exterior wall panel images


exterior wall panel images

Patent US20120137610 - Modular system for cladding exterior walls . Jun 7, 2012 . Planar wall panels carrying exterior wall cladding elements mount directly or indirectly to the vertical girders. . appear to interconnect with adjacent edge portions of the planar wall panels. Images(12). Patent Drawing. Previous page. Next page. Claims(18). 1. A modular system for cladding exterior walls of..

Patent US8316599 - Wall panel system with snap-on clip - Google . Nov 27, 2012 . A wall panel system includes at least one wall panel, each edge of the panel having a flange. At least one flange, and preferably two opposing flanges, have at least one slot therein. Each slot is mated with a clip having two extensions laterally spaced from one another, one of said extensions having a latch..

Cabin Wall Planking | Ana White Woodworking Projects Aug 31, 2015 . We got a chance to sneak down to our cabin this weekend and pick some blueberries, and grab a few images for our DIY Network show that will air sometime . And the new wall paneling comes in modern designs that I could work with. . The boards are outside, and brought up to the deck, and cut to fit

Patent US8056301 - Method of framing a building shear wall . Nov 15, 2011 . Method of framing a building shear wall structure compatible with conventional interior or exterior finishing materials and subsurface panel for use therewith . Subsequently, the shear panels are covered with a conventional interior (e.g., drywall panels) or exterior (e.g., plaster) finishing materials. Images(7)

Patent US6018924 - Adjustable reveal strip and related method of . Feb 1, 2000 . In a framed wall, a first and second panel are positioned on the wall to define parallel edges. . The only drawing with the present disclosure illustrates in sectional view the adjustable reveal strip installed on the exterior of a wall construction for providing an adjustable width decorative trim strip. DETAILED..

Patent US20120085062 - Prefabricated shear wall system with . Apr 12, 2012 . an outer shear panel is attached to the corrugated core on the exterior side of the prefabricated wall segment by mechanically fixing the outer shear panel to the series of ... The image is a horizontal cross section of the two units joined in the corner by corner post 10 and mechanical fastening means 11

Modern Wallpaper, Adding Breathtaking 3d Designs to Wall . Sep 28, 2017 . 3d designs amaze and delight blending impressive images, openness, and originality in

Patent US5865001 - Prefabricated wall panels connecting system . Feb 2, 1999 . The prefabricated wall system of claim 1 wherein two wall panels are rigidly connected to one another to form an outside corner and the system further .. 12 and 13, the strap 36 of the fourth alternative embodiment is stamped out to have a mirror image trapezoid 230 and a further mirror image 232 of the..

Patent US5289664 - Back drainage system for exterior panels . Mar 1, 1994 . Images(5). Patent Drawing. Previous page. Next page. Claims(10). What is claimed is: 1. In a wall panel wall system for a building including;. a plurality of wall panels having an exterior weather surface, an interior plenum exposed surface, and panel side edges extending the preselected thickness of said..

12 Contemporary Wood Walls You'll Actually Love - Design Milk Sep 24, 2013 . We take a look at a dozen interiors that incorporate wood walls with perfection, nothing like the dark faux wood paneling many of us grew up with. . View Photo Gallery. Photo by Casey Dunn . Outside, for the deck, the wood is underfoot, then moves up again on different sections of the zinc-clad exterior

Patent US6484465 - Open joint wall panel system - Google Patents Nov 26, 2002 . The open joint wall panel system includes panels having a standardized shape attached to an extrudable track that, in turn, is attached to an exterior wall. Each panel is vertically positioned using dead load anchors and positioned relative to the exterior wall with anchor clips. Images(6). Patent Drawing

Wood Walls Inspiration: 30 Walls of Wood for Modern Homes . Nov 23, 2011 . Focal walls in bathrooms are an interesting idea as long as the walls covered in wood slats or panels enhance the space and bring out the best in the . will surely find at least 5 favorite looks my top favorite is the first photo, where curved glass collides with walls of wood and guides natural light inside

Patent US20120085042 - Wall Panel Systems for Rigid Wall Panels . Apr 12, 2012 . Wall Panel Systems for Rigid Wall Panels US 20120085042 A1. Abstract. Wall panel systems are provided. The systems use interlocking components to attach photovoltaic (PV), ceramic, or other rigid wall panels to an exterior wall of a building. Images(17). Patent Drawing. Previous page. Next page

Patent US4924647 - Exterior wall panel drainage system - Google . May 15, 1990 . A drainage system for draining rain water and internal moisture from the rear of exterior wall panels so as to effectively drain such rain water and . well as moisture that tends to accumulate behind the walls. The present system drains both the vertical and horizontal joints of exterior wall panels. Images(4)

No Joanna, That's Not Shiplap | The Craftsman Blog Apr 25, 2016 . Often in old houses these boards can be found on the exterior of the framing just beneath the siding. Today we frame .. I don't think fire proofing is necessary because most building codes count 3/4 thick wood paneling (aka shiplap) as an acceptable form of wall covering for fire blocking purposes. Reply

Patent US20070119105 - Dry joint aluminum wall panel attachment . May 31, 2007 . Dry joint aluminum wall panel attachment system. US 20070119105 A1. Abstract. The invention provides a dry joint wall panel attachment system, applying the rainscreen principle. Interlocking components are used to attach aluminum wall panels to an exterior wall. Images(6). Patent Drawing. Previous..

10 Exterior Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know . Aug 22, 2014 . There are certain design lessons that we can all use when it comes to our homes exterior design. . Image Source: Cardello Architects .. doors, your homes windows are much more than functionality indows are like the soul of your home, shining light onto all the moments shared within those four walls

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