non slippery wood plastic composite products


non slippery wood plastic composite products

Patent EP2681270A2 - Process for manufacturing a thermoformable . Jan 8, 2014 . The present invention concerns a process for manufacturing a thermoformable plasticized composite containing cellulose fiber and polylactide by . fir, larch, douglas-fir or hemlock , or any wood material from hardwood trees, e.g. birch, aspen, poplar, alder, eucalyptus or acasia, or from non-wood materials,..

Patent WO2000027602A1 - Method of producing ribbed board and . May 18, 2000 . A method for the production of ribbed board product, such as fiberboard or flakeboard, which resists fracturing during manufacture. The ribbed board product . Pallets are currently made from a variety of different materials such as wood, plywood, wood composites, plastic, corrugated card board, and metal

Patent US2919467 - Production of net-like structures - Google Patents b) Natural or synthetic rubbers, subsequently vulcanized or containing vulcanized agents; or p (c) Those thermosetting plastic materials or mixtures thereof with . form or arrangement of dies, in which tubular dies are employed which intersect one another to afford the composite single orifices when the parts are in register

Patent US8261673 - Pallet with lead board - Google Patents Sep 11, 2012 . Since the aesthetic appearance of pallets may not outweigh the cost, they may often include scrap or recycled wood. ... As used herein, lastic material includes, but is not limited to, plastic materials suitable for use in a high strength composite material for a pallet, such as thermoplastic polymers resistant..

Patent US5084135 - Recycling plastic coated paper product waste . Jan 28, 1992 . Instead, the plastic pellets produced according to the present invention are particularly well suited for use in making extruded composite products comprising . provided with spring-loaded slip clutches that will disengage if tramp waste materials not susceptible to fragmentation are encountered in the feed

Patent US5928735 - Composite wood flooring - Google Patents Jul 27, 1999 . The fiber reinforced plastic improves the fatigue resistance of the composite wood flooring and prevents water leakage into the trailer through the floor . even an extremely thin coating of oil on FRP can render it dangerously slippery and therefore, FRP is not laid on the top side of the composite wood floor

Flooring choices - room by room - H is for Home Harbinger As it's a quick-growing grass, not a true wood, it is sustainable product. To soften these harder . up the expanse of laminate or wood. For safety reasons, ensure that they wont move or slide with non-slip backings, clips or tacks. . There are also some 'wood look' composites and plastics available. These have the benefit of..

Patent US7836652 - System and method for sealing joints between . Nov 23, 2010 . Buildings and walls are commonly constructed with exterior walls composed of specially treated engineered wood panels, cement panels, fiber cement panels, . The system as defined in claim 1 wherein the ratio of the width of said elastomeric, sealing finish t

Patent US4674745 - Bowling lane surface - Google Patents Jun 23, 1987 . The fiberglass panel can be attached to existing lane surfaces, can be conditioned with an oil in a manner similar to a wood lane surface, and has the rolling . product is a high pressure laminate with an integral hard plastic surface which attempts to simulate the appearance of a conventional wood bowling..

The best cutting boards you can buy - Business Insider Aug 9, 2017 . These are the best cutting boards you can buy whether you want wood, plastic, bamboo, or another material. . The preparation of many foods and meals require that you use one. .. Soft, tapered handles make the board easy to maneuver, and non-slip edges keep the board from shifting during use

Patent WO1998046649A1 - Higher modulus compositions . - Google Oct 22, 1998 . The modified non-slip coating of Claim 13, wherein the particles which produce the surface profile and increase the coefficient of friction between the surface of ... It has also been determined that certain polymer foam composite materials cannot be directly obtained using particlized rubber material surface..

9 everyday products you didn't know had animal ingredients . Dec 5, 2016 . Even though animal products might not be in as many places as some think (for instance, most "catgut" tennis rackets are made with synthetic materials . Many plastics, including shopping bags, contain "slip agents," which reduce the friction in the material. . Glue in wood work and musical instruments

Patent US8273450 - Thermoset polyurethane matrix fiber reinforced . Sep 25, 2012 . Even more particularly, the present invention relates to composite fiber and resin reinforcements to use in reinforced wood and wood based products such as reinforced structural .. Existing patents and procedures for reinforcements bonded to wood do not include the use of thermoset polyurethane resin

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