non slip plastic decking material south


non slip plastic decking material south

Patent US5147980 - Swimming pool flush mount junction box . Sep 15, 1992 . Referring to the drawings in particular, the invention embodied therein comprises a non-corrosive flush mount junction box for flush mounting in a swimming pool deck 8, and having a housing generally designated 10 in FIG. 1 which is made of a single piece of non-corrosive plastic material such as..

Patent US9249581 - Resilient floor - Google Patents Feb 2, 2016 . A set of resilient floorboards, each floorboard comprising resilient material and provided with a mechanical locking system for vertical and horizontal locking to an adjacent ... US5713165, Jan 19, 1996, Feb 3, 1998, Erwin Industries, Inc. Foam-filled extruded plastic decking with non-slip surface coating

Patent WO1998046649A1 - Higher modulus compositions . - Google Oct 22, 1998 . The plastic article of Claim 1 , wherein the material from which the plastic is formed is selected from the group consisting of polyethylenes, . The modified non-slip coating of Claim 13, wherein the particles which produce the surface profile and increase the coefficient of friction between the surface of the..

Patent US3448709 - Marine float construction - Google Patents Light weight concrete poured into the deck-defining means affords the float with a sturdy, durable and non-slip deck. A plurality of .. Moreover, since the flotation unit 12 is formed of either a light weight metal or a plastic material, it is very light weight and is simple and inexpensive to handle, ship and assemble. In particular..

Patent US6309732 - Modular fiber reinforced polymer composite . Oct 30, 2001 . First, although conventional FRP composite materials are lightweight, they lack

Patent US6199488 - Reinforced plastic pallets - Google Patents Mar 13, 2001 . The apertures 20 serve to provide drainage for goods positioned on the deck, and at the same time help to minimize the overall weight of the pallet. The top surface 18 is further provided with a plurality of anti-slip plug apertures 22, into which may be placed a high friction material. As will be discussed in..

Non-Skid Deck Resurfacing - Anything and Everything Catalina 22After a brief search on Google, I found the choices were fairly limited for non-skid deck refurbishing. . I applied it with a cheap throw-away three inch brush and then used a grooved plastic spreader to distribute it evenly. Next you use the KiwiGrip textured roller to emboss a non-skid texture into the surface. The rollers come..

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