composite wood flooring for semitrailers


composite wood flooring for semitrailers

Ex-Beverly Park One-Off: 1940's Crosley Bus Project | Bring a Trailer May 23, 2017 . The Los Angeles area was home to more than one bus maker back in the day, and construction details seen here suggest this junior model was put together by a team of people who knew what they were doing. Ex-Beverly Park One-Off: 1940's Crosley Bus Project. Wooden cabinets and floors are all pretty..

Patent US6870473 - Corner-post mounted, status light display for a . Mar 22, 2005 . A system having dual functionality implemented on a semi-trailer is provided. The system includes a sensor attached to a rear of the semi-trailer, a processing and display assembly, other systems associated with the semi-trailer, and wiring connected therebetween. The wiring may also be connected to..

Patent US20110179740 - Fleixible composite lap joint for trailer . Jul 28, 2011 . A composite lap joint for the assembly of a first and a second floor board from a plurality of boards, used to make the floor for a vehicular trailer, each board composed of a layer of wood at the top side and a layer of fiber reinforced composite at the bottom side, wherein the composite layer is at least partly..


Patent EP2848421A1 - Large cuboid shaped object inkjet printing . Mar 18, 2015 . wherein the cuboid shaped object is selected from intermodal freight containers, crates, trucks, trailers, semi-trailers and boxcars. .. the polyester modified acrylated polydimethylsiloxane BYK鈩?UV3570, all manufactured by BYK Chemie; Tego鈩?Rad 2100, Tego鈩?Rad 2200N, Tego鈩?Rad 2250N,..

Patent WO2003051667A1 - Van/hopper semi-trailer - Google Patents 26 Jun 2003 . Semitrailer hopper-box characterized by: A structure formed by a right lower rail (10) a left lower rail (10), arranged in parallel and including spacers trans ersales supporting wooden floor, sheet or composite materials in front and rear (20) section as well as in the grid floor (21) middle section, below this..

Patent US8075062 - Monolithic dual-purpose trailer - Google Patents Dec 13, 2011 . 4,082,357 to start with a box-type semi-trailer and adding a grate type floor and hoppers. .. Further since trailer 10 is not convertible and stays in the same configuration at all times hoppers 30, 31 are easily sealed when they are manufactured and do not have the sealing problems present in convertible..

Human Intelligence - Dilbert Comic Strip on 2016-06-22 | Dilbert by . Jun 22, 2016 . Like that block of wood isn't a secret plot to take our guns! ... Given all the above requirements (particularly the fact that the gun had to be manufactured prior to May 1986, only a Class III federal dealer can handle the transaction, and a full . Transport Erector Launchers could put 4 of them on a semi-trailer

Replace wood on Utility Trailer - no welding - YouTube May 13, 2012 . This is a step by step description of how I changed the wood on my Parker Utility trailer. Sorry if it's long, but I . I need to replace the decking on my trailer and this video really has helped. I especially like . I really like the idea of the job being much easier the next time floor replacement is needed. Good job!Patent US7191567 - Floor frame structure for a manufactured home . Mar 20, 2007 . A floor frame for a transportable manufactured home includes spaced apart perimeter frame members having a vertical wall and two horizontal walls extending therefrom. A plurality of floor joists extend between the spaced apart perimeter frame members and have notched ends configured to each receive..

Patent US8783758 - Folding side skirt system for a trailer - Google . Jul 22, 2014 . To reduce wind flow resistance and drag on a trailer, truck, semitrailer, or other vehicle, side skirts have been used which extend downwardly from a bottom of the trailer and/or chassis toward the roadway to partially enclose the floor assembly and undercarriage. Typically, a side skirt for a trailer extends..

Designnobis proposes pop-up disaster relief shelter - Dezeen Aug 23, 2015 . Tentative Post Disaster Shelter by Designnobis Studio. The whole construction collapses down into the roof and floor, which come together to form a 30-centimetre-high shell for transportation, enabling 24 units to fit onto a single semi-trailer truck. The roof is designed to bring natural light and ventilation into..

Patent US6637808 - Dump vehicle body - Google Patents Oct 28, 2003 . The dump vehicle body of claim 1 wherein the first sidewall and the second sidewall are both substantially perpendicular to the floor. 4. A dump .. The present invention relates to a body for a dump vehicle such as a dump truck, dump trailer, or dump semi-trailer that dumps from an end of the dump body

Patent US7114762 - Sidewall of a semi-trailer having a high . Oct 3, 2006 . A sidewall for a semi-trailer is provided. The sidewall includes composite side panels, a baserail and a splicing member. The panels are formed of inner and outer skins and a core member therebetween. An upper portion of the panels is secured to a top rail of the semi-trailer. A lower portion of the baserail..

Patent US2841415 - Upper fifth wheel load-bearing frame structure . Thus, the floor in a drop floor semi-trailer is interrupted as one approaches the front end by a step or raised portion located over the fifth wheel area. .. is sectional and comprises a rearward connecting platform 32 extending from the wood flooring 23, the load-bearing grid section 27, and a forward platform 23 extending..

Patent US5170605 - Refrigerator trailer floor construction - Google . Dec 15, 1992 . This invention relates to a floor construction for semitrailers, truck bodies or other cargo carrying vehicles and more specifically a construction which provides for improved air circulation and strength. This application is a continuation of my co-pending U.S. Patent Application entitled REFRIGERATOR..

Patent US6767172 - Low loader trailer - Google Patents Jul 27, 2004 . A modular front loadable low loader trailer 20 for transporting large vehicles is disclosed. The trailer 20 includes: a rear axle module 110 for supporting ground engaging wheels; a rear cross-member module 100 removably connected to the rear axle module 110; a front cross-member module 26; and a pair..

Patent US2858580 - Thermally insulating truck van walls - Google . We preferably employ corregated inner wall members in forming the floor, ceiling and walls of a refrigerated area such as a semi-trailer or other truck, to provide air spaces for the cool air to circulate around the articles being . The struts are composed of a rigid material of low heat conductivity such as plastic, wood, etc

Wooden Teardrop Trailers and Surfboards Built in France - The . Oct 20, 2014 . Surfboards, paddles, longboard, bodyboard, Hawaiian canoes UhainaPo offers the intact pleasure of a real authentic surf. Manufactured with the same requirements as UhainaPo products, TearDrops Uhainapo Travel will allow you to travel in comfort and respect for nature.

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