outdoor decking and pergolas lancaster


outdoor decking and pergolas lancaster

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Makeover Weekend May 30, 2017 . With last weekend being a three day one it was the perfect opportunity to get stuck in and start giving two areas of our garden a spruce up and a mini makeover. These two areas are the bottom patio (where the big goldfish pond is) and jungle veranda. Despite being only classed as 'mini makeovers', they'll..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Hail and the Jumping Agave May 26, 2015 . Just my luck, they remained pristine indoors (albeit leaning) and the short moment they spent outdoors it just had to hail, great! Fortunately it was only light and the blemishes it sustained was minimal and barely noticeable. Fast forward to May this year. In a recent post I made about my favourite shed it..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Indoors, Outdoors Mar 13, 2015 . In the summer of 2013, we had a number of major upheavals, mostly planned although not all! One of the planned upheavals was the addition of the conservatory on the back of the house, along with a number of internal changes. Eighteen months on (time really does fly) and we are gaining the benefit of..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Tropical Treat Jun 1, 2016 . Before that, a little update on what's been happening in our garden in the last week or so, just after coming back from Chelsea. Basically I have been doing a lot of repotting, focusing on our display for this year on the top patio. It's amazing how time consuming repotting can be especially if you have a large..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: The Royal College of Physicians . Jul 25, 2014 . My alter ego, you know the sort that pays bills, as a clinician has seen myself attending numerous conferences and symposiums hosted at the function halls of the Royal College of Physicians. And every time I attend these gatherings I look forward to seeing their courtyard garden which has a good selection..

Pallet Teardrop Trailer 1001 Pallets DIY FREE PDF Plans. Pallet Barn Shed · Easy Pallet Christmas Tree · Pallet Wine Rack · Terrasse En Palettes Recyclces · Pallet Table · Pallet Wood Picture Frame · DOWNLOAD OUR FREE PDF TUTORIALS & PLANS. About 1001Pallets..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016 . May 23, 2016 . Small but packs a huge punch, the Artisan Gardens. Papworth Trust, Together We Can. Viking Cruises Mekong Garden. The Garden Bed - A Partnership With Asda. Pro Corda Trust - A Suffolk Retreat. Senri-Sentei - Garage Garden. Meningitis Now Futures Garden. Up Next, The Fresh Gardens. Mark :-)

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Colour on the Top Patio Aug 2, 2016 . This bed ties the top patio in with the koi pond area. Project for next year however is the paving. We're thinking of using small blue sandstone blocks in a herringbone pattern. Let's take a closer look at some of the plants on display (and pots of course). And the view of the top patio as you approach it from..

Installing Deck Footings - A Concord Carpenter What you need to know when Installing Deck Footings I Installation Tips I Depth I Diameter I Lining Up Posts. . If your deck has two wood support posts and a ledger board that is bolted to the house, each of the two deck post holds up approximately 25 percent of the total weight. In this situation, the soil under each deck..

Make a statement: Alan Titchmarsh's tips to create a garden . Sep 17, 2017 . Stately gardens use terraces, outbuildings, pergolas and walls to divide green spaces into a series of views and focal points. The stonework forms the year-round architectural .. Hampton Court Flower Show 2017: Kelly Brook, Charlotte Hawkins & Penny Lancaster-Stewart enjoy the famous garden exhibit

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Palm Greenhouse at Hortus . Mar 30, 2015 . As you step in immediately you notice the large specimens.and that they are in pots rather than planted in situ. This is because most of the potted specimens are wheeled out in the garden during the summer and only kept in there during the winter. The Philodendron bipinnatifidum however is planted in..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Will Giles Exotic Garden Norwich Aug 26, 2015 . Anyone with even a passing interest in growing exotic plants will be aware of Will Giles, gardener, author, tv personality who has over the last 30 odd years created The Exotic Garden in the centre of Norwich. The garden is a blend of ve

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Camera Phone is the Way Forward May 14, 2017 . Speaking of photos, during our lull from blogging I have already identified that the way forward would be to use our camera phones more than ever before. Doing so would make it much easier to juggle blogging with our increasingly busy life outside of blogosphere. Come to think of it, it's quite astonishing..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Summer in the White Room Jun 30, 2014 . The white room, you know, that room at the back of our house overlooking the garden? I must confess that up to now I'm still not comfortable using the word 'conservatory', I'm not used to it and it feels weird saying but it is what it is

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Pergola, Sicario, and Festive Lights Jul 12, 2016 . Last year after watching the film Sicario, I took note how lovely the pergola was that was featured on the film festooned with garland lights but with big round bulbs, rather than tiny fairy lights usually seen on Christmas trees. I won't go into much detail on what happened under that pergola in the film for the..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Tokyo 2016 - Part II pink swans and . Jan 28, 2017 . The Skytree is a fairly new attraction, both communications tower and observation deck. At 2036yen to the first level at 350m it's somewhat more expensive than the Tokyo Tower but the view is so much more impressive. For an extra 1030yen (check) we headed up to the second level for the view from 450m..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Red Pergola Restoration Begins Apr 3, 2014 . The red pergola, a signature piece in our garden that featured in countless of photos on our blog finally succumbed to old age and decay last year. It had been ailing for awhile, receiving patchwork repair as and when it was needed so it could keep its appearance but it's been needing a full on restoration..

Get the Mystery of a Gothic Garden for Yourself - Houzz Jul 16, 2013 . A real winner is a rose that combines both strong Gothic colors and conjures the medieval rose Rosa damascena 'Versicolor', which was said to combine the rose colors of the Houses of York and Lancaster, which fought over England in the Wars of the Roses. This modern rose variety, floribunda George..

Alternative Eden Exotic Garden: Shed O'Fun 2Nov 24, 2014 . Going back in time, the decking that was on the top patio (where the sun room is now) has been reused and is now the flooring of the shed. When we restarted the project in mid August the framework of the shed went up quickly and was finished in one weekend. Working into the night with the help of..

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