how to build a wooden house in minecraft underwater


how to build a wooden house in minecraft underwater

Minecraft Traveling House Mod - YouTube Apr 5, 2013 . If you enjoyed a like its very much appreciated, thank you : ) To Support Me & Stay updated: 鈼?Donate: /9uqe28x 鈼?Facebook: http://facebook..

Minecraft Seed :: Water Temple / Ocean Monument :: How To Find A . Jun 18, 2014 . Seed: 188293453257011591 X: -243 Y:61 Z: -1317 ---In The Dungeon--- -Mining Fatigue :: An effect given to a player near a water dungeon to prevent them from ..

Minecraft - How to Build a Mini Small Castle Tutorial - Xbox/PS3/PE . Aug 27, 2013 . This Minecraft mini small castle tutorial guide will show you how to build a castle in Minecraft on Xbox, PE, and PC. The tutorial is fairly simple on how to..

Minecraft: Advanced Underground House/Base Tutorial Xbox/PC/PE . Jul 22, 2014 . This Minecraft advanced underground house/base tutorial on Xbox/PC/PE/PS3 shows how to build an underground house/base. With it's simple look and big functionality; it is fit for everyone! Thank you so much for watching! Can we get 500 likes? Remember to leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe to..

Minecraft : How to Make - Sailboat - YouTube Apr 6, 2014 . Minecraft : How to Make - Sailboat Can we hit 4000 likes on this epic sailboat? More Vehicles? Check out the playlist - Design - Command..

Epic Upside Down Minecraft House - YouTube Jun 2, 2013 . My series called "Epic Map Creations" is where I take your suggestions on what I should build in creative mode, so leave a suggestion on what I should build ..

Minecraft - Home Away From Home - YouTube Nov 4, 2012 . In this video I do another tour of Longbow's world. Welcome to my Let's Play of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. These videos will showcase what I have been getting up to in Minecraft and everything I have built. My main channel - /stampylongnose. Twitter - @stampylongnoseMinecraft: Brick House Tutorial Xbox/PE/PC/PS3/PS4 - YouTube Jun 23, 2015 . This Minecraft brick house tutorial on Xbox/PE/PC/PS3/PS4 shows how to build a brick house in Minecraft. Can we get 1000 likes?? Make sure to answer the comm..

Top 10 Secret Bases in Minecraft 2014 (Hidden Rooms & Secret . Jan 20, 2014 . Now that you know about my secret hideouts can we get 30 LIKES for this review?! Help Tenki fly as far as possible by matching elements with the oncoming bar..

Best Minecraft House In History!!! - YouTube May 14, 2013 . Leave a like if you enjoyed Also subscribe if your new You can't lie, this is the best house ever Update 7/30/13: Thanks for 50k Views! Update 10/9/13 Thanks..

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch: The ultimate starter kit | iMore May 12, 2017 . So, don't spend too much time building stuff using one of the premium textures because you'll lose all of your hard work, even if you decide to buy the texture pack. Texture packs .. The first thing you should craft are some wood planks, which can be accomplished without using a crafting table. Find some..

Minecraft Tutorial: How To Build A Modern House (Part 2 Structure . Jun 30, 2015 . This new Minecraft house building tutorial will go over all the aspects of making a cool looking Minecraft house or structures from the layout, house design and interior design. In this new modern . The house will be made out of quartz, spruce wood, dark oak, and hardened clay. The name of the house is..

Minecraft - Simple Cliff Cave House Build Tutorial - HD Xbox/PS3 . Dec 14, 2013 . This simple Minecraft cave cliff home tutorial is quick/easy to build on Xbox/PE/PC. Updated version: Hope you have fun building your Mi..

Minecraft: The Big City Request Houses - Number 9 - YouTube Jun 5, 2012 . Remember to dry hump the like button =} Music - Subliminal Message Continuous Mix by Approaching Nirvana (Album: Subliminal Message) Get Approaching Nirvana ..

Minecraft: How To Make A House Underwater (Coral House Part 2 . Jul 1, 2014 . Well hello there, GoodTimesWithScar here bringing you a new how to make a house series of video tutorials. I will show you how to build a Minecraft house und..

Minecraft: How to make a light Switch with Redstone Lamps - YouTube Feb 24, 2012 . Hope you guys enjoy this video thanks for watching. Also for the new people subscribe for more awesomeness lol. /subscription_center?fe..

Minecraft: How to tell if Herobrine is on your world - YouTube Mar 3, 2013 . Works for MINECRAFT PE AND MINECRAFT PC AND XBOX

Just finished my SMP underwater base. : Minecraft - Reddit If breathing underwater is a problem, a very basic strategy is to use wooden fence, and stack a single post two high near w

Minecraft - Modern Bunker & Nutella Stash! - YouTube May 23, 2014 . Minecraft - Modern Bunker & Nutella Stash! The Minecraft Inspiration Series! Give it a LIKE if you did enjoy. Don't forget to subscribe 鈻?

Minecraft SMP HOW TO MINECRAFT #89 'UNDERWATER BASE . Dec 22, 2014 . How To Minecraft. A Minecraft SMP series. Hit like to support How To Minecraft! How To Minecraft Playlist: . Minecraft SMP HOW TO MINECRAFT #89 'UNDERWATER BASE! ... Also in the obsidian compartment base have a jukebox and a shared chest with food,wood,books and plus an enchant area

Minecraft - #3 Modern Beach House Tutorial! [Architecture] - YouTube Aug 14, 2013 . A nice, modern Beach House for minecraft vacation! This building is a small to medium sized house. It is very light in colour and has a modern feel to it. Lo..

The Let's Build Exchange - Biggs87's Modern House 2 Tour - YouTube Jul 22, 2012 . Welcome to our series The Let's Build Exchange! A series where Biggs87x and I collaborate and takes turns building amazing things in Minecraft, All for your ..

Cave Time: Feeling Safe In Minecraft | Rock, Paper, Shotgun Sep 27, 2010 . Mock me if you will, but there's something protecting about those tales of kids making shelters in mountain caves, underground rivers, or remote islands. .. I got bored with Minecraft while waiting for the grass to propogate up the dirt ladder to the roof of my floating house I couldn't find enough iron to..

Minecraft Modern House Tutorial - YouTube Dec 1, 2012 . A modern, wooden Minecraft house tutorial. Enjoy! Here is a . XD you made me cry. tears of happiness that now I can build an actual legitimate house XD 锘?. Before I started watching you, I never built big buildings, and you showed me that when you actually try to build big, you can get a lot of detail into it

Very Strange House in Minecraft That I Did NOT Build. - YouTube Oct 31, 2010 . Link to save file: /?unwxkbcavpz17zm Has anyone ever experienced this before? I took a portal out of the nether to explore in other p..

How to Make a Good Cobblestone House in Minecraft - YouTube Jan 13, 2014 . This is a tutorial on how to make a good cobblestone house in minecraft. This tutorial does not show how to decorate the house but it does gives some tips on..

Minecraft - How to Build a Secret Base (High Security) - YouTube Sep 11, 2012 . This video is a tutorial how to build/make a high security secret base in vanilla minecraft Sorry about my english, i know is far from the best. IF YOU ENJ..

Minecraft: Spongebob House Tour - YouTube Sep 16, 2013 . Could you make a video building Spongebob's house? Patrick, Squidward etc? hehehe, I hope thanks ;)锘? Read more. Show less. Reply 2 3. Adi Jill Jill3 years ago. Did you really made that enderwrap cuz it looks so cool!! 锘? Read more. Show less. Reply 1 2. Nailed Purity3 years ago. That has to be the best..

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