balcony floor composite panels


balcony floor composite panels

Patent US20120260601 - Reinforced Balcony and Method of . Oct 18, 2012 . 1 comprises a balcony floor 11. The balcony floor is typically a rebar reinforced concrete slab that was poured during construction of the building. The balcony of FIG. 1 has two open sides and two sides adjacent to a building including a side wall 14 and a back wall 15. A railing 12 is provided on the open..

Patent US4653237 - Composite steel and concrete truss floor . Mar 31, 1987 . In a composite steel truss and concrete floor construction having spaced-apart secondary steel open web truss framing members supported at their .. for example show a combination joist and concrete composite system together with steel decking but are directed to features such as pan closures at the..

Building a Wood Deck on Your Home | Today's Homeowner But also it'll have stairs on the other side that'll provide a nice transition down to the original concrete slab, or patio as the homeowners were using it. Now we'll take you ... Announcer: Let's head outside for Around the Yard with lawn and garden expert Tricia Craven Worley brought to you by composite decking

Social Housing Tower in Plaza Europa by R+B Arqts | Dezeen May 18, 2011 . The building's exterior reads as five sets of 10m-high stacked frames, which group sets of three storeys together and create balconies every third floor. . Black frames are made of 4mm thick aluminium composite panels which brings equal resistance with a lower weight per m2 to any other material with the..

Patent US4068840 - Playing surface for handball and racquetball . Jan 17, 1978 . The core 30 ensures this rigidity and eliminates voids in the wall structure so that the composite panel is compatible with concrete walls and floors or other conventional construction materials. The melamine finish member 28, however, adds the necessary hardness and durability at the playing surface..

Docklands tower blaze exposes 'dirty secret' of cheap cladding Apr 29, 2015 . The cause of the $5 million blaze was an unextinguished cigarette on the eighth-floor balcony, but the report found that once the cladding caught fire it took . The aluminium composite panel cladding, called Alucobest, commonly used in high-rise apartment buildings in the past 10 years, is imported from..

Patent US5782047 - High-rise building system using light gauge . Jul 21, 1998 . A high-rise building system using light gauge steel wall panels provides for a variety of panels of various vertical and lateral force resistance by combining cold . can be enhanced by means of recesses, bay windows, balconies and other elements built in a similar manner as the wall and floor assemblies

Patent US5941035 - Steel joist and concrete floor system - Google . Aug 24, 1999 . A concrete floor system includes the use of sheet metal pan or decking and sheet metal z-shaped closures sitting upon low profile open web steel joist . 4,454,695, which issued in 1984, Person discloses a composite floor system including a plurality of joists which have a top chord which allows metal..

Spectacular fire in Dubai Torch Tower demonstrates the folly of foam . Feb 23, 2015 . UPDATE: This building was not clad in foam panels but in Aluminum Composite Panels with polyethylene cores. I regret the error. The fire in . The fire started at about the 50th floor (apparently by someone smoking on a balcony) and zipped up the outside of the building from there. But in fact there was not..

Balcony railing designs | HowToSpecialist - How to Build, Step by . Consequently, the list of options is almost infinite from traditional wooden railing to glass panels, composite materials or wrought iron. There is no correct or right decision, as it all . 4 spirit level to check the floor of the balcony. If you notice some problems, you have to adjust the balcony floor until you get the desired result

Patent US4432178 - Composite steel and concrete floor . - Google Feb 21, 1984 . A steel primary framing member, or truss, and concrete floor structure in which the top chord of the truss, regardless of cross-sectional configuration, is totally or at least partially embedded in the concrete to cause the concrete floor and steel truss to function together structurally as a composite system

Huge skyscaper fire in Dubai near New Year's Eve fireworks display . Jan 2, 2016 . A detailed analysis by two legal partners at Dubai's Bin Shabib & Associates, estimates that before the new regulations came in to force, undreds of high-rise buildings in the UAE" were clad with flammable composite material panels. Although it is will require a forensic fire report to confirm whether The..

9 Ideas to Take Your Flooring From Indoors to Outdoors - Houzz May 22, 2016 . Tailor the materials to suit your design, from teak flooring with limestone tiles inside, external slate tiles with wood-effect panels, or perhaps even a . inside the kitchen area is chic and urban, and merges almost seamlessly with the oversize paving slabs, in the same pale gray, that cover the garden patio

Arkvista Residence / arkiZON | ArchDaily Apr 15, 2016 . Balconies are set back at the point where they meet the line and these movements are reflected in each plan on each floor. Through . floors. Alucobond aluminium composite panels, which reflect the sky, and Kale Sinterflex panels that are lightweight and has a stone appearance, are used for the facade

Patent US8201363 - Balcony structure - Google Patents Jun 19, 2012 . 12 b illustrates a cross-sectional side view of a composite joist floor system where an interior demising wall that is substantially parallel to the joists supports the edges of two corrugated steel decking sheets using z-shaped closures, in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention;. FIG

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