covering wood decking with composite decking underwater


covering wood decking with composite decking underwater

Patent US5106237 - Submersible marine dock system and method . Apr 21, 1992 . The dock system includes a deck or mainspan normally above water, a submerged horizontal frame and, if necessary, leveling structure and a plurality . Removable hollow column coverings or posts 86-96 preferably made of pressure treated lumber are located on top of columns 36-46, as shown, and are..

Patent EP1831485A2 - Non-combustible reinforced cementious . Sep 12, 2007 . The system of claim 1 , wherein the flooring system has a higher specific stiffness than a floor system of open web bar joists, metal deck and poured in place concrete or a floor system .. In wood frame construction, the header members typically comprise wood beams that are supported on edge on the wall

Listing of All Known 505 Builders, Present and Past - International . Parkers made a whole range of boats, the earlier boats had GRP hulls and sidetanks with a wooden foredeck and centreboard casing. A limited number ... Two of these boats had their glass decks and tanks ripped out and replaced with epoxy covered plywood, then coated finally with linear polyurethane. At least some of..

Patent US7491426 - Waterproofing membrane - Google Patents Feb 17, 2009 . For example, the waterproofing membrane should be strong, flexible to cover cracks in the substrate and not crack itself, be easy to apply and allow for rapid installation for fast turnaround ... US4151025, Jun 6, 1977, Apr 24, 1979, Triram Corporation, Method for waterproofing bridge decks and the like

Patent US6615762 - Foldable boat with light weight hull construction . Sep 9, 2003 . The FOLDING KAYAK includes a hull 47; a deck assembly 48, and a waterproof cover FIG. 3,25. The present invention, folding kayak, is composed of twenty-three primary components, namely hull sections, eight deck sections and seven rib caps. As will be seen in FIG. 6 the eight-section hull is generally..

Kit: Free-Diving the Mediterranean - Gear Patrol Jun 3, 2014 . The perfect summer day on the Mediterranean might involve a spin in your classic wooden powerboat, followed by some sunbathing until you get too hot and . Sticky rubber soles are made for gripping a wet boat deck and the slip-on design is perfect for quick shedding should you see the need for a dive

Cadet Nuggets - James Campbell High School NJROTC Mar 8, 2016 . Bitter End As any able-bodied seaman can tell you, a turn of a line around a bitt, those wooden or iron posts sticking through a ships deck, is called a bitter. Thus the last of ... In 1886 rating badges were established, and some 15 specialty marks were also provided to cover the various ratings. On 1 April..

Patent US6364575 - Underwater pile repair jacket form - Google . Apr 2, 2002 . The disclosed jacket consists of two halves that have to be bolted together at their respective flanges and therefore can be installed around existing piles without having to disturb the decking which is supported by the same. However, the assembly underwater is quite cumbersome, expensive and time..

Patent US6783799 - Sprayable phosphate cementitious coatings . Aug 31, 2004 . Moreover, phosphate cements tend to set up with little or no open porosity and the

100 Amazing Futuristic Design Concepts We Wish Were Real . Apr 29, 2009 . Underwater Jet Ski. Nereus is a conceptual design by Mathias Koehler for a watercraft that would allow you to travel on water and dive or submerge for .. The concept of the bridge is to create a hybrid of infrastructure and public amenity by providing generous seating and deck width across the span for..

Goop and Goo, and Why I Hate 5200 - Attainable Adventure Cruising Aug 8, 2016 . And for the project John is referring to, I am unsure of BR's use as an underwater bedding/caulk compound. And, Chris, I .. Sikaflex is our go-to for sealing teak decking pieces and any hardware we need to mount on an external wood surface (god help us). ... The reasons have been well covered above

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