anti shock wood flooring export


anti shock wood flooring export

Patent EP2596152A1 - Surface treatment - Google Patents May 29, 2013 . The method according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the particles provide anti-biofouling properties to the polymer surface. . Historically, one of the earliest preventive measures taken against marine biofouling was the sheathing (or cladding) of wooden ves

Patent WO2012154547A1 - Carpet decor and setting solution . Nov 15, 2012 . In addition, the decor product may be applied to hard surfaces as well, including, for example, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, a polymer, a hard floor tile, a painted surface, paper, masonry material, rock, ... Examples of anti-wicking additives useful in the present disclosure can be found in U.S. Patent No

Patent US8575085 - Anti-microbial composition comprising a . Nov 5, 2013 . A method of substantially reducing or controlling the formation of microbial colonies on or at a hard surface or skin and providing a residual reduction or controlling effect on or at the hard surface or skin, the method comprising, applying to that hard surface or skin an anti-microbial composition comprising:

U S A - World Trade Cabin, London - The Multi-Sector Traders . The Trans Pacific Partnership will hurt India's trade with its most important export market the US · After decline in exports to US and . Brazil rejects U.S. anti-dumping ruling on steel, may go to WTO · US: Sweet potato export ... Malaysia's Hardwood Floor Exports to U.S. Up, China's Fall · U.S. drops planned duties on..

Patent US4404889 - Composite floor armor for military tanks and the . Sep 20, 1983 . . particularly used as vehicle floor armor, is designed so as to greatly enhance not only crew survivability, by markedly reduced compressive shock effect, but also vehicular integrity. The novel composite armor in most preferred embodiments comprises layers of high density steel honeycomb, balsa wood,..

Patent US6309732 - Modular fiber reinforced polymer composite . Oct 30, 2001 . First, such structural panels have a short service life in that they degrade over time: steel panels corrode, concrete panels spall, and wood panels rot. . bridges, floor systems, retaining walls, pilings, waterfront piers, platforms, launch bridges, utility poles, pipes, blast resistant structures, shock absorber..

The palm oil fiefdom - Mongabay Oct 10, 2017 . 29, 2007, on the tenth floor of a marble-clad office block in Jakarta, the scion of one of Indonesia's wealthiest families met with a visitor from the island of Borneo. Arif Rachmat, in his early .. Logs cut in Seruyan's rainforests were tied together and floated down the Sekonyer River to export hubs like Sampit

Patent EP2349595A1 - Enhanced performance hydrogen peroxide . Aug 3, 2011 . [0011] In some embodiments, the compositions disclosed herein are used to clean wood to remove stains or reduce fungal or microbal activity in the wood. .. [0023] Conditions for the post-fermentation procedures that produce the "heat shock proteins" are described in U.S. Patent Application Serial No

Patent US7159271 - Wet extractor cleaning device fluid tank . Jan 9, 2007 . A wet extraction floor cleaning device having a base assembly adapted for movement on a surface being cleaned, an operating handle pivotally attached . Both of these devices also pose electrical shock risks to the user due to the exposed electrical switch and terminals in the '462 patent, and the use of a..

Patent EP1546059A1 - Cement-based thin-set mortar - Google . Jun 29, 2005 . The fluid mixture is poured or pumped on the floor and a rake used to distribute the underlayment evenly and a long handle flat trowel or squeegee used to .. with the mortar, the mortar of the invention can be used on other surfaces such as asbestos, cement board, plywood, wood surfaces and slate board

US5858054 - Google Jan 12, 1999 . However, chain mail is not adapted to cushion against shock or abrasion because it is not stretchable. .. items; construction or fencing material; mooring material; protective material for livestock or plants; and foundation support for structures which must have some resilience, such as flooring or furniture

Patent US8784898 - Methods of wound care and treatment - Google . Jul 22, 2014 . The method of claim 29 , wherein said other anti-inflammatory agent comprises a steroid or glucocorticoid steroid. 31. The method of claim 30 .. Additionally, a number of inflammatory cytokines contribute to mortality in patients suffering from sepsis or endotoxic shock. For example, TNF伪 and IL-1尾 have a..

Patent US3974789 - Floating structures including honeycomb cores . Aug 17, 1976 . 3. at least one telescoping anchoring means for anchoring said dock sections to the floor of a body of water, said telescoping anchoring means ... reasons that wood, iron and the like have found widespread use in seagoing vessels has been because of their ability to elastically absorb the shock force..

Patent US20150274924 - Electrostatic dissipative foams and . Oct 1, 2015 . Particularly, the uncontrolled electrostatic dissipation (ESD) can cause ignition of flammable gases and give electrical shocks to personnel working on shop floors. Antistatic agents are always added in jet fuels to avoid fire hazards in fuel pumps and airline fuel delivery systems. The static charges can make..

US8734823 - Google May 27, 2014 . For example, various heat shock protein promoters have been isolated from microorganisms, animal and plant cells (including maize and soybeans), and ... In an embodiment, the at least one therapeutic agent includes one or more of anti-tumor agent, antimicrobial agent, anti-coagulant, anti-viral agent,..

US7906136 - Google Mar 15, 2011 . wherein the formulation releases into the vitreous a therapeutic dose of the anti-angiogenesis agent or anti-inflammatory agent for at least two months. 9. . 19, 2005, by Vernon G. Wong and Louis L. Wood entitled Conveniently Implantable Sustained Release Drug Compositions, both of which are..

Patent US5421433 - Elevator load-weighing at car hitch - Google . Jun 6, 1995 . Typically, the platform is supported at some places by wooden blocks and rubber pads and at other places by load cells supported by rubber pads. But the hardness of the . Anti-nuisance software estimates the number of people in a car by assuming an average weight per person. It then determines the..

Patent US9706778 - Materials and methods for improving immune . Jul 18, 2017 . For instance, Lf Qi6, or its extracts, may contain anti-biofilm peptides or heat shock proteins, and/or (p)ppGpp-blockers. .. (including mucosa of the cheek, the soft palate, the tongue, including the under surface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth), the nose, the throat (including mucosa of the pharynx,..

Donald Trump calls for war on ISIS and plans to suspend . Aug 15, 2016 . Donald Trump called for a relentless war against 'Islamic terrorism' that would involve a total effort by the government, while working with any country that shares the overarching goal

Patent EP1841670A2 - Explosive effect mitigated containers and . Oct 10, 2007 . [ 0022 ] The blast mitigating liners for the lids or tops and/or bottoms of containers can combine a shock attenuating, blast mitigating material such as , but not limited to, BLASTWRAP鈩? integrated into a container made from a strong anti-ballistic, such as , but not limited to, KEVLAR . The face of the liner..

Patent WO2007016617A2 - Silicone compositions, methods of . Feb 8, 2007 . [0027] Disclosed herein are soft silicone grips that can provide excellent anti-slip properties to handheld articles, without compromising the. durability of .. toy wheels (e.g., scratch safe wheels for use on hardwood floors), photography (e.g., locking joint on tripod leg, photo grips, post-it pads for pictures),..

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