wpc panel sheet suitable for external wall


wpc panel sheet suitable for external wall

Patent WO2014068166A1 - A composite structure with vibrational . May 8, 2014 . Use of a composition according to claim 67, wherein the composite material is used as a panel of a loudspeaker and/or as a cone of a loudspeaker. 69. Use of a composition according to . In many environments, it may be useful for the product to have specific properties. In some applications it may even be..

Patent EP2185752A1 - Multi-component fibres - Google Patents May 19, 2010 . Thus, there is a need for fibres comprising high amounts of phase change material, where the fibres have a high latent heat combined with a good .. If, for example, a piece of clothing or a top sheet in an absorbent article comprises the multi-component fibres according to the present invention, the clothing..

Patent WO2010136315A1 - Heat-curable powder coating . - Google Dec 2, 2010 . The heat curable powder coating composition is useful for in-mould coating articles such as reinforced polymeric e.g. polyester articles and to . NMR and wherein the powder coating composition is a one component system; to the interior wall of a mould; subsequently putting a fill compound in the mould;..

The Building Coder: Calculating Gross and Net Wall Areas Mar 17, 2015 . I know what doors and windows are associated with the room and also the wall associated with the rooms face, so I could get the area of the wall (which does calculate the gross - openings), then remove . Yes, of course the spatial element geometry calculator is much more suited to the need you describe

Patent US7897681 - Hybrid PVC/wood-reinforcement . - Google Mar 1, 2011 . The PVC-nanoparticle WPC is formed by adding a cellulosic reinforcement filler and an optional coupling agent to the PVC-nanoparticle composite. .. Suitable nanoparticles are generally known in the art and can include, for example, nanoclays, carbon nanotubes (including both single-wall and/or..

US5658408 - Google Another application in which a function generator 28, as shown in FIG. 7, will be useful is the rotary drum sealing arrangement, see for example U.S. Pat. No. 3,733,238 issued to D. D. Long et al, dated May 15, 1973 entitled "Apparatus for Vibration Welding of Sheet Material", or U.S. Pat. No. 4,690,722 issued to G. N. Flood,..

Patent US8446102 - Lighting control failsafe circuit - Google Patents May 21, 2013 . The occupancy sensor of claim 15 wherein the electrical device comprises a wall switch. 22. An occupancy sensor including a light .. more photocells positioned in a suitable orientation. Typically, a photocell is arranged to face a source of exterior or natural light, such as a skylight, for open-loop operation

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