composite indoor plant pots


composite indoor plant pots

How to Grow Pineapples as Houseplants | Today's Homeowner Pineapple plant with pineapple growing on top. Pineapple plants grow well in containers. Who says you can't have a taste of the tropics in your own living room? Pineapples are easy to grow as houseplants, and you can start one with a pineapple crown from your own kitchen. Rooting takes a couple of months, and it'll likely..

Problem with Tropical Hibiscus Leaves Turning Yellow | Today's . Don't plant in too big a pot, as hibiscus like to be just a wee bit crowded. Temperature Changes: Moving your hibiscus, bringing it indoors, and normal weather changes (including wind) can cause temporary stress. Hibiscus need temperatures in the upper 60s to low 80s F. Exposure to extreme temperatures or drafts can..

How to Spring Clean Houseplants | Today's Homeowner Here's what you need to know to get your houseplants in tip-top shape for the spring growing season. . Most houseplants are tropicals that will suffer in temperatures below around 50 degrees, and I wouldn't recommend getting them even that cold. If you live in an area . indoors. Rinse the plants, and don't forget the pot!Plant Lovers Anonymous - Design Crush May 12, 2017 . Brass Svante Watering Can // Brass Arthur Planter // Wood Box Planter // Boskke Cube // Adelphi Planter // Succulent Planter // Garden Tool Set // Riveted Planter // Glowing Arbor Pots // Grow Greenhouse. Are you elbow-deep in potting soil, too? So far I've already moved the majority of my indoor plants..

Tips on Using Houseplant Watering Globes - Today's Homeowner Pros and cons on using watering globes, like Aqua Globes, to water your houseplants.How to clean and use watering globes. . Inserting Water Globes in Soil: Full water globes are pretty top heavy. They work best in bigger pots with deeper plant roots, so that they can be planted deep enough to keep from falling over. Julie..

Painting Plastic Planters - Infarrantly Creative May 16, 2012 . Hey, It's Monica from East Coast Creative. Have you ever noticed how incredibly expensive planters are? For about $40 I could get one itty bitty planter, that's not even cute. No thanks. I decided I would DIY planters that would work perfectly with my new painted door and rockin' house numbers. I didn't want..

How to Grow Poinsettias Year-Round | Today's Homeowner This year, why not practice a little year-round cheer and keep your poinsettias as houseplants? They are . The ideal plant size is about 2陆 times the diameter of the pot. Keep Warm: . Summer: (May September) Repot if needed in very light potting mix, moving to a slightly larger pot if it appears root-bound. When you see..

A beginner's guide to organic terrace gardening: From containers to . Jan 19, 2014 . This is part 2 of the series of 'A beginner's guide to organic terrace gardening' as a part of our organic gardening blog, My Edible Garden. Read part 1 What do you need to get started. Plants need nutrition to grow. You don't survive only on water or one particular type of vegetable; the same goes with..

How to Grow Holly | Today's Homeowner With glossy, spiny foliage and variegated options, they can make a bold statement both indoors and out. Popular varieties include 'Angustifolia' and 'Gold Coast.' American Holly: (Ilex opaca) Similar to English holly but with duller leaves. The trees tend to be pyramidal in shape and make great barrier plants. Common..

How to Keep Potted Mums, Chrysanthemums, from Fading | Today's . By manipulating the amount of daylight, growers can force the mums into full bloom on a regular schedule that corresponds with garden center delivery dates. This gives us a steady stream of blooming pots, but it also gives us plants that are likely rootbound, stressed and on their last legs. The blooms on forced mums don't..

How To Grow Oriental Poppies in Your Garden | Today's Homeowner Long Taproot: Oriental poppies also have a long taproot, much like a carrot. For this reason, they can be difficult to transplant, so try to plant them where they can stay a while. And if planting container-grown or bare-root plants, be careful to disturb the roots as little as possible. Pink oriental poppy flower. There are so many..

Colorado garden to-do list: Care for water-stressed plants, landscape May 20, 2015 . Be ready to plant those warm-season crops and flowers as soon as the ground dries out. We all . Raised beds and containers usually dry out more quickly than in-ground garden areas. . Indoor plants can be slowly acclimated to being outdoors for the season when nights are consistently in the mid- 50s

Do Houseplants Release or Remove VOCs in the Air? | Today's . Read this article to find out if a new study found that houseplants release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air in your home. . Some of the VOCs were determined to come from pesticide residues, others were linked to the plastic in the plant pot, and still others were linked to soil microbes. Again, not exactly..

March Lawn & Garden To-Do List | Today's Homeowner In cool spring weather, you can enjoy pansies, sn

Self-watering planters | Today's Homeowner Adequate watering is always a concern with container-grown plants. Whether they're located inside or outside, potted plants can dry out more quickly than plants in the ground. Self-watering planters take the worry out of container gardening by providing a regular supply of water to your plants. Self-watering planters include..

Problem with Purple Leaves Caused by Phosphorus Deficiency . Aug 7, 2014 . Read this article to find out what to do if plant leaves turn purple from a phosphorus deficiency. . As further evidence, I had a few extra plants still in their store pots (not in my soil), and they turned purple, too. Rather than rush out for tests and supplements, I decided to adopt a wait-and-see approach,..

How To Control Slugs and Snails in Your Garden | Today's . Oct 8, 2015 . Copper: Thought to repel snails by giving them a mild electrical shock, copper foil or flashing can be wrapped around the bottoms of planters, edges of raised beds, and plant trunks; or as rings around low growing plants. When standing flashing vertically, bury it a few inches in the soil to prevent slugs from..

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