repairing bolt hole on pontoon floor


repairing bolt hole on pontoon floor

Floating offshore structure using a pontoon having center hole . 2013雲?6鞗?13鞚?. The present invention relates to a floating offshore structure using a pontoon having a center hole penetrating therethrough, comprising: a pontoon . of the upper through-hole (3) and the fastening rod set nut 12, the width of the upper portion of the male screw portion 11 is penetrated through the base..

Replacing RC Sailboat Electronics | Tropical Boating Jan 23, 2013 . Kyosho Fairwind Sailboat About 15 years ago, I decided to buy a remote controlled sailboat to get a quick sailing fix in the pond. . cross pieces, one of them with servo mounting holes drilled, and some scraps of fiberglass cloth to be used to add strength and rigidity to the box and the bond to the RC deck

Patent US6860221 - Tubular boat having modular construction . Mar 1, 2005 . The floor/hull module can be mounted at varying heights within the flotation collar to alter the performance characteristics of the craft. . assemblies of the boat, the bow and gunwale modules in combination forming a flotation collar of the boat; and a substantially rigid hole member mounted within an interior..

Patent US3157414 - Swivel joint for hydraulic dredge pipe lines . 1 is a perspective view showing my improved swivel joint as used for connecting a pontoon-supported discharge pipe line with a discharge pipe on a dredge, . Ia part thereof, said ange having bolt holes 13 provided therethrough at spaced intervals about the` same for rigidly and securely attaching the spherical member..

Patent US6634626 - Horizontal surface aerator - Google Patents Oct 21, 2003 . Aerator 10 includes support structure or frame 12 with integral legs 14 terminating in feet 16, watertight drive box 18 with aperture 19, removable drive box cover 20 with vents 21, pontoon 22, pontoon 24, pontoon brackets 26, securing straps 28, jack screw 30, paddlewheel 32, torque tube 34, and cable..

Patent US2449780 - Wing raising device for floating dry docks . 2 is a side elevation of a similar pontoon provided with a revolving gantry crane and showing the wing walls in lowered position; .. Pivotally attached to pm as by U-b olt- 40- is flat plate M having sideplates 42 and-boltedbytap-bolts "43" to pistons or plungers 44-which areactuated .by fluid admitted through inlets 45-to the..

Fierce Kayaking 2014 Ascend FS12T Kayak Seat Fix - YouTube Apr 3, 2014 . We explain the problem with the seat design and offer a step-by-step quick and cheap fix for the problem. Please "Like" it if you enjoy it or it helps you ou..

Patent US2857872 - Floating wharf structure made of concrete float . It is convenient to thereafter fill the bolt hole with some type of Water-repellent material to preclude the bolts and nuts from rusting. It may also be convenient to cover the tie rail with rubber orother weather-stripping to provide the maximum protection thereof against the water and the weather. If maintenance or repair work..

Patent US5016557 - Modular rowing shell - Google Patents May 21, 1991 . The shell of claim 1 wherein at each of said rowing stations, the width of said seat deck is the same, the height of said Keelson is the same, and the knees are the same. 8. The shell of .. As in conventional shells, each outrigger 24, 25 is attached to the side of the shell (at, e.g., bolt holes 6 in FIG. 3) and..

Patent US6719317 - Pontoon boat trailer - Google Patents Apr 13, 2004 . In combination, a pontoon boat having a deck and a plurality of pontoons thereunder with a pontoon trailer comprising: ... to the invention, and such fasteners as U-bolts, concentric tubing, bolts in slotted holes or other suitable adjustable methods of attachment to tongue 111 are contemplated herein

The Adventures of Quasar IV - SailBlogs . worth of sea water from under the galley floor. This sounds bad but we know the cause now. The wooden strip along the hull known as the rubbing strake is allowing water to get in through some screw holes when we lean over hard on the starboard side. This was rectified today by winding in some sail and slowing down,..

Grill for pontoon. - Google Groups Grill for pontoon. Tim, 4/15/10 4:15 AM. I've seen lots of gas grills mounted on pontoons, but it seems nobody knows where they came from. Not saying that they aren't, but I' . Do you really want to drill holes and have a pedestal to trip over or impale you? . grill (especially charcoal) sliding off onto the deck. Greasy burgersRebuilding Whale Watching Tenders Part 13 | Tropical Boating Oct 4, 2012 . To prevent the deck core from rotting out around the bolts again, each hole would be sealed with epoxy and then redrilled to size after the epoxy had a chance to soak into the . Repairing the boats up to this point has involved quite a bit of drilling of holes and the project absorbed a couple of drill bit sets

Patent US6721967 - Modular portable comfort station - Google Patents Apr 20, 2004 . The portable comfort station as claimed in claim 6 , wherein said base further comprises a sanitary, no

Patent US8056495 - Pontoon bimini extender and rail clamping . Nov 15, 2011 . The bimini extender includes a flexible cover that is at least about one-third of the deck surface area of the pontoon boat, a framework configured for . a handle assembly with a threaded rod shaped to fit slidably through the aligned holes in the clamp ends and threadably engaging the hole in the clamp..

Rebuilding Whale Watching Tenders Part 14 | Tropical Boating Oct 13, 2012 . After doing a final dry fit of the layers of mat we intended to lay on the deck, Gene sanded some of the rougher edges smooth while I went around and stuffed small bits of fiberglass .. I spent part of the afternoon clamping the hard top brackets in place on gussets and drilling holes to dry fit them with bolts

New Life for an Old Pontoon Boat | Tropical Boating Jul 28, 2014 . As long as I was into deck repair mode, I decided to fill the old fuel tank mounting holes and drill some oversized new ones to fill with epoxy. While I was at it, I filled the two bolt holes that had been used for the aft railing section (now replaced by the fuel tank) with new bolts. Getting the nuts onto the ends of..

Patent US3986471 - Semi-submersible vessels - Google Patents Oct 19, 1976 . Present-day semi-submersibles usually include heave damping structure in the form of the flat deck surfaces of the submerged hulls or pontoons. Unfortunately, these . Yet another object is to provide such a damping means with removable damping substructures to facilitate on site repair of the device

Repowering the Old Pontoon Boat | Tropical Boating Sep 8, 2014 . Sanding Deck I repainted the whole deck after the repairs detailed in the first post in this series. . New Life for an Old Pontoon Boat . After drilling all the bolt holes, I drew the "footprint" of the console on the deck with a Sharpie marker and then tilted the console up and clear, resting it on some PVC pipes

Building A Motorized Barrel Boat | Hackaday Aug 14, 2017 . [Rinoa Super-Genius] shows us in a video how to build a crude motorized barrel boat using only a few parts, including pontoons for extra buoyancy and stabilisation. Building a barrel boat ... Maybe leave the barrel intact and make a kayak hole in top and still use the catamaran pontoons. How to mount the..

Deck and Rigging Upgrades - svsarah Hole Cut for Deck Plate, Finally in 2010 I decided cut a deck pipe into the locker from the bottom of the anchor well. With this arrangement I could ... I briefly considered replacing the lifelines with dyneema cordage, but finally ordered stainless steel lifelines from a local rigger in Jacksonville, FL. This time I was assured that..

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