as a system of floor joists, for example, on which the top layer 402 and/or underlayment material 404 are installed to form a..

Navigating the flooring thicket: Find the greenest way to meet your . Sep 3, 2009 . Most flooring choices are less clear-cut than vinyl ut vinyl's problems are emblematic of the trade-offs buyers must consider when choosing flooring. . Also consider products salvaged from existing structures (including wood, stone and tile) and recycled or partially recycled materials (such as rubber..

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