usa wood composite interior wall cladding


usa wood composite interior wall cladding

Patent US7127858 - Interior wall and partition construction - Google . Oct 31, 2006 . US 7127858 B2. Abstract. An improved interior wall construction that provides both sound attenuating and fire resistant properties. The improved wall construction eliminates the need for conventional vertical studs by including at least one rigid interior structural panel comprised of compressed straw

Patent US4856244 - Tilt-wall concrete panel and method of . - Google Aug 15, 1989 . Tilt-wall concrete panel and method of fabricating buildings therewith. US 4856244 A. Abstract. Tilt-wall concrete panels adapted for constructing small buildings with "finished" interiors, especially single-family residences, etc. A peripheral frame of wooden members is laid on top of a barrier film of plastic..

Patent US9068353 - Dry joint wall cladding attachment system . Jun 30, 2015 . US 9068353 B1. Abstract. A Dry Joint Wall Cladding Attachment System for mounting aluminum composite material (ACM) panels on a building substructure utilizing a non-progressive installation method which permits installation of such panels from any direction or location on the building structure

Patent US20100229489 - Method of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete . Sep 16, 2010 . U.S. Pat. No. 6,532,710, Terry discloses a solid monolithic concrete insulated wall system comprising 100% concrete construction on interior walls and . 2008/0016803, Bathon et al. disclose a wood concrete composite system that comprises a wood construction component, an intermediate layer and a..

Patent US5210990 - C-channel construction member - Google Patents May 18, 1993 . US 5210990 A. Abstract. An elongated C-channel construction member made of a wood composite material. The C-channel has a blank panel with a generally . wall, floor or ceiling panels in a building construction, said frame including a plurality of C-channel construction members of wood composite..

Patent US20100132296 - Siding containing composite building . Jun 3, 2010 . The present invention is directed to exterior wall cladding containing composite building materials and an interlocking mechanism. More specifically, the . Another type of composite building material known in the art is a recycled wood and polyethylene composite disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 6,527,532 to..

Patent US6279284 - Composite vapor barrier panel - Google Patents Aug 28, 2001 . Composite vapor barrier panel. US 6279284 B1. Abstract. A fibreboard, insulating, wall panel includes an integral air and vapor barrier of metal foil or . As well, use of a vapour barrier is known to prevent moisture present in the building interior from passing into insulation which has been applied to the..

Patent US20130239512 - Steel and wood composite structure with . Sep 19, 2013 . Steel and wood composite structure with metal jacket wood studs and rods. US 20130239512 A1. Abstract. A composite member provides support to a structure. A wooden core of the composite member has a perimeter and a length. The wooden core provides support to the structure. A metal jacket is..

Patent US8484931 - External and internal wall cladding system . Jul 16, 2013 . External and internal wall cladding system. US 8484931 B2. Abstract. A wall cladding and wall cladding system each comprising a plurality of panels, ... 9 is a representative schematic front view of a building having composite walls that include sections formed of a cladding system as described herein;

Patent US5782047 - High-rise building system using light gauge . Jul 21, 1998 . A high-rise building system using light gauge steel wall panels provides for a variety of panels of various vertical and lateral force resistance by combining . And then, of course, as pointed out by the above patent there are still many construction problems associated with the use of steel studs versus wood

Patent US20120137610 - Modular system for cladding exterior walls . Jun 7, 2012 . The thermally isolated vertical girders positionally maintain insulation adjacent the structure and provide a means for mounting exterior wall cladding to the . For example, a wall assembly having exterior cladding and interior sheathing supported by plural parallel spaced apart 2 ? wood wall studs..

Patent US6018924 - Adjustable reveal strip and related method of . Feb 1, 2000 . US 6018924 A. Abstract. An adjustable reveal is set forth for use in wall construction. In a framed wall, a first and second panel are positioned on the .. It is not uncommon to erect a wood structural frame, attach a layer of insulation material over that, then attach wood shingles and planking on the exterior

Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center at Columbia University . Nov 1, 2016 . Void formers: Cobaix USA. Exterior Cladding. Metal panels: IMETCO Metal Screen: Bilfinger (formerly Johnson Screens). Metal/glass curtain wall: Josef Gartner / Permasteelisa Group. Glass fiber reinforced concrete: David Kucera Inc. Wood composite: Tru Grain (Resysta). Glass fin curtain wall: GartnerDealing with Asbestos Siding: Cover Over or Remove? | Today's . Read this article by home improvement expert Danny

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