polypropylene exterior home applications


polypropylene exterior home applications

Patent WO2006116510A1 - Articles and process of making . - Google Nov 2, 2006 . The two stage production of clear, low-haze, injection stretch blow molded polypropylene container articles with ultraviolet light protection is disclosed. In the first . It is common, therefore, for a two-stage process to be used in applications for which large volumes of containers are to be made. Thus..

US8858854 - Google Oct 14, 2014 . A method for manufacturing a plastic-metal hybrid part, said method comprising: providing a metal substrate having a first exterior surface; . consisting of polyamide, polycarbonate, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer, polyphenyl sulfide, polypropylene, polybutylene terephthalate, and polyethylene..

Geotex | Polypropylene Geotextile for Soil Reinforcement ( 4.57 m x 91.5 m). Benefits: Strong, High Resistance Fabrics; Equipped for a Range of Stabilization Activities; Safe for Use Under the Ground; Can Handle Outdoor Elements; Economical; Effective Solution. Typical Erosion Control Applications: Reinforcing Soft Soils on Banks or Slopes; Landfill Liners; Lagoon Closures..

Patent US3332228 - Polypropylene baling twine - Google Patents United States Patent 3,332,228 POLYPROPYLENE BALlNG TWINE Leonard Chill, Richmond, Calif., assignor to Chevron Research Company, a corporation of Delaware No Drawing. Filed June 25, 1965, Ser. No. 467,116 15 Claims. (Cl. 57-155) This application is a continuation-in-part of copending application U.S. Ser

Vinyl Windows and Vinyl Siding | GreenBuildingAdvisor.com Aug 16, 2013 . Since there are alternatives to all of these materials, these environmentalists argue, green homes shouldn't include any of them. .. For instance, Intus Windows uses Inoutic frame profiles that are unplasticized PVC, or uPVC, which makes the window frames much more stable and prevents UV damage

Patent US7956117 - Directly paintable polypropylene-based . Jun 7, 2011 . Composites based on polypropylene have advantages such as excellent mechanical properties, processability and low production cost and thereby, have been developed into various products and applied to diverse applications. Particularly, their use is expanded to materials for interior/exterior of..

Patent US20150020479 - Cardboard packaging with internal . Jan 22, 2015 . The method of shipping a package to a consumer according to claim 12 wherein placing a polymer truss frame made of polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, sustainable polymers, or any combination thereof between the interior and exterior sides of the corrugated package box. 15. The method of..

Patent US9162527 - Mechanically interlocked wheel - Google Patents Oct 20, 2015 . The wheel assembly of claim 1 wherein the core defines a plurality of ribs each extending transversely across the smooth exterior surface of the core rim. 3. .. Core 11 is preferably a cylindrical structure formed from a rigid material such as aluminum or polyole

Patent US20090137722 - Polypropylene Resin With Low Shrinkage . May 28, 2009 . This problem is enhanced because polypropylene resins show a post-moulding shrinkage difference in the longitudinal and the transversal direction. [0007]. Polypropylene resins are well suited for producing flexible structures such as body parts for automotive applications, which include exterior parts as..

Cedar vs. Recycled Plastic vs. Composite Raised . - Eartheasy Apr 9, 2014 . Most raised beds available today are made of cedar, recycled plastic or a composite material using wood flour and polypropylene. . used not only for raised beds but for outdoor fixtures such as picnic tables, park benches, boardwalks, municipal waste bins and similar applications which must be durable,..

Patent US20070040292 - Polypropylene composition for high gloss . Feb 22, 2007 . A method of increasing the gloss retention of a polymeric article, comprising: fabricating an intermediate article from a polymeric composition comprising a metallocene-catalyzed polypropylene and a nucleator, clarifier, or both; and further processing the intermediate article to an end-use article

Patent US20120180388 - Vertical Planter and Gardening Wall . Jul 19, 2012 . Application number, US 13/325,775 .. The present application claims the benefit of U.S. Provisional Application No. . Vertical gardens are becoming increasingly popular in peoples' homes, both in their houses and in limited outdoor areas, as people move towards urban areas and desire to grow their..

Patent WO2010042497A1 - Long chain branched polypropylene for . Apr 15, 2010 . Long chain branched polypropylene for cast film applications. WO 2010042497 A1. Abstract. A method comprising contacting a polypropylene, an acrylate-containing compound, and an initiator to form a composition, and reactive extruding the composition to form a polymer blend. A method comprising..

Patent WO2004094141A2 - Multi-layer oriented polypropylene films . Nov 4, 2004 . MULTI-LAYER ORIENTED POLYPROPYLENE FILMS WITH MODIFIED CORE. CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS [0001] This application is a Continuation-in-Part of U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 09/747,537 and claims priority to U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 60/173,720..

Applications of Plastics in Building Construction Works Oct 31, 2014 . Applications of plastics in fa莽ade panels, exterior covering, carpentry etc. Fa莽ade Panels: 1. Sandwich panels covering with PVC (polyvinyl Chloride), plasticized plates and polyurethane foams. 2. Sandwich panels asbestos cement covering and polyurethane foam core. 3. Sandwich panel polystyrene..

Patent WO2013063743A1 - High performance mortar for exterior . May 10, 2013 . A mortar composition used in exterior insulation finish system containing 20%-35% by weight of Portland cement, 55%-70% by weight of fillers, . Surprisingly, inventors have found a mortar composition that keeps workable impact resistance as required for EIFS applications after a weathering test including..

Patent EP1805238A4 - Polypropylene having a high maleic . Sep 2, 2009 . Polypropylene having high maleic anhydride content, between about 5 and about 45g wt%, may be prepared by first reacting a metallocene.prepared polypropylene having terminal . or viscosity. The maleic anhydride moieties provide reactivity to the polypropylene and thus expand its uses and applications

Patent WO2014147103A1 - Bamboo fibers reinforced polypropylene . Sep 25, 2014 . Polypropylene and polypropylene-based compositions are commonly employed in structural applications in automobiles. A known solution to address the performance needs of polypropylene compositions is to introduce elastomeric components or talc into the composition to enhance toughness and..

Patent WO2015112844A1 - Meltblown nonwoven web comprising . Jul 30, 2015 . In one aspect, the method includes blending starting fibers of a polypropylene component and a sustainable polymer component under heat to form a molten stream, and then vis-breaking the components to obtain a polymeric blend that is suitable for use in meltblowing applications. The molten stream of..

Patent US8642683 - Polypropylene with bio-based and synthetic . Feb 4, 2014 . Polypropylene with bio-based and synthetic fillers for light weight material applications. US 8642683 B1. Abstract .. Talc filled polypropylene and talc filled thermoplastic polyolefin materials are currently the principal materials that are used for exterior molded automotive trim. Reducing weight of future..

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