polymer wood flooring export


polymer wood flooring export

Patent US6472027 - Method for removing an ultraviolet light cured . Oct 29, 2002 . A kit according to claim 1 , wherein the floor finish composition comprises one or more UV curable polymer forming components, one or more alkali .. according to the invention to remove the finish, including wood floors, resilient floors, concrete floors, synthetic sports floors, and combinations thereof

Patent US20020110664 - Composite siding, decking, flooring, and . Aug 15, 2002 . A composite siding and planking board having an appearance similar to a natural solid wood product and method of manufacture employing a base layer . The method of claim 29 wherein the resin layer is selected from the group consisting of plural component polymers, hybrids or formulations of MDI's,..

Patent EP1937783A1 - Floor stripper/cleaner containing organic . Jul 2, 2008 . A floor finish stripper or scrub and recoat composition includes a sparingly water-soluble floor finish solvent, water, an acid in an amount sufficient to . and non- resilient flooring substrates such as terrazzo, concrete, wood flooring, bamboo, wood laminate, engineered wood products (e.g. wood epoxy..

Patent WO2014011110A1 - Method of coating a building panel with . Jan 16, 2014 . A floor panel (1) having a core (3), a surface layer (2) comprising a wood material surface (5), a print (P) and transparent layers (LI, L2, L3), . mm fibre board, a 0.2 mm thick upper decorative surface layer of laminate and a 0.1-0.2 mm thick lower balancing layer of laminate, plastic, paper or like material

Patent US20090011214 - Polymeric Composition for Cellulosic . Jan 8, 2009 . A polymer composition suitable for wood treatment or binding comprises a reaction product of at least a polyol and at least a crosslinking agent. The crosslinking agent has at least 2 carboxylic acid groups per molecule. A wood product comprising a wood substrate and a polymer composition as well as a..

Patent US6922963 - Moisture and condensation barrier for building . Aug 2, 2005 . Moisture and condensation barriers for protecting wood from damage in building structures (particularly but not necessarily in flooring systems) include . The sheet may be made of a polymeric sheet, thermoplastic film, a polymer film, polyethylene, polyvinylchloride, polyurethane, polypropylene, a vinyl film..

Patent WO2008042387A2 - Pvc/polyester binder for flooring . Apr 10, 2008 . A flooring product is provided which has at least one layer including a polymeric binder comprising homo-polymer PVC resin and thermoplastic, high molecular weight polyester resin or highly viscous polyester resin. . Such recycle or renewable filler materials include those obtained from wood or plants

Patent US8382004 - Flexible graphite flooring heat spreader . Feb 26, 2013 . Temperature variations across an exposed surface of the floor covering are reduced by the presence of the flexible graphite

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