modular composite wall panel system


modular composite wall panel system

Wall panel connecting system for modular building units Disclosed is a connecting system for connecting wall panels to the support frame, and more particularly to the rigid corner support posts of a support frame, of a modular building unit. The connecting system includes a modular bracket assembly and is configured so that two modular connecting brackets attach to each corner..

Patent US7810289 - High impact, moisture resistant wall panel . Oct 12, 2010 . The secure flexible lock formed by engaging a mounting member with a wall mount provides for a modular wall panel system with removable panels. In an embodiment, each panel of the wall panel system is removable. Upon engaging each mounting member to each wall mount, the panels are secured to..

US6006480 - Google Dec 28, 1999 . The housing system uses foam filled cement and fiberglass clad panels and cement fiberglass moldings to construct modular housing. The panels have a foam . Wall

Patent US8151533 - Wall panel system - Google Patents Apr 10, 2012 . A modular wall system (10) includes a number of decorative panels that are received in an extruded panel frame (22). The panel frames (22) are . Each of the panels 12 is constructed utilizing a panel frame 22 which encompasses the perimeter of a composite structural core 24. The wall rail 16 and the..

Patent US5483778 - Modular panel system having a releasable . Jan 16, 1996 . A modular construction panel system according to claim 1 wherein said tongue element is removably attached to said channel element or said bracing by bolting ... Composite plate (14) would first be located onto panel C below then the floor/ceiling panel (not shown) and then second storey wall panel B

Patent US20110030576 - Modular wet room for rail vehicles . Feb 10, 2011 . core composite materials, the panel being used as a wall element, floor element or ceiling element for a wet room of a rail vehicle, .. A wet room constructed according to the inventive system advantageously includes a panel that concentrates all the wet room's connections (typically for water, waste, and..

Patent US20120247043 - Modular building panels, method of . Oct 4, 2012 . A modular construction system is made of a plurality of panels having peripheral frame elements defining a top channel, a bottom channel and side channels. . A method of making a wall comprising securing an elongate bottom strut on a base element, positioning a plurality of panels having channels on..

Patent US3683100 - Modular wall and ceiling system - Google Patents Aug 8, 1972 . A suspended ceiling grid frame provides an upper support for prefabricated modular wall sections or panels that can be connected to the grid frame in different arrangements to provide the desired floor plan. An interfacing means on the top edges of the wall sections or panels secures them in place to the..

Patent US5953864 - Prefabricated modular concrete foundation wall . Sep 21, 1999 . Within the concrete shell sections, wire mesh reinforcement extends substantially throughout the wall panels and rebar reinforcement is fixed to this . extending composite wall system on said footing surface, the shell segments comprising exterior walls with inwardly projecting studs and end walls;

Patent US4875552 - Modular elevator cab construction - Google . Oct 24, 1989 . Incorporated with the modular concept of the invention is the use of extremely lightweight, yet very strong, composite wall panels not heretofore used in the . This not only reduces the overall cab weight which results in easier assembly, but the entire elevator system is rendered less expensive For instance,..

Patent US5782047 - High-rise building system using light gauge . Jul 21, 1998 . A high-rise building system using light gauge steel wall panels provides for a variety of panels of various vertical and lateral force resistance by combining . A prefabricated wall panel as in claim 1 where said multi-story building is an apartment building which includes modular and unitized kitchen and..

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