comparison between hollow core slab and solid slab


comparison between hollow core slab and solid slab

Patent US8616264 - Submerged entry nozzle with installable parts . Dec 31, 2013 . The partial SEN includes a hollow distribution zone at a bottom portion of the SEN which is designed to allow the installation of at least two different types of flow diverter parts, one type of flow diverter parts . The method of claim 9 having said solid metal piece comprising one of a slab, a bloom, and a billet

Patent US4290246 - Multi-purpose precast concrete panels, and . Sep 22, 1981 . The prefabricated concrete slab of claim 5 wherein said slab defines at least one further bore extending horizontally through the body of said slab in the region of said slab between the uppermost edge of said slab and the upper horizontal edge of said rectangular opening and along an axis substantially..

Patent US8028493 - Floor construction method and system - Google . Oct 4, 2011 . A method according to claim 7 wherein the floor units are pre-formed concrete slabs, and wherein adjacent concrete floor units are attached to each . The difference between the two flange widths has to be sufficient to allow the concrete unit to be easily and safely lowered onto the wider bottom flange

Patent US20130326966 - Precast pervious concrete panels . Dec 12, 2013 . Each piece of pervious concrete may include slots cut into the piece at predetermined locations allowing installation of a joint connector; either dry or with a bonding material thereby allowing connection of multiple pieces into a solid slab. A strip material may be used under the slab joints to dissipate load..

Mohd Zakwan Ramli - Google Scholar Citations 1, 2016. The Importance of Lightweight Concrete Technology Development for IBS Industry in Malaysia Based on Cost Comparison between Concrete Slab and Hollow Core. MZ Ramli, HM Mahayudin, G Hayder, ZM Hafiz, M Daud, AM Salleh. Applied Mechanics & Materials 567, 637-641, 2014. 1, 2014. Level of service..

Patent US8661752 - Foundation with slab, pedestal and ribs for . Mar 4, 2014 . a plurality of reinforced concrete ribs on top of and integrally connected to the slab with structural continuity between the rib and the slab, the ribs integrally connected to the pedestal, ... The pedestal has a solid core and the stem has a hollow core that can be filled with ballast at the offshore installation site

Patent US20080000177 - Composite floor and composite steel stud . Jan 3, 2008 . employs hot rolled angles attached to a foam-core latticed bearing wall for floor assembly support. .. Decking is supported by the horizontal legs of the top chords of adjacent joists, and a concrete slab is poured on the decking and between the vertical legs of the top chord to provide bonding between the..

Patent EP1242696B1 - Supporting method for hollow-core slabs . May 11, 2005 . which end attachment includes a flat support plate (2) placed against the lower surface of the end portion of the hollow-core slab, a vertical plate (3) at an .. Friction and grouting produce so strong a bond between the beam and the hollow-core slab that deformations in the beam are transferred to the end of..

Patent US20070107334 - Method for casting hollow core slabs . May 17, 2007 . A method for producing hollow-core slabs substantially with a horizontal slipforming process, the concrete mix to be cast being fed in said method through a . slab to be cast is changed by changing the width of the hollow core of the hollow-core slab and/or by casting a part of the hollow-cores to be solid

Patent US7379648 - Optical hollow-core delivery fiber and hollow . May 27, 2008 . As used herein, an optical-waveguide device is defined as any device that provides a constrained guided optical path in a solid, for example, an optical fiber having one or more waveguide cores or an optical slab or monolithic substrate having a width and length each larger than the thickness, and having..

Patent US4187660 - Method of constructing cooling tower . - Google Feb 12, 1980 . Then a ribbed, waffle-like reinforced concrete wall is constructed to extend up from the lower ring and to provide a shell with a shape such as a hyperbolic paraboloid. The ribbed outer (or inner) surface strengthens the structure while enabling the thickness of the portions in between the ribs to be relatively..

Patent US4141946 - Hollow-core concrete slabs and the method of . Feb 27, 1979 . The method of making elongated hollow core concrete slabs with core forming members therein, comprising: providing a mold of a length, width and depth dimension of the slab .. As needed, spacing may be included between consecutive core forming members longitudinally to provide solid slab regions

Patent US2370638 - Hollow precast building slab and method of . In this invention, the sum of the cross-sectional areas of these interior colum'ns connecting the two surface slab-layers usually will be less than live percent of the total area of the slab unit whereas the conventional cored slabs and socalled hollow building blocks are solid between surfaces for more than thirty percent of their..

Patent US20130047530 - Hollowcore slabs - Google Patents Feb 28, 2013 . For the manufacture of prestressed hollowcore slabs, jack heads of concrete and steel are provided and between these the steel tendons/strands are run and which eventually provide the prestress . Spare parts replacements are reduced with this new technology when compared to the Extrusion process

BUILDING WITH PUMICE: Making blocks out of pumice, lime and . Nov 23, 2013 . After laying the foundation, the individual members (mainly the wall members) are prepared and used to erect the house on the foundation slab. . making simple pumice-concrete cavity blocks; making simple pumice-concrete wall panels; making wall-length reinforced pumice concrete hollow-core planks

Our Future Is (Literally) Crumbling Before Our Eyes | Peak Prosperity Jul 6, 2016 . The steel bars add strength, allowing the creation of long, cantilevered st

US3495367 - Google Feb 17, 1970 . In the slab according to the invention, the hollow recesses are formed between the ribs, whereby the slab is very light in weight when compared to conventional slabs. .. Alternatively, when the concrete is completely poured in the forms, the upper surface of the slab is covered with a plain flat plate. Then the..

Patent US20080005990 - Modular system of permanent forms for . Jan 10, 2008 . The system of claim 5 wherein said floor panels have at least two hollow core regions and at least one U-shaped rib. 7. The system of claim 5 .. For reinforced concrete buildings, a foundation is made up of a concrete floor slab with the periphery depressed or stepped to receive precast GRC wall panels

Building with Structural Insulated Panels . or SIPs | Life of an Architect Mar 31, 2014 . The reason there are two is because you don't want to have your OSB sitting directly on the concrete slab. Water and OSB don't really like . This means the difference between our SIPs wall and the fiberglass insulated traditionally framed wall could be as high as 9.3 (R value of 27.48 vs. R value of 18.15)

Patent EP1528173A2 - Prestressed floor with hollow floor slabs . 4. Mai 2005 . The unstressed reinforced cored floor slabs has an additional prestressed reinforcement extending in the vertical direction. For the prestressed reinforcement a tensioning cable is laid in the gap (32) between the abutting cored floor slabs. An independent claim is included for a prestressed flat slab floor..

Patent US20080155931 - Space truss structure surface slab . Jul 3, 2008 . 4 , finish layers 31 and 32 (surface slab or reinforcing flat plate) can each be laminated on the pyramidal surface slabs 1 and 2 of the upper and lower chords. To put it another way, the space truss structure surface slab assembly 100 formed as a core member is sandwiched between the finish layers 31 and..

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