composite roof deck assembly


composite roof deck assembly

Patent US20110011018 - Modular construction mold apparatus and . Jan 20, 2011 . . cavity wall and roof deck void spaces defined and formed by assemblies of interlocking encasement panels and connectors integrally attached to a structural steel grillage for accepting, containing, and shaping wet concrete fill, a method for forming, casting, and encasing monolithic composite concrete..

Patent US4453349 - Floor and roof deck - Google Patents Jun 12, 1984 . In the case of an acoustical composite floor and roof deck, as presently used, insulation clips or expanded foam plastic spacers are required. Also insulation batts are often required to be stuffed from the end of the deck. An object of the present invention is to overcome all the above-named disadvantages of..

Patent US3842559 - Glass-fiber-reinforced gypsum roof deck . SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of the invention is to provide a fire resistant roof deck having useful span capabilities, having an aesthetically attractive undersurface which can be employed directly as a ceiling for the subjacent building space, and having inherent installation economies to permit the construction..

Patent US20090272063 - Composite steel joist/composite beam . Nov 5, 2009 . Unlike, composite open-web steel joists supporting simple-span metal decks, the shear-connection-ready joist incorporates a fiat-topped chord to allow . The wall, assembly of Chum 2, further comprising a plurality of shear connectors, anchored to the top flange of the steel beam, said shear connectors..

Patent US4685264 - Concrete slab-beam form system for composite . Aug 11, 1987 . 3,967,426, the range for the length of the slab was substantially less than that given by the composite deck of the U.S. Pat. No. 3,967,426. More beams or joists were required to support the lesser length for the slabs. Arrangements for forming a slab-beam floor or roof assembly requires the complex..

Patent US6250036 - Sound control system for steel roof decks . Jun 26, 2001 . Roof deck systems, composed of a high tensile steel base with thermal insulation and high performance mineral board mechanically anchored to the steel sections, provide composite strength. The resultant assembly is a strong, durable substrate for roofing applications. Composite roof deck assemblies..

Patent US3812636 - Sheet metal decking unit and composite floor . It should be taken into consideration that the amount of load (allowable loading) which can be supported by a composite floor assembly is not an absolute factor, but instead is determined by a number of criteria which include: mid-span deflection; horizontal shear stress; tensile stresses in the sheet metal decking unit; and..

Patent US4267678 - Insulated roof structure - Google Patents May 19, 1981 . The structure of this invention incorporates the insulation within the structural portion of the deck system as opposed to most conventional presently used methods of utilization of roofers insulation. Roofers insulation is applied over the structural portion of the roof deck and is not entirely satisfactory since it is..

Patent US20050244626 - Multilayer polyurea insulated roofing . Nov 3, 2005 . The present invention relates to a multilayer polyurea roofing system. An important aspect of the invention is the use of multilayers of polyurea with the base layer having a minimum thickness of 40 mils, thus forming a waterproofing membrane. The multiple layers of polyurea provide increased structural..

Roof Decks Over Conditioned Area | BUILD Blog Apr 8, 2014 . BUILD-LLC-Kirsch-Roof-Deck-02 [Photo by BUILD . Here's a quick hit of 5 keys components to solving the issues noted above and arriving at a successful assembly for a deck over conditioned area: . These are built like palettes, fastened to the decking, and simply lay on top of the roofing membrane

Patent US4736561 - Roof deck construction - Google Patents Apr 12, 1988 . A method of building a roof wherein a horizontally disposed roof deck assembly is formed comprising: a sheet of corrugated steel material, preferably . A method of increasing the resistance to horizontal and vertical planar deflection of a modular structural composite roof deck comprising the steps of;..

Patent US8468759 - Fire retardant cover for fluted roof deck . Jun 25, 2013 . A fire retardant cover is disclosed herein for covering a ceiling-side recess of a fluted roof deck and for providing a flat surface for installation of a head-of-wall track (associated with a steel stud wall assembly). The fluted roof deck has an undulating bottom surface that defines a plurality lengthwise recesses..

Patent US4930285 - System and method of installing roof insulation . Jun 5, 1990 . By and large the economics of roof insulation, particularly in a retrofit situation for industrial buildings, favor placement of the insulation material whether of a radiant barrier type, blanket type or a combination thereof between purlins near and below the roof deck. Such retrofit environments may even include..

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