composite plywood alternatives


composite plywood alternatives

Patent US5664518 - Composite structures and method of making . Present boat-building technology typically employs plywood stringers, although a small percentage uses fiberglass/foam stringers. The plywood stringer system ... 7 is a block diagram showing a sequence of steps of making the composite structure in accordance with an alternative method of the invention. FIG. 8 is a block..

Patent US7976655 - Method of manufacturing wood-like plywood . Jul 12, 2011 . To the best of the Applicants' knowledge and belief, not a single product sold as a plywood substitute made from discarded carpet segments can be purchased, anywhere in . Such sheets are sold as premium waterproof construction materials, by companies such as Coosa Composites LLC (Pelham, Ala.)..

MIT researchers explore how to make wood composite-like blocks of . Jul 24, 2014 . The concept behind the research is to slice the stalk of bamboo grass into smaller pieces to bond together and form sturdy blocks, much like conventional wood composites. amboo grows extensively in regions where there are rapidly developing economies, so it's an alternative building material to..

Patent US8293821 - Composite wood adhesive - Google Patents Oct 23, 2012 . Thus, some have sought natural alternatives, such as fiber byproducts mixed with starch, but with limited commercial acceptance. Accordingly, an object of the present invention is to provide an adhesive, adhesive extenders and mixture thereof for use in composite wood products satisfactory to the..

Pressure-Treated Lumber: Safest Options - Green Building Elements Apr 7, 2014 . There are several arsenic-free wood pressure treatment alternatives to CCA already on the market including ACQ, Borates, Copper Azole, Cyproconazole, and Propiconazole. There are .. Composite lumber Wood and plastic combined into one lumber product is called composite lumber. Wood/plastic..

Patent WO2006000036A1 - Plywood signage and powder coat . Jan 5, 2006 . The use of MDF or plywood provides an alternative low cost substrate which may be machine shaped and also shaped by hand on site. This result . Another method for improving charge retention is to incorporate sufficient amounts of electrically conductive materials within the plywood or MDF composite

Patent WO2012106721A1 - Methods for producing binders and . Aug 9, 2012 . For example, alternative energy sources may be derived by pelletizing and/or briquetting mixtures of binders and combustible materials, including coal, char, torrefied wood, and other combustible biomass feedstocks. Existing forms of composite combustible materials and binders, however, often lack the..

Patent WO2013106302A1 - Composite boards and a method of . Jul 18, 2013 . A composite board is manufactured from hydrophobic coconut coir fibers which have been treated to remove at least a portion of coconut pith . [0040] In an alternative embodiment, coir chunks may be ground or abraded in a ball mill in the presence of spherical grinding media 101, as seen in FIG. 2

Bengaluru Scientists are Making Wood from Weeds - The Better India Jul 20, 2016 . This idea will help weed out a toxic invasive plant, enhance the country's production of wood composites and combat climate change too. . These composites can be used as cost-effect

US6518387 - Google Feb 11, 2003 . As an alternative to petroleum-based adhesives, protein glues, such as casein, blood, and soy glues, reached their peak use in the 1960s and faded out in . This resin can be used as an exterior adhesive in the manufacture of wood composite panel products and can replace urea-formaldehyde resins for..

Faux Wood vs Real Wood Blinds - Don't let your blinds warp Jan 29, 2015 . Composite Wood Blinds The composition here is a mix of Poly-vinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene, and other strengthening additives. Faux Wood Blinds The . The leading blind supplier/brand, Hunter Douglas, calls its line of synthetic wood blind as Alternative Wood blind. It comes with an exclusive..

Patent US20110223417 - Wood-metal composite structure - Google . Sep 15, 2011 . In accordance with the invention the wood-metal composite structure (5) comprises a coupling material (1,2,3,4) containing metal material (2), and the coupling material comprises at least three . In an alternative embodiment, at least one film layer is formed of a different material than the other films layers

Patent US7939156 - Composite concrete/bamboo structure - Google . May 10, 2011 . Composite lumber formed of wood products such as oriented strand board (OSB) as is described in the SBA Structural Board Association U.S. Edition 2005 Manual, has become a popular substitute for solid wood products. By utilizing substantially all of the wood growth of next-generation forests as..

Patent US6444329 - Method of preserving plywood and particle . Sep 3, 2002 . A method of preserving plywood, particle board and similar wood composite products made from wood pieces/particles of a type normally susceptible to ... Another alternative is to admix the complexing agent into the resin mixture immediately after the completion of the condensation reaction before the..

Patent US20130089700 - Composite boards made with sorghum . Apr 11, 2013 . Agrifiber board based on sorghum straw (i.e. sorghum stalks) offers an environmentally responsible product useful as a direct substitute for particleboard, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), plywood and/or wood-based oriented strandboard (OSB). In performance, environmental impact, and cost, it is..

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