faux cedar composite in korea


faux cedar composite in korea

Patent US8297543 - Methods for individualizing trichomes - Google . Oct 30, 2012 . Nonlimiting examples of long fibers include fibers derived from Pine, Spruce, Fir, Tamarack, Hemlock, Cypress, and Cedar. Softwood fibers derived ... Exiting the Wiley mill is a composite fluff constituting the individualized trichome fibers together with chunks of leaf and stem material. The individualized..

Patent US7642314 - Emulsion polymers having multimodal . - Google Jan 5, 2010 . Although living polymerizations are typically only used to polymerize vinyl monomers having an increased ability to delocalize the ionic charge on the ... of substrates can include, but are not limited to: wood, including natural wood, compressed particulate wood, faux or artificial wood, wood composites,..

Patent WO2013142310A1 - Controlled release insect repellent . Sep 26, 2013 . The layered article according to one of claims 1-7, wherein the ethylene copolymer comprises ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer. . a plant covering, a flower bed liner, a composite material, a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic, a consumer product, a personal insect repellent patch, a personal care product, a pet..

New photographs reveal Sn酶hetta's Lascaux IV Caves Museum in . Apr 3, 2017 . Over a period of two years, 25 artists hand-painted 900 metres of faux cave. They used the same pigments as those used by the prehistoric painters to recreate almost 2,000 artworks. Lascaux IV by Sn酶hetta and Casson Mann. "Lascaux IV offers visitors an opportunity to discover the caves in a unique way..

Patent US6458423 - Sprayable phosphate cementitious coatings . Oct 1, 2002 . Lithium, zirconium, and aluminum oxides are especially useful where the composite will be subject to high temperatures. .. For example, a faux marble and/or faux granite look may be created by the introduction of excess MgO and colorants that do not disperse evenly, for example aquamarine blue and..

US5088910 - Google Feb 18, 1992 . For example, the cedar fiber may be dried at the cedar oil mills prior to delivery to the synthetic wood product manufacturing site. ... 1981, Mar 8, 1983, Monsanto Company, Treated fibers and bonded composites of cellulose fibers in vinyl chloride polymer characterized by an isocyanate bonding agent

Patent US6669554 - Ventilating sill plate for crawl spaces - Google . Dec 30, 2003 . The preferred material for this invention is a plastic-fiber composite, allowing rot resistance, shear capabilities and, rapid extrusion or molding of the sill . or chemically treated woods, cedar or other rot resistant species of wood, or engineered polymer-fiber composites tested and approved for such use

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