non slip laminate plastic


non slip laminate plastic

Patent US3463690 - Method of laminating polyurethane foam and . In order to serve properly as a garment material, it is highly desirable, if not essential, that the laminated foam fabric have sufficient porosity to permit .. of the laminate shown in the drawings comprises three component layers, namely, a porous and cellular layer of polyurethane foam plastic material, a layer 11 of porous..

Patent WO1994000292A1 - Elastic film laminate - Google Patents An elastic film is provided with non-elastic regions and elastic regions formed from a multi-layer film of an elastomeric layer and a relatively inelastic layer(s). . one continuous inelastic skin layer of uniaxially oriented plastic, characterized in that the film laminate is substantially inelastic in the direction of orientation of said at..

Patent WO2008143829A2 - Graphene oxide sheet laminate and . Nov 27, 2008 . A macroscale sheet laminate includes individual graphene oxide sheets layered one on another in a manner to form a self-supporting paper-like laminated . The ultimate tensile strain for graphene oxide paper (0.6% was the highest recorded number for samples that did not exhibit slip-stick behavior (vide..

How to Remove Sticker Residue - Two Twenty One When we'd make a mistake while decorating we'd use non-acetone nail polish remover to remove the paint but not harm the plastic. .. You have to step up in front of the class on your soapbox and share your knowledge of chemicals Then you slip and feel stupid b/c everyone knows you cheated by reading the label

Patent WO2014014833A1 - Polyethylene compounds having non . Jan 23, 2014 . The laminate of Claims 14 or 15, wherein there is essentially no migration of the slip additive from the skin layer into another film layer measured 12 weeks after . Because plastic can be engineered to not shatter, rust or rot, plastic articles have replaced glass, metal and wood articles in many applications

Patent EP1272337B1 - Cardboard and corrugated board container . Sep 29, 2004 . The face liner laminate (12) is composed of an exterior ply of oriented synthetic plastic film whose opposing surfaces are rendered wettable by . the paper ply did not cure immediately, the film would be able slip with respect to the paper, thus creating misalignment and scuffing or wrinkling of the face liner

Patent US7267862 - Controlled COF films - Google Patents Sep 11, 2007 . There is also a on slip category, which is generally considered in the industry to have a COF value of above 0.4 or 0.5. . Also problematic is that films that are laminated to other substrates, such a PET, OPP and particularly Nylon, have a strong tendency to absorb some of the fatty amide slip agents from..

Patent US20050037190 - Shelf liner - Google Patents Feb 17, 2005 . A bottom surface of the substrate layer may be fully or partly covered with a bottom coating to modify the non-slip nature of the shelf liner. . laminated top layer and a discontinuous porous foam bottom layer comprising a loosely woven scrim (cotton fabric) having a rubber or plastic material foamed onto the..

Patent CA2798871A1 - Yoga towel - Google Patents Jun 20, 2013 . The Arama microfiber towel has non-slip grippers on its underside. [0006] Publication US 2004/0250346 (Vasishth 2004) discloses a multi-layer yoga mat having a fabric layer laminated to a foam layer and held in place by an adhesive. The fabric layer can have a tacky polymer for slip resistance. A second..

Patent US4693507 - Truck cargo bed liner with anti-slip surface . Sep 15, 1987 . A liner as recited in claim 1 wherein the elastomer film was laminated to the plastic forming the liner during extrusion forming of the plastic prior to .. It is a further object of the present invention to provide a plastic protective truck cargo liner having a bottom wall with a durable, anti-slip, non-tacky surface

Patent US3445326 - Primer for flexible non-porous surfaces - Google A thin film of non-porous coating material, such as polypropylene or polyethylene film or polyvinylchloride-wax slip-coat, is applied over the dry layer of primer to ... A flexible laminate structure comprising a nonfibrous plastic film or metal foil substrate and a layer consisting essentially of dry non-hydrolyzed saturated..

Vinyl vs. Laminate Plank Flooring | Centsational Style Feb 5, 2014 . We installed laminate in 2 bathrooms about 10 years ago, and found it to be practical in these little used areas. it was also a dark, non-shiny laminate so didn't show scratches. ... We were also advised not to use a vacuum with moving plastic parts on it for risk of scratching as well. Overall, we are very..

Patent US4376147 - Plastic film having a matte finish - Google Patents Mar 8, 1983 . A plastic film having a matte finish embossed on its surface is provided. The matte plastic film has excellent winding characteristics without edge curl, extremely low gloss even on both sides and good tape adhesion properties, among other advantages, which make it especially suitable for use in articles..

How to Remove Deteriorated Rug's Latex Rubber Backing Stuck on . Jun 28, 2016 . The reason I didn't use a rug protector under this rug was because I've always thought those were only needed where a rug could slip or slide. ... scatter rugs with latex backing will also discolor a vinyl floor. do not use rubber mats on vinyl either. they are usually sold for standing for long periods of time in..

Patent US8322926 - Piping bag, blank for manufacturing a piping . Dec 4, 2012 . The piping bag according claim 1 , wherein a wall of the thin-walled polymer tube includes at least two laminated material layers, an outer material layer being provided with the ... US4045270, Apr 20, 1976, Aug 30, 1977, Oy Wiik & Hoglund Ab, Method of and apparatus for making a non-slip plastics film

Patent US4194041 - Waterproof laminate - Google Patents Mar 18, 1980 . In the past, and through a long history of rainwear development, truly waterproof materials have not allowed the evaporation of perspiration, so that a wearer who is physicaly active, becomes sweat soaked .. Celanese Plastics Co. sells such a microporous polypropylene film under the trademark Celgard

Navigating the flooring thicket: Find the greenest way to meet your . Sep 3, 2009 . Vinyl is a plastic based on nonrenewable petroleum, and the oil needed to make it usually travels thousands of miles to get to North America. This makes vinyl ... Rubber is generally used for play areas, outdoors and in other places where non-slip surfaces are needed, such as kitchens. Virgin rubber is..

Patent US5948707 - Non-slip, waterproof, water vapor permeable . Sep 7, 1999 . A non-slip, waterproof, water vapor permeable material comprising a layer of fabric having first and second opposing surfaces wherein the first opposing surface is laminated to a layer of porous expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and the second opposing surface is provided with a discontinuous coating of..

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