types of drop deck trailers


types of drop deck trailers

Patent US2841415 - Upper fifth wheel load-bearing frame structure . Thus, the floor in a drop floor semi-trailer is interrupted as one approaches the front end by a step or raised portion located over the fifth wheel area. For given external dimensions the drop floor type of trailer has greater volumetric capacity than the design in which the floor level is carried uniformly to the rear from the top of..

Making the Most of Your Tiny House Height - Tiny Home Builders Mar 17, 2017 . Drop axles are just that: axles that are dropped about 3-4 therefore giving you the extra 3-4 inches in deck drop as well. Although you can have drop axles on any trailer, we do not recommend putting them on anything bigger than the 24' trailer. When you encounter thresholds to gas stations, speed bumps..

Are Trailers Holding Tiny Houses Back? The Tiny Life Jun 17, 2013 . Are tiny houses on trailers holding us back? . With this variety of uses or desires comes the decision of how to construct it to do what you want it for. It isn't dictated by the .. One of the options I am considering is building on a drop-deck flatbed designed to be hauled by a tractor, rather than a pickup truck

Patent US20130034422 - Slide and dump trailer - Google Patents Feb 7, 2013 . A sliding dump trailer that provides dumping, loading, and unloading functionality using mechanical manipulations. A bed frame is attached to a towing tongue using hinges, and one or more slide rails. The slide rails selectively engage and disengage with an axle frame. The bed frame is manipulated to a..

Garage Brands - Trailer Life May 1, 2015 . The Amped's unique Z-Frame technology provides RVers with more than three times the amount of storage found in typical travel-trailer toy haulers, according to the company. This configuration also affords owners the ultimate in RV entertaining space. o other toy-hauler travel trailer offers an upper-deck..

| Curtain Van/Curtainside Trailer Services in Central California Sep 22, 2017 . As a leading source for trusted transportation, Flatbed Truck Services uses Flatbed, Step Deck & Drape Van/Curtainside Trailers to satisfy all your delivery needs. Whether you're providing commercial devices, heavy-haul tools as well as also simply standard commodities, Flatbed Truck Services has the..

2017 JOC Directory of Trucking Companies - JOC.com Aug 15, 2017 . Carrier type: Specialized, heavy haul, flatbed, step deck, modular buildings. Region: US, international. BOYD BROS. TRANSPORTATION . L. Byrd Sr. Email: pbyrd@bulldoghiway.com. Carrier type: Port and intermodal drayage, flatbed, open-deck trailer, heavy-haul. Region: US, Canada C.R. ENGLANDHeavy Equipment Hauling - Life As A Trucker Equipment You Might Use. Low Boy; Step Deck; Roll Back; Drop Decks; Flat Bed; Hydraulic Tilt Trailers. Note: The video here is on the more extreme side! . I have been driving 53 ft vans and i looking for a change looking to haul drop decks or oversized where do I begin with new adventure. semi-retired cdl a 50 yrs clean..

Need a Lift? There's a Trailer to Fit Your Needs :: Story ID: 31491 . Nov 17, 2016 . RGN (Removable Gooseneck, Lowboy) also known as a owboy or ouble drop deck, this trailer is most commonly used for moving heavy equipment. This type of trailer features a detachable deck that allows the front of the trailer to become a ramp. The RGN often transports oversized loads because..

Patent US6105981 - Adjustable steering axle, trailer, and method for . Aug 22, 2000 . The spread axle configuration is conventionally seen on flatbed, drop deck trailers, and refrigerated (reefer) trailers because of the concentrated load . Flatbed trailers and refrigerator trailers are generally the only types of trailers having sufficient structural support to withstand the stresses associated with..

Patent US4129079 - Railroad car for highway trailers - Google Patents Dec 12, 1978 . A railroad car has supported on its frame a trailer-handling rack construction including a pair of runners adapted to receive the tandem or highway wheels of . Transporting apparatus as defined in claim 4 wherein the railroad car includes deck means disposed adjacent said rack construction, wherein each..

Patent US6045316 - Fifth wheel rollback trailer - Google Patents Apr 4, 2000 . The invention is a fifth wheel rollback trailer consisting of three basic parts, a fifth wheel pull frame, a tilt frame, and a slide frame. . a top surface and a bottom surface, said slide being slidably movable on said tilt frame top surfaces, said slide frame having a flat deck fastened to said sides top surface, and

5 Key Considerations for Oversized Loads & Wide Loads . May 16, 2017 . 1. Know the legal limits for flatbed loads. The legal limits for shipments are well documented and fairly consistent from state to state in the United States. This equipment guide outlines the limits for all types of flatbed trailers. In general, the maximum legal load width is 8.5 feet (102 inches), and the maximum..

Heavy-haul vision drives trucking growth for Daseke - JOC.com Oct 10, 2014 . Some of the open-deck trailers used to haul aviation equipment are so long they require a second driver steering the rear trailer axle. With a . Based in Arlington, Washington, Smokey Point Distributing specializes in aviation-related trucking with a fleet of curtain-side and open-deck trailers of various types

Patent US8727360 - Drop deck trailer - Google Patents May 20, 2014 . Drop deck trailer. US 8727360 B2. Abstract. This invention relates to a trailer comprising a body, a wheel assembly on each side of and floating relative to the ... The ability to lower the body 2 of the trailer 1 to the ground is advantageous when loading and unloading various types of loads, such as heavy..

JOC Directory of Trucking Companies - JOC.com Aug 15, 2016 . Carrier type: Specialized, heavy haul, flatbed, step deck, modular buildings. Region: Nationwide, international. BOYD BROS. TRANSPORTATION . Carrier type: Port and intermodal drayage, flatbed, open-deck trailer, heavy-haul. Region: Nationwide, Canada C.R. ENGLAND www.crengland.com 4701 W

Patent US6461096 - Tilt bed for loading and transporting a load . Oct 8, 2002 . A tilt bed for a truck or a trailer, the tilt bed being able of carrying loads and providing its own ramp. The tilt bed comprises a frame, and a deck mounted on and supported by the frame, the deck having a front portion and a rear portion. The deck has rollers connected to the front portion, and the frame has..

Patent US6719317 - Pontoon boat trailer - Google Patents Apr 13, 2004 . 10. The method of loading a pontoon boat onto support blocks of claim 6 wherein said

Choosing a Tiny House Trailer - Tiny Home Builders Apr 24, 2015 . Most tiny houses are built on a utility trailer with the deck that is inline with the wheels. It is very popular to customize this type of trailer with drop axles. It will increase your headroom since there are max. height restrictions, but there will be less ground clearance which may effect your plumbing lines

Patent US8398109 - Heavy-duty trailer - Google Patents Mar 19, 2013 . A heavy duty wheeled trailer for use in towing the trailer behind a vehicle. The trailer includes an adjustable height tow connection point to adjust and connect to different types of tow vehicles while maintaining the front deck substantially parallel to the trailer main deck. The trailer further includes a modular..

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