composite wall boards made from agricultural waste


composite wall boards made from agricultural waste

US7887893 - Google Feb 15, 2011 . A biocomposite is produced from natural fiber fabrics embedded in a matrix of biosynthetic polyhydroxy-alkanoate (PHA) polymers. .. fibers embedded in a resin matrix, where the resin matrix is derived from plants, agricultural waste, municipal waste, anaerobic fermentation products, and/or biocomposites

US3264125 - Google It is, therefore, more desirable to use reasonably inexpensive agricultural and industrial waste and by-product materials in the present lightwight concrete. ... (2) Permeability-The present products in general have high water proofing qualities and when in the form of roof, oor tiles and outside wall boards exhibit especially..

Grape Pomace as a Sustainable Source of Bioactive Compounds . Sep 4, 2013 . As a result of the increased attention to sustainability of agricultural practices, efforts have been made to use GP in different fields of industry. Thus, it is necessary to . Optimization of Ecofriendly Extraction of Bioactive Monomeric Phenolics and Useful Flavor Precursors from Grape Waste. Rebecca E. Jelley..

Wood Panel Products - Forestryencyclopedia - Google Sites The most commonly produced wood panel products are plywood, oriented strand board, particleboard, and fiberboard. Other wood-based composite materials may be produced in panel form for specialized applications and markets. Wood panels may be categorized as structural or non-structural. Structural panels are..

Patent US20060070321 - Fire-resistant panel and method of . Apr 6, 2006 . A highly fire-resistant and environmentally-friendly panel of 2 mm to 28 mm may be manufactured by a blending of magnesium compounds, sodium silicate, kaolin, fillers, and additives to form the core . The fire-resistant panel of claim 20 , wherein the fillers include organic agricultural waste materials. 2

Patent US20060180285 - High quality and long natural cellulose . Aug 17, 2006 . A method and kit for rice fiber extraction is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the method may include treating rice straw with an alkali solution such as a sodium hydroxide solution. Further, the method may include extracting coarse rice fibers from the rice straw and treating the extracted coarse rice..

Finalists Create Next Generation of Sustainable Building Products . Sep 16, 2013 . Finalists Create Next Generation of Sustainable Building Products, Straw Paneling System Among Finalists. Image . and building professionals, proposing new alternatives from insulation grown from fungi and bricks from living organisms, to roofing made from waste .. It can be used for walls and roofs

Patent WO2010013994A2 - A fiber-granule board and production . Feb 4, 2010 . There is disclosed a fiber-granule board for construction industry, furniture industry and the like made of agricultural solid waste in particular comprising . exfernal walls, roof closures, floorings, internal partition walls, fronts, composite beams, truss connections, floor panels, concrete moulds, roof ceilings,..

Patent US20120085062 - Prefabricated shear wall system with . Apr 12, 2012 . The prefabricated wall segments are lightweight and easy to install and enable an improved ability to install electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling . The present disclosure includes a prefabricated wall segment that is made from materials which are otherwise waste products in the agricultural and..

Patent US6596209 - Production of particle board from agricultural . Jul 22, 2003 . Furthermore, particleboards produced from wood residues have been shown to be highly flammable. Therefore, it is highly desirable to replace the wood residues in the board production process with more easily obtainable agricultural waste products that are less expensive, less flammable and can make..

Patent US20150038619 - Stiff Mycelium Bound Part and Method of . Feb 5, 2015 . Much like nonstructural boards, structural boards are produced by compressing wood veneer sheets, fibers, or particles and binding them together with resin to form composites like oriented strand board (OSB) and softwood plywood. OSB and softwood plywood are used for applications such as wall..

Development of Biochar-Based Functional Materials: Toward a . Oct 23, 2015 . Effect of process parameters for production of microporous magnetic biochar derived from agriculture waste biomass. K.R. Thines , E.C. Abdullah . High performance all-solid-state symmetric supercapacitor based on porous carbon made from a metal-organic framework compound. Feng Yu , Teng Wang..

Patent EP1171290A4 - Packaging and structural materials . - Google Aug 21, 2002 . The composite material of claim 4 which is selected from the group consisting of gypsum wall board and acoustical tile. .. Potato peel waste is thus produced as a byproduct in the processing of potatoes for food uses such as the manufacture of french fries, potato chips and in the processing of potatoes for..

Patent US8297027 - Engineered molded fiberboard panels and . Oct 30, 2012 . A et-process panel is made by wet forming, i.e., panel materials and water are processed to form a slurry which is then poured over a form, and water is then removed by vacuum or the like. Known et-process panels include mostly low-density cardboards, composite panel products, and agricultural..

Fabrication of Graphene/TiO2/Paraffin Composite Phase Change . May 9, 2017 . To enhance the solar energy utilization efficiency of microencapsulated phase change materials (PCMs), a novel composite system was designed by combination of graphene nanosheets and the mi

Patent US20130089700 - Composite boards made with sorghum . Apr 11, 2013 . Composite boards made with sorghum stalks and a thermoplastic binder and processes for making same .. Utilizing agricultural waste diverts it from this process, eliminating a source of GHGs and large-particle air pollution. . Applications include furniture, display cabinets, wall-panels and storage units

Patent US8414808 - Composite components from anaerobic . Apr 9, 2013 . (a) digesting waste fibrous material through an anaerobic digester to produce digested biomass and a liquid effluent; .. Most experiments have focused on drying the residual material, then combining it with adhesive, and possibly wood, to make an air-laid dry-formed composite board. Others have..

Hierarchical Composite Polyaniline Electrospun Polystyrene . Mar 11, 2015 . Hierarchical Composite Polyaniline Electrospun Polystyrene) Fibers Applied to Heavy Metal Remediation . Citation data is made available by participants in Crossref's Cited-by Linking service. .. Preparation of electrospun Ag/g-C 3 N 4 loaded composite carbon nanofibers for catalytic applications

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