external cladding for houses


external cladding for houses

Barrow House / Austin Maynard Architects | ArchDaily Apr 18, 2009 . The external timber cladding wraps itself inside and fuses the extension into the original house, where the old living space now is occupied as a bathroom. Here, there is no evidence of conventional bathroom materiality, the room still maintaining its appearance as a living/dining space. The only defining..

Did EU regulation mean deadly cladding was used on Grenfell . Jun 15, 2017 . The tower in north Kensington, London was built in 1974 and contained 120 flats, thought to be home to between 400 and 600 people. It underwent an 8.6million refurbishment last year with external cladding put on for insulation purposes as part of a series of improvements enhancing the energy..

Henning Stummel's London home formed of pyramidal rooms Nov 19, 2016 . Tin House by Henning Stummel Architects. Skylights at the apex of each irregular pitched ceiling direct daylight into the rooms. The interiors feature pale rendered surfaces that enhance the brightness of the spaces, with rich red-orange walls and cabinetry complementing the external cladding. Tin House..

All About Fiber-Cement Siding | This Old House No wonder nearly 15 percent of new homes nd many TOH TV projects re clad with the stuff. All this has happened in just 25 . Installation: Make sure your contractor uses rustproof stainless-steel nails, primes all cuts, and caulks joints with a paintable exterior-grade sealant that will remain flexible. To reduce water..

5 Ways To Select The Right External Cladding For Your Home Dec 20, 2017 . Cladding is a fantastic way of improving the look of your home, the value and reducing the amount of maintenance you need to do on a regular basis! If you haven't already got cladding then you need to look at getting it fitted. However, the first thing you will need to consider is what external cladding..

Timber-clad house with textured concrete interior by Ultra Architects Dec 2, 2013 . Timber-clad seaside house with a grainy concrete interior by Ultra Architects. The exterior walls are clad with the same kind of timber panels used as formwork for the in-situ concrete, allowing the two different materials to match one each other in texture. Timber-clad seaside house with a grainy concrete..

Fraher adds textured brick cladding to north London extension May 19, 2015 . The Brick House by Fraher Architects. Patches of wildflower were planted on the staggered roof to soften the edges of the brickwork and to create a micro-habitat for birds and bees as an extension of the garden. The Brick House by Fraher Architects. A flight of external steps leads down from the..

Modern and Warm Home With External Cladding by Stephenson . Jul 8, 2013 . The external cladding adds a touch of warmth, inviting you inside the house. Once inside, you get to see the dynamic interior: the doors were eliminated in order to create a more fluid space, the staircase dominates the core of the house allowing vertical circulation throughout the house, the kitchen is..

The Acute House / OOF! architecture | ArchDaily Nov 24, 2016 . The metal cladding provides a sharp, smooth and precise contrast to the fragile weathered-timber cladding. The fragile timbers of the old house were particularly precious as they demonstrated one of the great, but often unloved, talents of timber - the ability to show age. The raw, weather-beaten boards and..

Suppose Design Office's House of Tousuienn has translucent walls Dec 5, 2013 . It is surrounded on three sides by neighbouring buildings, so the architects added translucent cladding to allow light to permeate the interior without comprising residents'

Eight of the latest cladding products | News | Building Eight of the latest cladding products. 23 January 2013. Aurubis. From a Glasgow velodrome and arena to a Norwegian hotel, via livestock buildings for Perthshire cattle, it's what's outside that counts..

Hospital trauma patients in Oxford relocated over 'serious' cladding . Aug 2, 2017 . The unit, which houses 52 inpatient beds, needs urgent work to replace the cladding and address "a combination of fire safety factors". Beds will be moved to other wards within the hospital on Friday, but office staff and the ground-floor outpatient clinic will remain at the current site. External cladding is..

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