light weight wall panel


light weight wall panel

Patent US6658810 - Tilt-up concrete wall panel form and method of . Dec 9, 2003 . An improved, lightweight, portable, and self-contained concrete form for fabricating tilt-up concrete walls is provided. The form includes a frame made from metal frame members joined at their ends with the frame members forming the sides of the frame. The frame members may be channel shaped with..

New Building Panel Promises High R-Values and Comfortable . Jun 30, 2011 . Try to imagine the perfect wall system it would be durable, super-efficient, thin and simple to install. . university of allied sciences, are currently working on such a system that promises to revolutionize building efficency by combining the best of all building components into a single, lightweight panel

Patent US4602467 - Thin shell concrete wall panel - Google Patents Jul 29, 1986 . 723,175, 984,517, 1,445,113, 1,617,033, 2,303,837, 3,466,825, 3,605,366, 3,605,607 and 4,112,626. It is the object of the present invention to provide a very simple and inexpensive cementitious wall or floor construction panel, which will be strong yet light in weight with steel studs embedded in one face of..

Patent EP1254087A4 - Lightweight wall construction - Google Patents May 3, 2006 . The mixture is particularly suitable for constructing a building panel where a frame is prepared, the front and rear faces being covered by fibre reinforced cementitious sheets and the cavity there between at least partially filled with the lightweight concrete mixture which flows in a manner similar to loose fill

Patent WO2013117929A1 - A building method to produce . - Google Aug 15, 2013 . A building method to produce lightweight building blocks from cellulose fibre. WO 2013117929 A1. Abstract. This invention aims to provide a material to be used for the production of components used in the construction industry such as construction blocks, wall panels, floor and roof tiles, lintels

Patent US5782047 - High-rise building system using light gauge . Jul 21, 1998 . In accordance with the above object, there is provided a lightweight, prefabricated wall panel which is both resistant to vertical and lateral forces for use as a wall in a multi-story building of three or more stories comprising a plurality of spaced vertical cold rolled light gauge sheet metal studs extending..

Patent US6460213 - Precast concrete structure having light weight . Oct 8, 2002 . A precast concrete bridge system containing one or more sections wherein each section includes a horizontally disposed, load-bearing span that is integrally cast with a pair of vertical side walls. Each wall contains lightweight cores encapsulated in the concrete to create a series of longitudinally extended..

Patent US5494513 - Zeolite-based lightweight concrete products . Feb 27, 1996 . Lightweight concrete products, useful for example in blocks, wall panels, floor and roof slabs, in which zeolite is a major component, its content in the cementing material of the products exceeding 50 wt. %. Depending on application, zeolite may be non-treated or calcined at a temperature enabling the..

Patent WO2008002511A2 - Non-combustible reinforced . - Google Jan 3, 2008 . The system of claim 1, comprising straight wall sections comprising said panels attached to metal studs and a corner piece attached to metal studs, the corner piece comprising legs of the reinforced, lightweight, dimensionally stable cementitious panel which define an L-shaped cross- section, having a first..

Cellular Lightweight Concrete Materials, Applications and Advantages Nov 20, 2016 . Cellular Lightweight Concrete (CLC) also known as Foamed concrete is one of the most significant type of concrete used for construction purposes due to its

Patent EP1846627A2 - Non-combustible reinforced cementitious . Oct 24, 2007 . A vertical shear wall system including vertical metal framing members, for example, C-joists, U-joists, open web joists, or other metal frame systems that support a reinforced, lightweight, dimensionally stable SCP panel. The shear wall system is non-combustible, water durable, mold and rot resistant, termite..

Patent US20070079565 - Light weight sandwich panels - Google . Apr 12, 2007 . Light weight structural wall panels are made of two layers of load bearing skins, separated by a light-weight concrete, using expanded materials such as Perlite, Pulverized Fuel Ash, Styrene or foam cement to form a sandwiched construction for structural strength. The load-bearing skins, which are sprayed..

Patent US4691490 - Cementitious modular panel and panel . Sep 8, 1987 . The current invention involves a type of GFRC panel configuration which eliminates the need for embedded inserts, allowing the novel panels to be bolted together in a building wall structure wherein the panels are self-supporting vertically, with only lateral support provied by a contiguous light weight frame..

Patent US7266931 - Concrete sandwich wall panels and a . - Google Sep 11, 2007 . A further objective of the present invention is the provision of a lightweight insulated wall panel useful in forming an integral concrete wall structure. Yet another object of the present in

Patent US7700024 - Corrugated concrete wall panel form and . Apr 20, 2010 . After concrete hardens the wall structure is ready for erection. This low cost lightweight wall panel system is self-containing and requires only one pour of concrete. It requires no complicated form structure and less labor work for form installation. Images(7). Patent Drawing. Previous page. Next page

Lightweight Sandwich Construction - Google Books Apr 15, 2008 . This book was written by a group of European experts under the editorship of a UK specialist in lightweight construction. . effect of openings and the use of sandwich panels as load-bearing walls * test procedures The book concludes with some numerical design examples and is highly illustrated throughout

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