fire resistant hollow wood floor


fire resistant hollow wood floor

Performance of Various Types of Buildings during Earthquake Oct 28, 2014 . Performance of various types of buildings during earthquakes such as masonry, reinforced concrete, wooden, mud, steel and composite buildings are discussed. . Masonry buildings of brick and stone are superior with respect to durability, fire resistance, heat resistance and formative effects. Masonry..

Patent US5625996 - Fire resistant wood box beam - Google Patents May 6, 1997 . Fire resistant covers for the web elements and sufficiently sized wood flanges protect the interior of the beam, thus giving it improved fire safety. . The I joist and parallel chord floor truss concepts are similar in that they both achieve their structural values by using a web means for resisting shear forces,..

Fire Building: Construction Concerns: Decorative Bamboo Aug 8, 2016 . Decorative laminated bamboo products available today include laminated flooring that is advertised to be more durable than hardwood, laminated . they age as well as the traditional materials that they replace and whether they remain as fire-, moisture-, rot-, and insect-resistant as the traditional materials

Patent US20080000177 - Composite floor and composite steel stud . Jan 3, 2008 . No. 5,881,516 (Luedtke) deals with load-bearing wall systems wherein the axial load does not pass through the floor assembly. Wall systems include both wood and conventional steel stud bearing walls. Floor assemblies include wood joists, light-gauge steel C-joists, and low-profile composite steel decks

Patent US8028493 - Floor construction method and system - Google . Oct 4, 2011 . This invention relates to a floor construction method and system, and more particularly to a method for producing shallow and ultra shallow steel floor systems

Patent WO2012149634A1 - Cross-laminated timber panel - Google . Nov 8, 2012 . The panel of any one of claims 1 to 4, wherein the structural layer comprises at least one of an earthquake-resistance layer, a fire-resistance layer and a ... [0078] Also, by using high-grade Lamboard鈩?wood in the two vertical external timber layers 12 or 14, "hollow-core" panels may be produced for..

Patent US5130184 - Fire barrier coating and fire barrier plywood . Fire resistant laminate according to claim 9 wherein said wood lamina are adhesively bonded to said layer (B) with a wood-bonding adhesive selected from the .. Construction and industrial plywoods are widely used for floor, wall and roof sheathing; decorative hardwood plywood is used for interior panelling as well as for..

Patent US2648116 - Method of making hollow monolithic concrete . My hollow monolithic reinforced concrete slabs provide novel and economical fire resistant roofs and floors suitable for dwellings and other small units which . 7 illustrates a simple form of side sheet for a pen- It consists of sheet material l such as metal, plastic, paper or wood but preferably steel or aluminum about one..

Patent US20120272876 - Maple syrup evaporator with biomass . Nov 1, 2012 . Compared to wood or oil burning heat sources, pellet fuel is less costly, burns more efficiently and generates the heat necessary to properly . As pellet fuel 46 is received therein, a hollow divider 82 projecting upwardly from the floor 74 of the burner insert 64 and also comprising a plurality of holes as in 70..

Patent US7487591 - Method of constructing a fire-resistant frame . Feb 10, 2009 . Fire resistant door, glazing, and mullion frames include intumescent material at least partially embedded in the frame adjacent the door or glazing. . To reduce costs, wood assemblies for doors and door frames are often constructed with a shaved wood veneer adhered to the exterior of a manufactured..

Patent WO2006081156A2 - Non-combustible reinforced . - Google Aug 3, 2006 . Non-combustible reinforced cementitious lightweight panels and metal frame system for a fire wall and other fire resistive assemblies ... H-Studs are attached on both sides to adjacent wood framing at intermediate floors, the bottom chords of attic trusses, and at the roof line with 0.063" USG aluminum..

DIY Plank Backsplash Using Peel and Stick Vinyl Flooring Apr 17, 2014 . I thought it would be so much easier to use the peel and stick vinyl flooring to create my backsplash instead of regular wood, so I bought a bunch and headed home to give it a try!Patent US4182305 - Apollo model fireplace - Google Patents Jan 8, 1980 . Heat resistant windows are placed on three of the eight sides so that the fireplace presents an attractive appearance when viewed from almost any angle. . cool so that the fireplace can be set directly upon a rug or even a wooden floor without the necessity of providing a protective covering on the floor

Patent US3913292 - Self-sustaining wall and ceiling panel forming a . A wall or ceiling panel comprising fireproof metallic sheets forming a parallelepipedic body filled with fireproof material, opposite parallel side edges of the body . having a core of asbestos or another fire preventing material encased in wood material or some other facing for a ships cabin, have been heretofore available

Patent US5913788 - Fire blocking and seismic resistant wall . Jun 22, 1999 . In a seismic and fire-resistant interior wall structure installed between a floor and a ceiling, and including a plurality of vertical metal studs extending upwardly from said floor and .. Moreover, metal studs will not burn as wood does, will not rot, and are not subject to damage by pests, such as termites

Stage Flooring Options | Church Stage Design Ideas Jul 29, 2014 . Maybe you find yourself atop the natural hardwood flooring of your kitchen, reading through your morning paper and catching up on the latest CSDI . This is relatively inexpensive and is a sure fire way to make sure your church's stage withstands even the hardest jumping youth worship band in the nation

Patent US7878301 - Fire retardant nonwoven material and process . Feb 1, 2011 . An improved acoustically and thermally insulating fire-retardant composite material suitable for use in structures such as buildings, appliances, and the interior passenger compartments and exterior components of automotive vehicles is provided. The material is comprised of at least one airlaid fibrous layer..

How to Soundproof Your Home - Zillow Nov 25, 2013 . They contain no VOCs, are fire resistant and green, too. Blown-in cellulose . There are sound-dampening underlays for every flooring type, including ceramic tile, carpeting, luxury vinyl planks and engineered wood, so be sure to choose the correct one. . Replace hollow-core doors with solid-core doors

Fire Building Construction: Construction Concerns: Hollow Core . Dec 22, 2014 . Photo 6 shows a top view of the same structural steel hangers, wood curb, and hole cover. (6). Most hollow core precast concrete plank with concrete topping can achieve a one-hour rating according to NFPA 251, Methods of Tests of Fire Resistance of Building Construction and Materials (ASTM E-119 and..

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