expanded pvc foam board tongue and groove


expanded pvc foam board tongue and groove

US6868648 - Google Mar 22, 2005 . A fenestration sealed frame insulating glazing panel has an integral planar frame formed by four rigid plastic profiles interconnected end-to-end to define corners, . The profiles of the frame can be made from structural plastic foam material, glass fiber, oriented thermoplastic, or various other materials of low..

US5090174 - Google Feb 25, 1992 . A siding trim piece has a low gauge layer (preferably metal) of preferably about 0.013 gauge, with a substrate material (preferably foam) laminated to the low gauge layer. An edge of the siding trim piece preferably has an integral J channel. The substrate material is fixed to the structure preferably by an..

Patent US8720144 - Luxury vinyl tile flooring system - Google Patents May 13, 2014 . For example, the underlayment foam sheet may comprise a material which may prevent damage to the LVT flooring and/or the underlayment itself due to a .. The locking installation system may be implemented by installing LVT flooring with a unique tongue-and-groove profile that may allow for easy and..

Patent US6000420 - Insulating jacket for hot and cold piping . Dec 14, 1999 . providing an annular flexible foam gasket, having a split portion to the end of a section to at least partially seal one section from the next section. . The herein disclosed invention is that of a multi-piece plastic removable and reusable insulation jacket for insulating elbows and pipe sections in a chilled fluid..

Patent US6003279 - Sunroom enclosure - Google Patents Dec 21, 1999 . Advantageously, the framework components utilize an interlocking joint system based on a tongue and groove design that does not require the use of .. The PVC sheets are preferably adhered to the foam core using any conventional adhesive suitable for joining PVC to expanded polystyrene foam

US8834992 - Google Sep 16, 2014 . wherein said core has a thickness of from about 3 mm to about 5 mm, a width of from about 2 cm to about 60 cm, and a length of from about 30 cm to about 215 cm, and wherein said core has a tongue design on at least one edge and a groove design on at least an opposite edge, wherein said at least one..

Patent US20100293882 - Pressure plate assembly for curtain wall . Nov 25, 2010 . In another aspect, there is provided a method of securing a panel to a supporting frame of a curtain wall, the method including: connecting together an elongated base member and a .. The base member 32 can be made of a material such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or another polymeric material

Patent US5257470 - Shoe bladder system - Google Patents Nov 2, 1993 . The bladders are sewn into the tongue only, however. The bladder film comprises a 0.20 inch PVC heat sealed to form chambers. The pump comprises a rubber bulb pump with valves in the front and back, and a PVC extension tube welded to the bladder and cemented to the pump. The release valve is..

US6401428 - Google Jun 11, 2002 . A fenestration sealed frame, insulating glazing panel as claimed in claim 1 wherein said rigid plastic profiles are made from structural plastic foam material. 10. ... The tongue 58 of the corner key 57 incorporates a groove 59 which is filled with low permeable sealant material 59 that adhesively bonds to the..

Patent WO2004014489A1 - Fire extinguishing ball - Google Patents Feb 19, 2004 . A fire-extinguishing device of an explosive-type whose method of construction in the preferred embodiment comprises - a) a low total mass, low density, frangible, hollow container composed of a rigid plastic foam or paper, wherein the casing in the preferred embodiment be - but is not limited to - expanded..

Patent US6729090 - Insulative building panel with transverse fiber . May 4, 2004 . An insulative panel with transverse fiber reinforcements is provided and which is adopted for use with a plurality of building materials such as concrete to create a lightweight, high strength building panel having superior insulative properties

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