extending floor joice for deck in korea


extending floor joice for deck in korea

Patent US6324796 - Modular decking planks - Google Patents Dec 4, 2001 . A decking system for placement on a subassembly having at least two spaced apart joists. A plurality of elongated tubular elements for . The top portion extends laterally beyond the first side wall and has formed thereon a downwardly extending longitudinal flange. The bottom portion extends laterally..

Patent US7191567 - Floor frame structure for a manufactured home . Mar 20, 2007 . A floor frame for a transportable manufactured home includes spaced apart perimeter frame members having a vertical wall and two horizontal walls extending therefrom. A plurality of floor joists extend between the spaced apart perimeter frame members and have notched ends configured to each receive..

Patent US5782047 - High-rise building system using light gauge . Jul 21, 1998 . In general, the concrete topping 16 is reinforced with steel mesh 17 and supported by a light gauge corrugated steel deck 18. Then, steel plate edge deck trim 19 serves as a concrete stopper and screen. The overall floor channels 12 are made of light gauge cold rolled "C"-shaped joists 20. Usually, these..

Patent US6336300 - Device to divert water from deck - Google Patents In each embodiment, the seal has a pair of upwardly extending flanges along the top of each opposed edge. The sealing device fits . 23, 1993 to John J. Kosko, titled eck Trough, describes a trough fitting between the floor joists of a deck, for channeling water away from the area under the deck. The trough has lips along..

Patent US20020078646 - Suspended concrete flooring system and . Jun 27, 2002 . A thin layer of concrete (150) is formed over the corrugated sheets and the shrinkage control mesh, to form a flat, horizontal floor surface (151). . a plurality of deck sheets having first and second edges and supported between said joists at said edges by said support shelves so as to span the space..

Patent US7070020 - Partly retractable construction platform - Google Jul 4, 2006 . A construction platform comprising a stationary support structure adapted to be fixedly secured to the floor of a building under construction and project from the edge of the building to a predetermined maximum extent, and a movable deck mounted on the stationary structure which may be extended as a..

Patent US20080000177 - Composite floor and composite steel stud . Jan 3, 2008 . A joist-and-deck floor construction system uses open-web steel joists (OWSJ) having continuous top-chord cap plates to facilitate continuous placement . (d) concrete topping placed over the metal decking and extending into the space between the first and second flanges of the base track, with the upper..

Patent US8499511 - Precast composite structural floor system . Aug 6, 2013 . a metal beam attached to the bottom of the stem wall, the metal beam extending along the length of the floor deck; and ... for a conventionally framed floor, the rest of the materials for the conventional system are installed individually, and include the girders, joists, metal deck, nelson studs, reinforcing, edge..

Patent US7908810 - Corrugated steel deck system including . Mar 22, 2011 . The floor system has an IIC rating of at least 25 and the corrugated steel deck provides at least 50 percent of the ultimate load carrying capacity under static and impact loading of the floor system with a floor deflection of at most . The flooring is extended over the insulation material and secured to the joists

35 Things To Do & Eat in Seoul, South Korea - Red Dragon Diaries Feb 7, 2016 . You take a very entertaining elevator ride up to the observatory deck where you can find a rotating restaurant, gift shop, small museum, and great views of Seoul city. Do it on a clear day for the best views. Namsan Cable Car and Elevator (to N Seoul Tower). To get to Seoul Tower you can take a bus, walk..

Patent US4557086 - Grain bin floor support system - Google Patents Dec 10, 1985 . A flooring combination as in claim 1 wherein each of said posts with diverging sides is formed of sheet metal and is of a cross section providing a pair of portions extending in divergent relation to one another and resiliently bendable toward one another, said portions defining notches in the upper edges at..

Patent US2860743 - Open web metal joist - Google Patents (Cl. 189-37) This invention relates to an open web metal joist, of the type comprising upper and lower chord members interconnected by vertical and diagonally extending struts. The joists of this type are used particularly for floor joists and in roof construction. The principal object of the invention is to provide a novel type of..

US4685264 - Google Aug 11, 1987 . In a slab-beam formwork system for receiving poured concrete in the constructing of a roof or floor, comprising: a generally .. At predetermined locations, segments of the metal deck are interrupted to create a downwardly extending slab beam oriented generally transversely with respect to the hollow ribs

Patent US6402415 - Anchoring biscuit device - Google Patents Jun 11, 2002 . The vertical web extends below the lower portion to raise the flooring. U.S. Pat. No. 5,251,996 to Hiller et al .. 7, but being attached to a joist and a first deck

Patent US8453406 - Precast composite structural girder and floor . Jun 4, 2013 . The composite girder of claim 2 , wherein the floor panel comprises a concrete floor deck and said steel beam extending below the floor deck. .. for a conventionally framed floor, the rest of the materials for the conventional system are installed individually, and include the girders, joists, metal deck, nelson..

Concrete volumes cantilever and twist to provide mountain views . Mar 25, 2017 . This cluster of holiday apartments in South Korea feature angular concrete and glass volumes that thrust outwards from a sloping site. . The lower units extend away from the grassy hillside to achieve a floating effect that seems to minimise their contact with the landscape. U Retreat by IDMM Architects

Patent US6568139 - Bridge structure with concrete deck having . May 27, 2003 . A precast concrete slab for forming a deck in a bridge superstructure has a chamfer on forward and trailing edges so that adjacent slabs can mate. The slab is reinforced with bars which protrude laterally from the slab on opposite sides and which, in use, extend over support beams. Selected bars are..

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